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Moving out of the cities we find that many smaller towns, villages and encampments have sprung up. Each serving their own particular needs, the architecture is often more basic and functional, as well as being dependent on availability of local materials.

In some cases, such as Norg or Tavnazian Safehold, the structures are carved out of the living rock. Other destinations may be tented, such as Rabao, wooden structures like those found in Selbina or Kazham, or even stone built structures such as are offered by Mhaura and Nashmau

Regardless of their provenance, and rendering inconsequential their technological level, they are all considered architecture and worthy of the study of anyone wishing to learn more of the races which built them, or the lessons they teach. Without further prevarication, let us begin our tour of the Towns, Villages and Encampments!

The port of Selbina

Discovered by Gwynham Ironheart in 762 Crystal Era, and named for a young swimmer he found struggling for air in the waters nearby, the port is a sanctuary from the surrounding, and inhospitable, Valkurm Dunes. The natural deep-water harbor serves as a docks for fishing vessels, as well as the terminus for the regular Selbina-Mhaura Ferry route. This ferry joins the continents of Quon and Mindartia and provides an alternate to the long trek to uses the bridges of Jeuno

Despite the proximity of the cities of Bastok and San d'Oria, the architecture is reminiscent of that of Windurst, with it's raised wooden structures. To further the connection, Selbina boasts a Weaver's Guild and a Fishing Guild and even a small zoo (featuring sheep!)

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The port of Mhaura

Nestling in a natural harbor in the Buburimu Peninsula we find the port of Mhaura. A part of the Federation of Windurst, as evidenced by the Windurstian flag just inside the main entrance, the Tarutaru influence abounds. Thanks to the Governer, Mhaura boasts Guild shops from both the Goldsmiths' and Blacksmiths' Guilds

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The oasis of Rabao

Hidden away in a corner of the Western Altepa Desert is the township of Rabao. This dusty settlement is gathered around an underground natural freshwater spring, and is accessed through a cave from the desert itself.

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The port and gateway of Nashmau

Located to the North and West of Aht Urhgan Whitegate, in the Arrapago Islands lies the township of Nashmau. This port town is the terminus for the sea Ferries from Whitegate, and is mainly populated by the friendly(?) Qiqirn who pretty much run the town, hence the lack of any formal government presence.

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The hidden port of Norg

The very epitomy of "a den of thieves", Norg is a place of castaways and strange secrets. Much of the goods provided through the Tenshodo comes from Norg, as does much of the Eastern Martial Arts training and equipment.

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The Port and Town of Kazham

Although not the original homeland, this lush tropical paradise is one of the original settlements of the Mithras. The town is governed by the current Mithran Chieftainess, Jakoh Wahcondalo, and comprises mainly wooden structures with thatched roofs.

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The lost city of Tavnazia

Once a thriving city, this township now occupies what is left of the underground passageways that were once part of the Cathedral. Destroyed during the war, all inhabitants were thought to have perished, but life goes on despite the best efforts of the beastmen! This underground settlement does not have any permanent shops. Merchants sell their goods in a disorganized manner in the underground complex.

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