Supreme Beings
Promathia, Lady Lilith, Lilith Ascendant, Shinryu, Provenance Watcher, Hades, Sempurne, Metus, and the Cloud of Darkness--supreme beings whose existence cannot be accounted for in the bestiaries of Vana'diel. They are life forms without parallel, whose destructive ambitions could spell the end of all other life as we know it.

Family Information
Type: None
Charmable: Eks
Pankration: Eks

Supreme Beings

Name Mission / Quest Zone Rewards
Cloud of Darkness The Orb's Radiance Reisenjima Sanctorium Cipher: Iroha II
KeyItemPhoenix's blessing
KeyItemScintillating Rhapsody
Hades Abomination Ra'Kaznar Turris 1000 EXP
Councilor's Garb
Councilor's Cuffs
Your choice of any one of the following Seekers of Adoulin Rings:
Adoulin Ring
Weatherspoon Ring
Renaye Ring
Haverton Ring
Vocane Ring
Shneddick Ring
Woltaris Ring
Janniston Ring
Gorney Ring
Karieyh Ring
Thurandaut Ring
Orvail Ring
Lady Lilith Maiden of the Dusk Walk of Echoes
Lilith Ascendant Maiden of the Dusk Walk of Echoes Moonshade Earring
Metus The Winds of Time Empyreal Paradox Cipher: Iroha
KeyItemRhapsody in Ochre
Promathia Dawn Empyreal Paradox Rajas Ring
Sattva Ring
Tamas Ring
KeyItemAtma of the Banisher
Provenance Watcher Crystal Guardian Provenance Adamas
Plenitas Virga
Sanus Ensis
Hyaline Hat
Tessera Saio
KeyItemAtmacite of Provenance
KeyItemPeriapt of emergence
Shinryu The Wyrm God Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox Twilight Mail
Twilight Cloak
Twilight Belt
Twilight Scythe
Twilight Torque
Twilight Helm
Twilight Knife
Twilight Cape
KeyItemAtma of the Apocalypse
KeyItemAbyssite of the Cosmos
Sempurne No Time Like the Future Desuetia - Empyreal Paradox

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