Stats, or attributes, are numeric characteristics that describe the properties of a character.

To see how many HP/MP you would have at different levels with different job/subjob combinations, see this Stat Calculator 2.

Enemy attributes (translated from Studio Gobli)

Like for PCs, you can calculate them with

Race Ranking + Main Job Ranking + Support Job Ranking * Support Job Revision

Unlike PCs, the growth does not decline at high level (past 61?)


Rank Value
A 5+(Lv-1)*0.50
B 4+(Lv-1)*0.45
C 4+(Lv-1)*0.40
D 3+(Lv-1)*0.35
E 3+(Lv-1)*0.30
F 2+(Lv-1)*0.25
G 2+(Lv-1)*0.20

SJ revision is 0 at low lv. From Lv.30, SJ revision is 0.5 (half of main), but depending upon the area it differs even between monsters of the same level.

Most monsters are WAR/WAR.

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