Go All to Pieces—The Mog Tablet Quest Unearthed! (05-07-2009)-1

As part of the on-going Mog Tablet event, the mystical Super Kupowers of King Kupofried will go into effect once all eleven Mog Tablets have been recovered, providing an assortment of benefits for all adventurers within the affected areas. Three powers from the list below will be selected at random, and will remain active for one week (Earth time).

During the Adventurer Appreciation Campaign, all eleven bonuses will go into effect at once.

These effects are limited to areas from the original FINAL FANTASY XI, the Rise of the Zilart, and Chains of Promathia expansions, with the following areas excluded:

Upon entering an affected area, a message indicating the active Super Kupower(s) will be displayed in the chat window.

One week after the 11th Mog Tablet has been recovered, the event will draw to a temporary close. The tablets will then be scattered again after a random 8-24 hour period of time. In addition, each World will have its own random start time; therefore not all Mog Tablet quests will begin at the same time across all Worlds.

Super Kupowers which affect your character will also affect your adventuring fellow Exclamation.

The Japanese name for Super Kupower is 'Happy Power' (ハッピーパワー).

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