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*Mythic (COR): [[Death Penalty]] 1087-1088
*Mythic (COR): [[Death Penalty]] 1087-1088
*[[Marksmanship Trials|Full List of Marksmanship Trials]]
*[[Marksmanship Trials|Full List of Marksmanship Trials]]
|valign="top" align="left" width="50%"|
*Level 85 Required Weapon: [[Utilis Shield]] ([[PLD]])
**Contains trial numbers {{Information Needed}} to {{Information Needed}}
**Path: Trial {{Information Needed}}
*Relic: [[Aegis]] {{Information Needed}} to {{Information Needed}}
*[[Shield Trials|Full List of Shield Trials]]
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**Contains trial numbers 2709 to 2711
**Contains trial numbers 2709 to 2711
**Path: [[Trial 2709]]
**Path: [[Trial 2709]]
*Relic: [[Gjallarhorn]] [[Trial 2713]] to 2715
*Relic: [[Gjallarhorn]] [[Trial 2713|2713]] to 2715
*[[Instrument Trials|Full List of Instrument Trials]]
*[[Instrument Trials|Full List of Instrument Trials]]

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Start NPC Magian Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 75 (weapon, armor), Level 30 (emote)
Items Needed Magian Trial Log, Usable Weapon, Usable Armor
Repeatable Yes
Reward Augmented Weapon, Augmented Armor, or Emote

Weapon Walkthrough

  • You can have multiple copies of the same weapon inscribed at once.
    • You cannot have the same trial inscribed on multiple weapons simultaneously (you must complete or abandon the trial on one weapon before you may inscribe another with the same trial inscription).
  • You can have up to five different trials active at once.
    • The five trials includes any active Armor trials as well as Weapons.
    • Please note that discarding an inscribed weapon does not remove the trial from your active list; you must speak with the Magian Moogle to abandon the trial.
    • Abandoning a trial will not affect your weapon; it will possess the same attributes it had prior to undertaking the trial. Likewise such a weapon can again be inscribed with the same trial or a new one. Note, however, that any progress on an abandoned trial is permanently lost and must be repeated if the weapon is re-inscribed with that trial.
  • You can only have one trial inscribed on each weapon.
  • Each weapon's trials are unique; you must repeat the same trials if creating multiple copies of the same weapon, even if you have already completed the trials on another weapon.
  • Trade the weapon to the Magian Moogle and select the desired trial to undertake.
  • Complete the trial and trade the weapon to the Magian Moogle to receive the augment(s) or the upgraded weapon.

Obtaining Necessary Kills

  • The trials generally consist of, but are not limited to, the following types:
  • Defeating a given number of a specific type of experience-yielding monster..
  • You MUST be within Experience point gaining range and not KO'ed to receive credit.
  • Defeating a given number of a specific type of experience-yielding monster during either Light-affiliated (wind, thunder, fire, light) OR Darkness-affiliated (water, ice, earth, dark) weather effects.
  • Defeating a given number of a specific type of experience-yielding monster during one particular type of weather effect OR its corresponding day. (e.g. kills either during wind weather or on Windsday). As of the September 2010 update, successful kills with weather present (single or double) will count as 5, while the appropriate day counts as one. For example, killing one monster on ice day during ice weather will give a total of 6 points.
  • Killing enemies while the appropriate weather is active gives credit for 5 kills.
  • Killing enemies during the appropriate day gives credit for 1 kill.
  • If weather and day are present, you get credit for 6 kills per enemy.
  • Scholar's -storm spells (Rainstorm, Thunderstorm, etc...) will not give credit toward weather-specific trials; the weather must be naturally occurring.
  • Having a pet deal a given number of killing blows on a specific type of experience-yielding monster.
  • An Adventuring Fellow's killing blow will count towards this trial.
  • Skillchains closed by pets will not count toward this trial.
  • Killing blows by other players' pets count towards this trial as of the September 2010 update.
  • Kills from a pet's counterattack, DoT or skill chain (not Weapon Skill) do NOT count.
  • Enemies killed by automaton nukes will grant experience AND kill credit
  • Having the weapon's Additional Effect trigger a given number of times on a specific type of experience-yielding monster.
  • Using a specific Weapon Skill a given number of times on a specific type of experience-yielding monster. Weapon Skill that have a Area of effect won't count as multiple kill when used on two or more monster.
  • Dealing a given number of killing blows with a specific Weapon Skill on a specific type of experience-yielding monster. As of the September 2010 update, kills from other players using the appropriate Weapon Skill will count towards the Magian player's trial.
  • Using an elementally specific status ailment on a specific type of experience-yielding monster. The ailment must be present upon death, but does not have to be inflicted by the person on the trial.
  • Using an elementally specific Magic Damage on a specific type of experience-yielding monster. The Damage amount will vary with each trial. It does not have to be inflicted by the person on the trial. Elemental WS's will count towards this credit.

  • Your weapon must possess the appropriate trial inscription to receive credit toward a trial.
  • Unlike Latent Effect weapons that are "broken" with Weapon Skill Points, trial weapons record and actively report their progress to the player by displaying a confirmation message in the chat log each time the trial's specified objective is fulfilled (e.g. "Trial 100: 99 objectives remain."). Additionally, the Magian Moogle will show your currently active trials and their progress at your request. Upon completion of a trial, another confirmation message will be displayed, instructing you to visit the Magian Moogle.
  • Dual Wielded weapons (weapons in offhand) receive credit.
    • You may Dual Wield two trial weapons and receive credit for each as long as each weapon's specific trial criteria are met.
  • Trials can be completed in a party or alliance without penalty. It is not required to take action on the monster unless specified in the trial criterion (e.g. "killing blows"). The enemy must be claimed to your party or alliance, you must be within experience points range (even for Notorious Monsters that do not give experience points), and your weapon must be equipped at the time that the monster is defeated.
  • Note that credit will not be received if the enemy is defeated while unclaimed (Damage Over Time or Self-Destruct-type moves while the target's name is yellow).
  • You will still receive credit for kills while K.O.ed, assuming the target was still claimed to your party or alliance at the time that it was defeated.
  • Trials can be completed while under the effect of Level Sync as long as the target is experience-yielding and fulfills the trial criteria.
  • Trials can be completed by Maze Lurker enemies in Moblin Maze Mongers mazes as long as the target is experience-yielding and fulfills the trial criteria.
  • Using Maze Voucher 01, an appropriate race rune, Maze Rune 102 and bringing a low-level character (Level 56-58) creates approximately 25 instanced Easy Prey targets per maze for a level 75 player. Furthermore, these mazes can be copied by Duplidoc for 20 Moblin Marbles and distributed for 500 gil each.

Pattern to the Menu System

  • Each weapon type trial series culminates into 3 different weapons:
    • Type 1A : A HQ or NQ Empyrean Weapon.
    • Type 1B : A multi-attack weapon.
    • Type 2* : The elemental branch. Each element gives augments related to that element.
      • Type 2*A : Moderate DMG+ and delay- bonuses, as well as a bonus to one primary and one secondary stat (e.g. Fire = STR+4 Attack+15)
      • Type 2*B : Same as 2*A, but grants pet: secondary stat bonus. (e.g. STR+4 Pet:Attack +15 Ranged Attack+15). Only available for pet jobs.
      • Type 2*C : These branch off into what appears to be 4 different elemental staves. Staff only.
        • Type 2*C1 : Magic Affinity : Magic Accuracy+1 Magic Attack+X
        • Type 2*C2 : Magic Affinity : Magic Accuracy+X Magic Attack+1
        • Type 2*C3 : Perpetuation -X
        • Where X is an integer from 3 to 5, depending on trial progress.
        • Type 2*C4 : Cure Potency light element only
      • Type 2*D : Slightly higher DMG+ than the attribute bonus branch, as well as an Additional Effect (e.g. Additional Effect: Defense Down). Not available for ranged weapons. When these weapons reach the stage where they are given the option of an added effect of a Status down you cannot trigger the effect until it has worn off of your target.
    • Type 3 : The Weapon Skill branch. Unlike Type 1 and 2, you receive credit towards completing the weapon each Weapon Skill you perform.
      • Type 3A: Moderate Damage, Low Delay, and a Percentage Boost to Weapon Skill damage while wielding the weapon.
      • Type 3B: Moderate Damage, Low Delay, and a significant boost to Store TP while wielding the weapon.

Weapon Trial Categories

By completing certain trials you may obtain new and improved weapons. You can find lists for those weapons below. Click on the link beneath the trials for the weapon for the full list




Great Sword


Great Axe




Great Katana







Armor Walkthrough

  • Obtain the armor of your choice from the Scars of Abyssea areas.
  • Obtain the Magian Trial Log by talking to Magian Moogle at Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5).
  • Trade the armor to the Magian Moogle and select the desired trial to undertake.
    • You can have trials on up to 3 pieces of armor active at one time, after which he will tell you "Uh, there's no space to write in your Magian trial log."
    • The item doesn't need to be equipped at any time during the trial (Example: made Charis Tights +1 without having DNC past lvl 10)
  • Obtain the required items and trade the seals to the Delivery Crate.
    • You are able to trade seals for an active trial at any time, effectively storing them in the Delivery Crate and not taking up your inventory space. The moogle will accept up to 8 seals for each piece.
    • You do not need to have the trial active to obtain the seals.
    • Counts objectives as a normal trial would when trading seals to the Delivery Crate (shows the message "trial xxxx: objectives remaining :x").
    • The seals are quest-able in the Scars of Abyssea areas (quest list for all the new areas can be found here [1]).
  • After trading in the seals, trade the armor to the Magian Moogle (blue bobble) to complete the trial.

Obtaining Necessary Items

Empyrean Armor +1

  • In order to upgrade an armor piece from the original to the +1 version you are required to obtain 8 matching seals to the item. These seals specify which armor piece they go to. For example, Ravager's Seal: Head corresponds to Ravager's Mask.
  • These seals are questable in Abyssea - Vunkerl, Abyssea - Misareaux, and Abyssea - Attohwa. See the individual zone pages for information about which quests yield particular seals.(All Seals are believed to be Questable)
Head Armor
Threadbare Tribulations BST SAM THF WHM
Looking for Lookouts DNC SCH SMN WAR
An Acrididaen Anodyne DRK PUP RDM RNG
Flown the Coop BLU BRD MNK PLD
An Offer You Can't Refuse BLM COR DRG NIN
Leg Armor
Cookbook of Hope Restoring BST SAM THF WHM
Unidentified Research Object BLU BRD MNK PLD
Smoke over the Coast DRK PUP RDM RNG
Soil and Green DNC SCH SMN WAR
Wanted: Medical Supplies BLM COR DRG NIN
Foot Armor
The Boxwatcher's Behest DNC SCH SMN WAR
Bad Communication BST SAM THF WHM
His Bridge, His Beloved BLU BRD MNK PLD
Scattered Shells, Scattered Mind DRK PUP RDM RNG

Empyrean Armor +2

  • To upgrade further from the +1 version to the +2 version you must obtain 6 other items depending on the armor type and job:
Head Armor
Stone of Vision BRD RNG THF WAR WHM
Jewel of Vision COR MNK PUP RDM SAM
Coin of Vision BLM BST DRK NIN SMN
Card of Vision BLU DNC DRG PLD SCH
Body Armor
Stone of Ardor WAR PLD BRD NIN BLU
Jewel of Ardor BLM DNC PUP RDM SAM
Hands Armor
Stone of Wieldance WAR RDM THF BST SCH
Jewel of Wieldance MNK BLM BRD SAM SMN
Coin of Wieldance WHM DRK RNG BLU DNC
Card of Wieldance PLD NIN DRG COR PUP
Leg Armor
Stone of Balance BLM BLU NIN PUP WAR
Jewel of Balance BST MNK RNG SAM SCH
Coin of Balance BRD DRK PLD RDM THF
Card of Balance COR DNC DRG SMN WHM
Foot Armor
Stone of Voyage DNC PLD RDM SMN WAR
Jewel of Voyage BRD PUP SAM THF WHM
Coin of Voyage BLU COR DRK MNK SCH
Card of Voyage BLM BST DRG NIN RNG

Armor Trial Categories

By completing certain trials you may obtain new and improved armor.

Job Slot Required Armor +1 Trial +2 Trial
Warrior Head Ravager's Mask Trial 4156 Trial 4216
Body Ravager's Lorica Trial 4336 Trial 4376
Hands Ravager's Mufflers Trial 4316 Trial 4356
Legs Ravager's Cuisses Trial 4176 Trial 4236
Feet Ravager's Calligae Trial 4196 Trial 4256
Monk Head Tantra Crown Trial 4157 Trial 4217
Body Tantra Cyclas Trial 4337 Trial 4377
Hands Tantra Gloves Trial 4317 Trial 4357
Legs Tantra Hose Trial 4177 Trial 4237
Feet Tantra Gaiters Trial 4197 Trial 4257
White Mage Head Orison Cap Trial 4158 Trial 4218
Body Orison Bliaud Trial 4338 Trial 4378
Hands Orison Mitts Trial 4318 Trial 4358
Legs Orison Pantaloons Trial 4178 Trial 4238
Feet Orison Duckbills Trial 4198 Trial 4258
Black Mage Head Goetia Petasos Trial 4159 Trial 4219
Body Goetia Coat Trial 4339 Trial 4379
Hands Goetia Gloves Trial 4319 Trial 4359
Legs Goetia Chausses Trial 4179 Trial 4239
Feet Goetia Sabots Trial 4199 Trial 4259
Red Mage Head Estoqueur's Chappel Trial 4160 Trial 4220
Body Estoqueur's Sayon Trial 4340 Trial 4380
Hands Estoqueur's Gantherots Trial 4320 Trial 4360
Legs Estoqueur's Fuseau Trial 4180 Trial 4240
Feet Estoqueur's Houseaux Trial 4200 Trial 4260
Thief Head Raider's Bonnet Trial 4161 Trial 4221
Body Raider's Vest Trial 4341 Trial 4381
Hands Raider's Armlets Trial 4321 Trial 4361
Legs Raider's Culottes Trial 4181 Trial 4241
Feet Raider's Poulaines Trial 4201 Trial 4261
Paladin Head Creed Armet Trial 4162 Trial 4222
Body Creed Cuirass Trial 4342 Trial 4382
Hands Creed Gauntlets Trial 4322 Trial 4362
Legs Creed Cuisses Trial 4182 Trial 4242
Feet Creed Sabatons Trial 4202 Trial 4262
Dark Knight Head Bale Burgeonet Trial 4163 Trial 4223
Body Bale Cuirass Trial 4343 Trial 4383
Hands Bale Gauntlets Trial 4323 Trial 4363
Legs Bale Flanchard Trial 4183 Trial 4243
Feet Bale Sollerets Trial 4203 Trial 4263
Beastmaster Head Ferine Cabasset Trial 4164 Trial 4224
Body Ferine Gausape Trial 4344 Trial 4384
Hands Ferine Manoplas Trial 4324 Trial 4364
Legs Ferine Quijotes Trial 4184 Trial 4244
Feet Ferine Ocreae Trial 4204 Trial 4264
Bard Head Aoidos' Calot Trial 4165 Trial 4225
Body Aoidos' Hongreline Trial 4345 Trial 4385
Hands Aoidos' Manchettes Trial 4325 Trial 4365
Legs Aoidos' Rhingrave Trial 4185 Trial 4245
Feet Aoidos' Cothurnes Trial 4205 Trial 4265
Job Slot Required Armor +1 Trial +2 Trial
Ranger Head Sylvan Gapette Trial 4166 Trial 4226
Body Sylvan Caban Trial 4346 Trial 4386
Hands Sylvan Glovelettes Trial 4326 Trial 4366
Legs Sylvan Brague Trial 4186 Trial 4246
Feet Sylvan Bottillons Trial 4206 Trial 4266
Samurai Head Unkai Kabuto Trial 4167 Trial 4227
Body Unkai Domaru Trial 4347 Trial 4387
Hands Unkai Kote Trial 4327 Trial 4367
Legs Unkai Haidate Trial 4187 Trial 4247
Feet Unkai Sune-Ate Trial 4207 Trial 4267
Ninja Head Iga Zukin Trial 4168 Trial 4228
Body Iga Ningi Trial 4348 Trial 4388
Hands Iga Tekko Trial 4328 Trial 4368
Legs Iga Hakama Trial 4188 Trial 4248
Feet Iga Kyahan Trial 4208 Trial 4268
Dragoon Head Lancer's Mezail Trial 4169 Trial 4229
Body Lancer Plackart Trial 4349 Trial 4389
Hands Lancer Vambraces Trial 4329 Trial 4369
Legs Lancer's Cuissots Trial 4189 Trial 4249
Feet Lancer's Schynbalds Trial 4209 Trial 4269
Summoner Head Caller's Horn Trial 4170 Trial 4230
Body Caller's Doublet Trial 4350 Trial 4390
Hands Caller's Bracers Trial 4330 Trial 4370
Legs Caller's Spats Trial 4190 Trial 4250
Feet Caller's Pigaches Trial 4210 Trial 4270
Blue Mage Head Mavi Kavuk Trial 4171 Trial 4231
Body Mavi Mintan Trial 4351 Trial 4391
Hands Mavi Bazubands Trial 4331 Trial 4371
Legs Mavi Tayt Trial 4191 Trial 4251
Feet Mavi Basmak Trial 4211 Trial 4271
Corsair Head Navarch's Tricorne Trial 4172 Trial 4232
Body Navarch's Frac Trial 4352 Trial 4392
Hands Navarch's Gants Trial 4332 Trial 4372
Legs Navarch's Culottes Trial 4192 Trial 4252
Feet Navarch's Bottes Trial 4212 Trial 4272
Puppetmaster Head Cirque Capello Trial 4173 Trial 4233
Body Cirque Farsetto Trial 4353 Trial 4393
Hands Cirque Guanti Trial 4333 Trial 4373
Legs Cirque Pantaloni Trial 4193 Trial 4253
Feet Cirque Scarpe Trial 4213 Trial 4273
Dancer Head Charis Tiara Trial 4174 Trial 4234
Body Charis Casaque Trial 4354 Trial 4394
Hands Charis Bangles Trial 4334 Trial 4374
Legs Charis Tights Trial 4194 Trial 4254
Feet Charis Toeshoes Trial 4214 Trial 4274
Scholar Head Savant's Bonnet Trial 4175 Trial 4235
Body Savant's Gown Trial 4355 Trial 4395
Hands Savant's Bracers Trial 4335 Trial 4375
Legs Savant's Pants Trial 4195 Trial 4255
Feet Savant's Loafers Trial 4215 Trial 4275

Emote Walkthrough

  • Obtain the Magian Learner's Log by talking to Magian Moogle (green bobble) at Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5).
  • Select the desired trial to undertake. Only jobs you have leveled to 30 or higher will appear on the list.
    • The item doesn't need to be equipped at any time during the trial.
  • Obtain the required items and trade them to the Delivery Crate.
    • Counts objectives as a normal trial would when trading items to the Delivery Crate (shows the message "trial xxxx: objectives remaining :x").
  • After trading in the items, trade the armor to the Magian Moogle (green bobble) to complete the trial.
    • You can then perform the emote at any time by typing /jobemote XXX regardless of current job or level.
  • You can only have 5 active Magian Trials at once.

Emote Trial Categories

By completing these trials you will have access to a new emote and upgraded armor. All trials require level 30 in their respective job.

Job Required Armor Trial Required Item
Warrior Fighter's Torque Trial 4424 Shaman Garlic
Monk Temple Torque Trial 4425 Dhalmel Saliva
White Mage Healer's Torque Trial 4426 Cathedral Tapestry
Black Mage Wizard's Torque Trial 4427 Magicked Skull
Red Mage Warlock's Torque Trial 4428 Bloody Robe
Thief Rogue's Torque Trial 4429 Yuhtunga Sulfur
Paladin Gallant Torque Trial 4430 Valkurm Sunsand
Dark Knight Chaos Torque Trial 4431 Odd Postcard
Beastmaster Beast Torque Trial 4432 Wild Rabbit Tail
Bard Choral Torque Trial 4433 Siren's Tear
Ranger Hunter's Torque Trial 4434 Seedspall Astrum
Samurai Myochin Shusa Trial 4435 Crab Apron
Ninja Ninja Shusa Trial 4436 Eastern Paper
Dragoon Drachen Torque Trial 4437 Damselfly Worm
Summoner Evoker's Torque Trial 4438 Damp Envelope
Blue Mage Magus Torque Trial 4439 Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Corsair Corsair's Torque Trial 4440 Counterfeit Gil
Puppetmaster Puppetry Torque Trial 4441 Nyumomo Doll
Dancer Dancer's Torque Trial 4442 Torn Epistle
Scholar Scholar's Torque Trial 4443 Castle Floor Plans

Missing Trials

  • Normal weapons: 1, 67, 149, 215, 281, 363, 429, 511, 577, 643, 709, 775, 890, 940
  • Advanced weapons: 990, 993, 996, 999, 1002, 1005, 1008, 1011, 1014, 1017, 1020, 1023, 1026, 1029, 1032, 1034, 1038, 1041, 1044, 1047, 1050, 1053, 1056, 1059, 1062, 1065, 1068, 1071, 1074, 1077, 1080, 1083, 1086

These are the "trials" linked to the base weapons, which will most likely remain unused.

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