Dance Overview

Steps are one of the five types of dances available to the Dancer job. All Steps are all placed into one Job Ability category, meaning that when any Step is used, its individual recast timer must be allowed to cool down before another Step may be used.

When used, the player attempts to make a physical attack on the targeted enemy with his/her weapon. If the attack successfully lands, no damage is inflicted, but the enemy will receive a Step Daze effect, and the player will receive Finishing Moves (which are required to use Flourishes).

Because Step accuracy depends on the user's melee accuracy, boosting your accuracy or reducing the enemy's evasion will assist with successfully landing Steps.

Unlike Samba Dazes which are used to help support the party through additional effects, Step Dazes enfeeble the enemy by lowering one of its attributes. When initially inflicted, the Step Daze effect starts out as a "level 1" effect with a 1 minute duration. Repeatedly connecting with the same Step ability on the same target before the Step Daze effect wears off extends the duration by 30 seconds for each additional hit and causes the Daze effect to "level up" toward a maximum of level 10, where the effect is most potent. Subsequent uses of the Step will only serve to extend the Daze duration.

Unlike Samba Dazes, an enemy can have more than one current Step Daze effect active at once.

Successfully landing a Step normally earns the player two Finishing Moves. If the enemy already has a level 10 Step Daze effect and the appropriate Step is used again, it will only yield one Finishing Move. Additionally, when Dancer is set as your support job you will only earn one finishing move each time a Step is successfully landed.

Sneak Attack (and Trick Attack combined with the Assassin job trait) can be used to ensure success on a Step, since they ensure 100% physical accuracy when correctly used. However, the Steps still will not inflict any damage.

Steps are learned by Dancers at the following levels:

Level Step Effect
20 Quickstep Lowers target's evasion.
30 Box Step Lowers target's defense.
40 Stutter Step Lower target's magic resistance.
83 Feather Step Lowers a target's critical hit evasion.

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

Item Job Slot Level
Dancer's Bangles DNC Hands 52
Dancer's Bangles +1 DNC Hands 74
Etoile Shoes DNC Feet 73
Etoile Shoes +1 DNC Feet 75
Choreia Earring All Ear 75

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