These small creatures once hailed from Windurst, but now their numbers are so low, an adventurer could consider themselves lucky to encounter them. It is said they inhabited the ponds of West Sarutabaruta during the Great War, but they have since retreated to the depths of the Toraimarai Canal. Toads are often enslaved by Poroggos for use in combat.

Defeating a toad yields nearly no reward. They have no known special techniques. They are, in the truest sense of the term, mere animals.

Family Information
Type: Aquan
Common Behavior: L, S, H
Weak against: Ice Ice Lightning Lightning
Strong against: Water Water -50%
Immune to: Light Light
Common Job(s): Black Mage (noncasting)
Uncommon Job(s): Warrior
Charmable: Eks.gif
Pankration: Eks.gif
Aspir: Susceptible to Aspir
Drain: Susceptible to Drain
Notes: Count as Poroggos for Feral Drain.
Link with Poroggos and vice versa.

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Aht Urhgan Areas Wings of the Goddess Areas Abyssea Areas
This monster family does not have any special abilities. CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Ramponneau Lottery Spawn from the Toads at (I-9)/(I-10) 54 West Sarutabaruta (S) Summoning Belt

Quest NMs: Mikilulu‎, Mikiluru‎, Mikirulu‎, Mikiruru‎, Poroggo's Toady

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: None

Reive NMs: Blood Toad

Other NMs: Wartkin (Assists: Iriri Samariri)

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Toad 49 - 52 West Sarutabaruta (S)
Crapaudy ? Abyssea - La Theine
Squib Unknown Abyssea - Misareaux
Flume Toad 94 - 99 Toraimarai Canal
Spoutdrenched Toad 100 - 101 Rala Waterways
Rustwater Toad 100 - 101 Rala Waterways
Riverwashed Toad Gives 216 Capacity Points Foret de Hennetiel
Cliffclinger Toad 106 - 108 Marjami Ravine
Lentic Toad 122 - 124 Reisenjima
Cliffclinger Toad 124 - 125 Woh Gates

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