Tuning Forks are Key Items used in the "Trial by..." series of quests, and actual items used in the "Trial Size Trial by..." series of quests. The NPCs for both quests are always together: one is a Tarutaru, and the other is a member of one of the taller races. In the mainlands the Tarutaru are females, and in the outlands the Tarutaru are males. Speaking to the Tarutaru will get you key item tuning forks for the level 65+ fights (Trial by <element>), and the taller NPC will give you the forks for the level 20 Summoner solo fights (Trial Size Trial by <element>).

Normal-Sized Tuning Forks

The normal tuning forks are temporary key items, and having one allows you to fight the Prime Avatar associated with the element of the fork. To initiate the fight, travel to the appropriate elemental Protocrystal and click on it to enter the battlefield. If you wish to fight with others, every member of your party must have the correct key item.

You do not have to have summoner unlocked to do this quest, but you cannot gain the ability to summon the avatar if you have not unlocked it.

When obtaining your key items, you must have an appropriate amount of fame in the city where the NPCs are located. You must have at least fame level 6 in Bastok, San d'Oria, Kazham, Mhaura, Windurst, level 5 in Rabao, and level 4 in Norg (also known as Tenshodo Fame). You can only obtain a particular fork once per Earth day (ie. after handing in your whisper, you must wait until Japanese midnight before you may obtain another fork. If the Whispers are used to get a Moon Bauble, this cool down period is ignored.).

Key Item NPC Area Position Quest Avatar Fight Location
Tuning fork of earth Juroro Port Bastok (I-8) Trial by Earth Titan Cloister of Tremors
Tuning fork of fire Ronta-Onta Kazham (J-9) Trial by Fire Ifrit Cloister of Flames
Tuning fork of ice Gulmama Northern San d'Oria (E-7) Trial by Ice Shiva Cloister of Frost
Tuning fork of lightning Ripapa Mhaura (I-9) Trial by Lightning Ramuh Cloister of Storms
Tuning fork of water Edal-Tahdal Norg (H-9) Trial by Water Leviathan Cloister of Tides
Tuning fork of wind Agado-Pugado Rabao (G-9) Trial by Wind Garuda Cloister of Gales

Trial-Sized Tuning Forks

The trial-sized tuning forks are actual items that you need inventory space to hold. There are few requirements to obtain these forks: that you have Summoner at 15+, have level 2 fame in the city/town you want to acquire the fork for. When you are ready to fight, you must be a level 20+ Summoner, and trade your tuning fork to the NPC who gave it to you. They will then ask if you are ready before teleporting you to the appropriate Protocrystal. You can buff up before entering these fights, and you must fight these battles with only Carbuncle (no other avatars may be used). Each fight may only be attempted once per real life day (reset at Japanese Midnight).


If you succeed, you will be awarded with the ability to summon the avatar you defeated, and a Scroll of Instant Warp so you can return home. If you fail, you will have to find your own way home (most likely you will homepoint when the avatar defeats you). Whether you succeed or are defeated, you will still have the tuning fork in your inventory, which you may throw out, or use to enter the fight again.

  • Once thrown out, the mini tuning fork can be acquired again on the next Vana'diel day.
    • Whispers cannot be obtained from Mini Tuning Fork fights.
    • A Summoner can utilize these forks for a form of teleportation to their respective protocrystals, and zone out into regions that typically take parties a long time to get to, such as Ifrit's Cauldron, however, if the level 20 fight is completed you lose this teleporting ability. (Even though you can still get the fork again to try the fight again, if desired.)
    • This is most convenient for acquiring certain Outposts, such as Cape Teriggan
Item NPC Area Position Quest Avatar
Mini Tuning Fork of Earth Ferrol Port Bastok (I-8) Trial Size Trial by Earth Titan
Mini Tuning Fork of Fire Dodmos Kazham (J-9) Trial Size Trial by Fire Ifrit
Mini Tuning Fork of Ice Castilchat Northern San d'Oria (E-7) Trial Size Trial by Ice Shiva
Mini Tuning Fork of Lightning Lacia Mhaura (I-9) Trial Size Trial by Lightning Ramuh
Mini Tuning Fork of Water Verctissa Norg (H-9) Trial Size Trial by Water Leviathan
Mini Tuning Fork of Wind Rahi Fohlatti Rabao (G-9) Trial Size Trial by Wind Garuda

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