Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75
Items Needed Magian Trial Log, Usable Weapon
Repeatable Yes
Reward Augmented Weapon


  • You can have multiple copies of the same weapon inscribed at once.
    • You cannot have the same trial inscribed on multiple weapons simultaneously (you must complete or abandon the trial on one weapon before you may inscribe another with the same trial inscription).
  • You can have up to five different trials active at once.
    • Please note that discarding an inscribed weapon does not remove the trial from your active list; you must speak with the Magian Moogle to abandon the trial.
    • Abandoning a trial will not affect your weapon; it will possess the same attributes it had prior to undertaking the trial. Likewise such a weapon can again be inscribed with the same trial or a new one. Note, however, that any progress on an abandoned trial is permanently lost and must be repeated if the weapon is re-inscribed with that trial.
  • You can only have one trial active per weapon.
  • Each weapon's trials are unique; you must repeat the same trials if creating multiple copies of the same weapon, even if you have already completed the trials on another weapon.
  • Trade the weapon to the Magian Moogle and select the desired trial to undertake.
  • Complete the trial to and trade the weapon to Magian Moogle to receive the augment(s) or the upgraded weapon.

Obtaining Necessary Kills

  • The trials generally consist of, but are not limited to, the following types:
  • Defeating a given number of a specific type of experience-yielding monster.
  • These trials require monsters from their respective.
  • Defeating a given number of a specific type of experience-yielding monster during either Light-affiliated (wind, thunder, fire, light) OR Darkness-affiliated (water, ice, earth, dark) weather effects.
  • Defeating a given number of a specific type of experience-yielding monster during one particular type of weather effect OR its corresponding day. (e.g. kills either during wind weather or on Windsday)
  • Scholar's -storm spells (Rainstorm, Thunderstorm, etc...) will not enable credit toward weather-specific trials; the weather must be naturally occurring.
  • Having a pet deal a given number of killing blows on a specific type of experience-yielding monster.
  • An Adventuring Fellow's killing blow will count towards this trial.
  • Skillchains closed by pets will not count toward this trial.
  • Killing blows by other player's pets do not count towards this trial.
  • Having the weapon's Additional Effect trigger a given number of times on a specific type of experience-yielding monster.
  • Using a specific Weapon Skill a given number of times on a specific type of experience-yielding monster.
  • Dealing a given number of killing blows with a specific Weapon Skill on a specific type of experience-yielding monster.
  • Your weapon must possess the appropriate trial inscription to receive credit toward a trial.
  • Unlike Latent Effect weapons that are "broken" with Weapon Skill Points, trial weapons record and actively report their progress to the player by displaying a confirmation message in the chat log each time the trial's specified objective is fulfilled (e.g. "Trial 100: 99 objectives remain."). Additionally, the Magian Moogle will show your currently active trials and their progress at your request. Upon completion of a trial, another confirmation message will be displayed, instructing you to visit the Magian Moogle.
  • Dual Wielded weapons (weapons in offhand) receive credit.
    • You may Dual Wield two trial weapons and receive credit for each as long as each weapon's specific trial criteria are met.
      • There is currently a glitch for one-handed weapon trials. When Dual Wielding, you may receive credit for both weapons when only the conditions for one are met.
  • Trials can be completed in a party or alliance without penalty. It is not required to take action on the monster unless specified in the trial criterion (e.g. "killing blows"). The enemy must be claimed to your party or alliance, you must be within experience points range (even for Notorious Monsters that do not give experience points), and your weapon must be equipped at the time that the monster is defeated.
  • Note that credit will not be received if the enemy is defeated while unclaimed (Damage Over Time or Self-Destruct-type moves while the target's name is yellow).
  • You will still receive credit for kills while K.O.ed, assuming the target was still claimed to your party or alliance at the time that it was defeated.
  • Trials can be completed while under the effect of Level Sync as long as the target is experience-yielding and fulfills the trial criteria.
  • Trials can be completed by Maze Lurker enemies in Moblin Maze Mongers mazes as long as the target is experience-yielding and fulfills the trial criteria.
  • Using Maze Voucher 01, an appropriate race rune, Maze Rune 102 and bringing a low-level character (Level 56-58) creates approximately 25 instanced Easy Prey targets per maze for a level 75 player. Furthermore, these mazes can be copied by Duplidoc for 20 Moblin Marbles and distributed for 500 gil each.

Pattern to the Menu System

  • Each weapon type trial series culminates into 3 different weapons:
    • Type 1A : Generally the highest DMG or DPS of any non-relic, mythic, or Occasionally Attacks X Times weapon, but no other augments.
    • Type 1B : An Occasionally Attacks Twice weapon.
      • Type 1B+: Relatively low overall DMG damage rating, high delay, but high adjusted DPS (when accounting for processing of attacks twice). Requires 10 drops from a VNM tier III.
      • Type 1B-: Same as 1B+, but no DMG bonus. This path seems intended for players unable to accumulate the 10 VNM tier III drops, requiring 1500 kills instead.
    • Type 2* : The elemental branch. Each element gives augments related to that element.
      • Type 2*A : Moderate DMG+ and delay- bonuses, as well as a bonus to one primary and one secondary stat (e.g. Fire = STR+4 Attack+15)
      • Type 2*B : Same as 2*A, but gives pet: secondary stat bonus. (e.g. STR+4 Pet:Attack +15 Ranged Attack+15). Only available for pet jobs.
      • Type 2*C : These branch off into what appears to be 3 different elemental staves, but without the weak-element penalty. Staff only.
        • Type 2*C1 : Magic Accuracy+1 Magic Attack+3
        • Type 2*C2 : Magic Accuracy+3 Magic Attack+1
        • Type 2*C3 : Perpetuation -4
        • Type 2*C4 : Cure Potency light element only
      • Type 2*D : Higher DMG+ than the attribute bonus branch, as well as an Additional Effect (e.g. Additional Effect: Defense Down). Not available for ranged weapons.
  • Trials 991 and higher are upgrades for relic and mythic weapons and only enhance the base DMG of the weapon.

Trial Categories

By completing certain trials you may obtain new and improved weapons. You can find lists for those weapons below. Click on the link beneath the trials for the weapon for the full list




Great Sword


Great Axe




  • Advanced Weapons:Nagi 1051-1052, Kikoku 1054-1055

Great Katana





Missing Trials

  • Normal weapons: 1, 67, 149, 215, 281, 363, 429, 511, 577, 643, 709, 775, 890, 940
  • Advanced weapons: 990, 993, 996, 999, 1002, 1005, 1008, 1011, 1014, 1017, 1020, 1023, 1026, 1029, 1032, 1034, 1038, 1041, 1044, 1047, 1050, 1053, 1056, 1059, 1062, 1065, 1068, 1071, 1074, 1077, 1080, 1083, 1086, 1089

These are the "trials" linked to the base weapons, which will most likely remain unused.

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