Outer Ra'Kaznar (U)

Introduced in the August 2022 update, Sortie is party-based battle content where between one and six players explore a huge maze teeming with monsters.


How to Participate[]

Between one and six players may participate.

  1. Speak with Ruspix in Leafallia (H-8) to obtain a Key ItemShiny Ra'Kaznarian plate key item.
  2. The party leader should interact with the Diaphanous Transposer in Kamihr Drifts (F-6) and select Sortie.
  3. If all party members meet the requirements for participation, the party will be entered into the queue.
  4. Interact with the diaphanous transposer again to join. Upon entering the instance, the Key ItemShiny Ra'Kaznarian plate will transform into a Key ItemDull Ra'Kaznarian plate.

Leaving Sortie[]

  • Use the spell Warp/Teleport or similar effects.
  • Use the Obsidian Wing temporary item, obtainable upon entry into Sortie. This item activates instantaneously.
  • Reach the time limit.
  • Have three minutes elapse after all party members are knocked out.


After you enter Sortie for the first time, you can receive a Key ItemRuspix's plate by speaking with Ruspix in Leafallia (H-8).

You must wait 20 Earth Hours, then approach the diaphanous transposer again and your dull plate will immediately transform back into a shiny one.

Your Key ItemRuspix's plate will charge up with energy, accumulating time equal to one-fifth (1/5) of the time that exceeded the 20 hour waiting period since your previous Sortie.
(Example: You first entered Sortie at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday. You next enter Sortie at 9:00 p.m. on Friday. Since 25 hours has passed since your first Sortie, you are 5 hours past the minimum waiting period. One-fifth of that time (1 hour) is stored in your Ruspix's plate upon entry into the second Sortie.)

Once your Ruspix's plate has stored up an amount of time equivalent to the amount of time you must wait before entering Sortie again, you can speak with Ruspix in Leafallia (H-8) to have him convert your Key ItemDull Ra'Kaznarian plate into a Key ItemShiny Ra'Kaznarian plate. The amount of time is recorded and displayed in-game in seconds. Ruspix's plate can store up to 72,000 seconds (20 hours) of time.

The Battlefield[]

Outer Ra'Kaznar (U) hosts the battlefield, divided over several maps and two floors. You may call Trusts inside the battlefield. You have 60 minutes to clear your objectives.

The first floor is divided into four sectors (A, B, C, and D) connected by a series of gates and locked gates. A TemporaryKey from each sector is required to open locked gates marked with that sector's letter e.g. Ra'Kaznar Key A will open any Locked Gate #A. Each sector hosts a monster type (Amorphs, Elementals, Undead, and Fomor), a roaming Notorious Monster midboss, and a sector boss locked behind a Gadget.

The basement uses Map 2 of Outer Ra'Kaznar and is divided into four sectors (E, F, G, and H) that are not connected to each other, but are connected to sectors A~D via Diaphanous Bitzers corresponding to the elevator locations in Outer Ra'Kaznar's Map 1.

Sector connections
First Floor Sector Sheet and Bitzer Basement Sector
Sector A Ra'Kaznar Sheet A → Diaphanous Bitzer #A Sector E
Sector B Ra'Kaznar Sheet B → Diaphanous Bitzer #B Sector F
Sector C Ra'Kaznar Sheet C → Diaphanous Bitzer #C Sector G
Sector D Ra'Kaznar Sheet D → Diaphanous Bitzer #D Sector H

Basement sectors each have an exit Bitzer that spawns randomly in one of its subdivisions (except the first room and the gated 'reive' room).

Composited Maps[]

The community has assembled maps that visualize the entire battlefield. The coordinates here only correspond to what would exist in Outer Ra'Kaznar's Map 1/2 and do not reflect the coordinates in-game, which derive from the partial maps that exist for Outer Ra'Kaznar (U). Some areas have no maps at all, even if those sectors are mapped out in the composite maps.

Objectives and Chests[]

Each sector has its own list of hidden objectives. Clearing objectives emits a 'status report' in the battle log stating how many objectives have been cleared and spawns a chest. Chests that contain items give them to players in their personal loot pool. There are three basic types of chest and a special Aurum Coffer that may spawn on a given floor:[1]

Brown (Chest): Gives 100 gallimaufry. Contains Temporaryitems that help players open locked gates, access boss battlefields, weaken boss attacks and unlock teleportation between sectors using devices.[2] These items disappear when players leave Sortie, but are immediately re-acquired on re-entry. Shards and Metals are lost and must be re-acquired when their corresponding boss has been defeated.

Ra'Kaznar Metal durability

Metals obtained in the basement have limited durability which is lost the more times any party member dies, indicated by a bar in the top left corner while inside a boss room. Each death seems to reduce the Metal's durability by about 20%. Taking or absorbing large amounts of damage also damages Metal durability[3] Engaging the boss in combat regenerates its durability every 5 seconds or so.[4]

  • Keys. Open corresponding Locked Gates.
  • Plates. Activate teleportation to the current sector's Device. Also lets players rematerialize monsters for the device's sector at its Device.
  • Shards. Activate corresponding Gadgets that lead to sector boss encounters.
  • Metal. Weaken corresponding boss attacks. See boss pages for known effects.
  • Sheets. Unlocks transport between linked 1st floor and basement sectors. Permits players to rematerialize enemies at the Bitzer for the current basement sector.

Blue (Casket):

Red (Coffer):

Sectors A, B, C, and D each have 8 objectives. Five grant brown chests upon completion, two grant blue chests, 1 grants a red chest. An Aurum Coffer spawns on floor 1 after your party has defeated all area A~D roaming mini-bosses. It grants 1,000 gallimaufry and may contain an old case/sapphire.[5] You may receive multiple chests or coffers from the same monster if the conditions are met at the same time.[6]

Sectors E, F, G, and H have 4 chest objectives: One Brown for the Metal, Two Blue, and one Red.

Rematerializing monsters in a sector using a Plate will allow players to re-attempt incomplete objectives, but monsters only provide ~75% of the gallimaufry they used to. Obtained chests/caskets/coffers may not be reobtained on the same run even if you rematerialize monsters.

Status Reports and The Aurum Coffers[]

Treasure Coffer Status Report

Completing any of the 8 objectives in a sector displays a status report to the entire party about your progress. You are told which sector has progressed, how many out of 8 you have completed and a relatively cryptic "#?: 0/1" indicating the completion of requirements for the Aurum Coffer on your floor. Once the Aurum Coffer for a floor has appeared, for example, the status report will instead say "#?: 1/1"

  • Floor 1: Defeat all four roaming minibosses.
  • Floor 2: Information Needed


Each sector hosts its own monster type. Monsters are immune to doom effects.[7]. Monsters cannot be charmed.[8]. Maps can be searched with Wide Scan for specific targets, but not every area of Outer Ra'Kaznar (U) has a usable map.

The roaming minibosses in each sector of the 1st floor can spawn anywhere within the sector and patrol around at random. They can pass through locked doors. Defeating them grants bonus gallimaufry and a chance at an Old Case/+1 and a Ra'Kaznar Sapphire. Basement minibosses will spawn in one of the various subdivisions of their sector and don't wander the entire sector.


Progression Outline:

1st Floor
Shard A Shard B Shard C Shard D
Metal A Metal B Metal C Metal D
Sector Bosses Ghatjot
Shard E
Shard F
Shard G
Shard H
Bitzers Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D
Metal E Metal F Metal G Metal H
Sector Bosses Dhartok
Fragment 1
Fragment 2
Fragment 3
Fragment 4
Final Boss Area
  • Sheet objectives only need to be cleared once for basement sector access.
  • Shards and Metals are consumed when their corresponding boss is defeated.
  • Fragments are consumed when Aminon is defeated.

Each sector hosts a boss locked behind a Gadget. Access to the gadget requires a corresponding TemporaryShard for that area. Possessing a corresponding TemporaryMetal weakens boss attacks. You may leave a boss area if you are not in combat via the Gadget at the entrance to its room. Doing so starts a 10 second timer where you may not re-enter an uncleared boss's room. Once you re-enter, the boss will have completely reset all its parameters (Damage values reset for the BD/EH bosses, all poison mist clouds/zisurru despawn, Leshonn/Gartell will reroll which hand is active, etc). This can be done by even a single member of a party.[9]

Boss rewards are directly added to player inventories as personal loot. Defeating a first floor boss grants gallimaufry and a chance at obtaining an Old Case/+1 and a Ra'Kaznar Sapphire for every party member. Basement sector bosses may drop Ra'Kaznar Starstones. If you possess a Prime Weapon anywhere in your inventory, bosses also reward the materials requried to upgrade your weapon (e.g. Eikondrite, Octahedrite) from its current stage.

First Floor[]

The first floor's Aurum Coffer is spawned by defeating all four roaming NMs in sectors A-D.

Sector A: Amorphs[]

Enemies are level 120~122. Each mob defeated is worth 30~36 gallimaufry. Everything detects by sound.[10]. Leeches link.

  • Abject Acuex x48
  • Abject Leech x21
  • Abject Hecteyes x23
  • Miniboss: Abject Obdella. 195 Gallimaufry on kill.
  • Sector Boss: Ghatjot (Plovid). 2,000 Gallimaufry on kill. Drops Ra'Kaznar Shard E for all party members.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Key A). Open Gate #A1, #A2, or #A3.[11]
  2. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Shard A). Defeat 3 monsters with single-target magic damage as the killing blow[12]
  3. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Metal A). Defeat 6 monsters under the above conditions.
  4. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Plate A). Cast any spell on yourself near Device #A.
  5. Brown Chest. (Ra'Kaznar Sheet A). Remove all of your equipment, then touch Diaphanous Bitzer #A.[13]
  6. Blue Casket. Defeat 5 enemies.
  7. Blue Casket. /heal and receive at least one tick of HP between past Gate #A1 up to the northeast corner of the Leech room.
  8. Red Coffer. Defeat the Abject Obdella.

Sector B: Elementals[]

Enemies are level 123~125. Each mob defeated is worth 42~48 gallimaufry. Everything detects by magic. Umbrils and the porxie further detect by sight.

  • Biune Umbril x12
  • Biune Fire Elemental x8
  • Biune Light Elemental x8
  • Biune Ice Elemental x11
  • Biune Water Elemental x11
  • Biune Earth Elemental x8
  • Biune Dark Elemental x8
  • Biune Air Elemental x6
  • Biune Thunder Elemental x6
  • Miniboss: Biune Porxie. 255 Gallimaufry on kill.
  • Sector Boss: Leshonn (Macuil). 2,000 Gallimaufry on kill.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Key B). Open Gates #B1~B6 in order. You may close gates if you make a mistake and open things out of order.[14]
  2. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Shard B). Defeat 5 total elementals.
  3. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Metal B). Defeat 10 total elementals.
  4. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Plate B). Emote /hurray near Device #B.
  5. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Sheet B). Travel to and interact with Diaphanous Bitzer #B from the start without using any teleporters.
  6. Blue Casket. Defeat 3 elementals within 30 seconds of engaging them.
  7. Blue Casket. Open any locked Gate #B.
  8. Red Coffer. Defeat the Biune Porxie after spawning the first Blue casket.

Sector C: Undead[]

Enemies are level 127~129. Each mob defeated is worth 54~60 gallimaufry. Corses detect by sight, sound, and low HP. Skeletons detect by sight and low HP. Ghosts and the Bhoot detect by sound and low HP.

  • Cachaemic Ghost x25
  • Cachaemic Corse x14
  • Cachaemic Skeleton x11
  • Cachaemic Ghoul x11
  • Miniboss: Cachaemic Bhoot. 315 Gallimaufry on kill.
  • Sector Boss: Skomora (Defiant). 2,000 Gallimaufry on kill.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Key C). Open Gate #C1 or #C2 without getting aggro or fighting any monsters.[15]
  2. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Shard C). Defeat 3 undead after using Magic Bursts on them. They don't need to deal damage.
  3. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Metal C). Defeat 6 undead after using Magic Bursts on them.
  4. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Plate C). Defeat an enemy near Device #C.
  5. Brown Chest. (Ra'Kaznar Sheet C). Kill any monster in Sector C, then rematerialize at Device #C, and then interact with Bitzer #C.
  6. Blue Casket. Defeat an enemy within 30 seconds of pulling it.[16]
  7. Blue Casket. Defeat all normal enemies in Sector C.[17]
  8. Red Coffer. Defeat the Cachaemic Bhoot within 5 minutes[18] of entering Sector C.

Sector D: Fomor[]

Enemies are level 131~133. Each mob defeated is worth 66~72 gallimaufry. Everything detects by sight and sound. These mobs are "Hydra Corps," which means they do not count as undead for the purposes of Monster Correlation effects or abilities like Sepulcher or Holy Circle, and have their own set of TP moves. Fomor with caster jobs can be aspired for MP. Fomor link with each other.

  • Demisang Warrior x14
  • Demisang Monk x14
  • Demisang White Mage x15
  • Demisang Black Mage x15
  • Demisang Red Mage x15
  • Demisang Thief x14
  • Miniboss: Demisang Deleterious
  • Sector Boss: Degei (Perfidien). 2,000 Gallimaufry on kill.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Key D). Open Gate #D1 and #D2 within 3 minutes of each other. The order doesn't matter.[19]
  2. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Shard D). Defeat 3 fomor after forming a four-step skillchain without killing it.[20]
  3. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Metal D). Defeat 6 fomor after forming a four-step skillchain without killing it
  4. Brown Chest (Ra'Kaznar Plate D). Drop your Obsidian Wing near Diaphanous Device #D.[21]
  5. Brown Chest. (Ra'Kaznar Sheet D). Defeat all Demisang foes, then interact with the Bitzer to Sector H.[22]
  6. Blue Chest. Kill one Fomor of each job[23]
  7. Blue Chest. Kill 6 Demisang in this order of jobs: Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief.[24]
  8. Red Chest. Defeat the Demisang Deleterious, then defeat 3 Fomor.


Entering a basement sector requires a corresponding sheet obtained on the first floor. Diaphanous Bitzers #A~#D exist near the first floor Devices, towards the central elevator area. Each entrance to each basement sector is one-way and a different Diaphanous Bitzer provides an exit route back up to the first floor Bitzer. Basement bitzers spawn in a random subdivision of their sector, and cannot spawn in the smaller 'Reive' rooms on either side of where the gate spawns or in the first room of a basement sector. Sectors F and H have an additional four-quadrant square subdivision connected to their reive to search for the Bitzer (and the roaming miniboss).

Each basement sector has four objectives. One Brown Chest, Two Blue Caskets and a Red Coffer. Floor 2 has its own Aurum Coffer spawn tracked separately from the Floor 1 Aurum Coffer.

Basement enemies have area-wide hate. All party members gain enmity if any other party member gains enmity from a monster. Be careful when exiting basement sectors as any aggressive monsters will turn to party members left behind.

Basement Shards for boss access are dropped from corresponding First Floor bosses.

Area connections
1st Floor Boss Shard Basement Boss
Ghatjot Ra'Kaznar Shard E → Diaphanous Gadget #E Dhartok
Leshonn Ra'Kaznar Shard F → Diaphanous Gadget #F Gartell
Skomora Ra'Kaznar Shard G → Diaphanous Gadget #G Triboulex
Degei Ra'Kaznar Shard H → Diaphanous Gadget #H Aita

Basement Gates and Naakual[]

The second room of each basement sector has a gate in the center of it that closes based on certain conditions. When this happens, 6 naakual spawn on either side of the closed gate. The gate will not open until the party has cleared the conditions for the Red Coffer Each basement sector has a different condition for the Red Coffer, and if the conditions are not met, the Naakual simply respawn after being defeated.

  • The Naakual are not Notorious Monsters, but are level 140 with full access to their abilities, including auras and one-shot/doom/full dispel TP moves. See each sector objective list for Naakual spawn conditions.[25]
  • Recommended accuracy 1500+.

Naakual reward 93 gallimaufry when killed.

Basement blue caskets and red coffers provide gallimaufry and may contain Old Case/+1, Ra'Kaznar Starstone, and Prime Weapon upgrade materials as personal loot. Sector bosses may also drop cases, starstones, and Prime Weapon upgrade materials as personal loot.

The Basement Aurum Coffer[]

Spawns once all second Blue Caskets for each basement sector is spawned. It contains 3,000 gallimaufry and has a chance to contain a Starstone, an Old Case and/or upgrade materials.

Sector E: Amorphs[]

Enemies are level 134~136. Each mob defeated is worth 75~81 gallimaufry. Flans detect by sight and job abilities/weapon skills. Everything else detects by sound.

  • Esurient Flan x15
  • Esurient Slime x17
  • Esurient Slug x17
  • Midboss: Esurient Botulus. Rewards 435 gallimaufry on kill.
  • Sector Boss: Dhartok. Powered up version of Ghatjot. Rewards 10,000 gallimaufry on kill.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Gate/Naakual Spawn: 5 minutes after entry. This timer resets if players leave Sector E.
  2. Brown Chest: (Ra'Kaznar Metal E): Defeat the Esurient Botulus by dealing more than 50% of its health from behind. Note that Skillchain damage is not considered to come from any direction.[26] Slimy Proposal resets hate.
  3. Red Coffer: Kill all Naakual on the party's side of the timed gate.
  4. Blue Casket 1: Kill 15 Flans.
  5. Blue Casket 2: Kill all amorphs in the room containing the Diaphanous Bitzer.

Sector F: Elementals[]

Enemies are level 135-137. Each mob defeated is worth 78-84 gallimaufry. All elementals detect by spellcasting. The Veela detect by sight, sound and link with the Ixion if it targets a player's pet.

  • Fetid Baelfyr x46
  • Fetid Byrgen x14
  • Fetid Gefyrst x16
  • Fetid Ungeweder x14
  • Fetid Veela x10
  • Midboss: Fetid Ixion. Rewards 450 gallimaufry on kill.
  • Sector Boss: Gartell. Rewards 10,000 gallimaufry on kill.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Gate/Naakual Spawn: Exit back to Sector B, then re-enter. One party member is enough.
  2. Brown Chest: (Ra'Kaznar Metal F): Break the Ixion's horn with low damage weapon skills. Its health must be low (<15% tested). Then defeat it.[27]
  3. Red Coffer: Defeat the Naakual in any order.
  4. Blue Casket 1: Wear or lockstyle 5 pieces of your Main Job's Empyrean Armor (reforged or not) and interact with the exit Bitzer. [28]
  5. Blue Casket 2: Defeat all Veela.

Sector G: Undead[]

Enemies are level 136-138. Each mob defeated is worth 81~87 gallimaufry. All enemies detect by low HP. Dullahan furthermore detect by sight and sound. Hounds and the Naraka furthermore detect by sound. Vampyrs furthermore detect by sound.

  • Gyvewrapped Dullahan x19
  • Gyvewrapped Hound x19
  • Gyvewrapped Vampyr x15
  • Midboss: Gyvewrapped Naraka. Rewards 465 gallimaufry on kill.
  • Sector Boss: Triboulex. Rewards 10,000 gallimaufry on kill.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Gate/Naakual Spawn: Defeat all monsters in the gate room. [29]
  2. Brown Chest: (Ra'Kaznar Metal G): Kill the Naraka.
  3. Red Coffer: Defeat the Naakual in their Sheol: Gaol order. Bztavian → Rockfin → Gabbrath → Watzka → Yggdreant → Cehuetzi [30]
  4. Blue Casket 1: Stand near and target the exit Bizter and do absolutely nothing for 30 seconds.
  5. Blue Casket 2: Defeat all Dullahan.

Sector H: Fomor[]

Enemies are level 137~139. Each mob defeated is worth 84~90 gallimaufry. All enemies detect by sight and sound. As with sector D, these are Hydra Corps, non-undead versions of Fomor. They are not susceptible to effects like Holy Circle, Undead Killer or Sepulcher. All fomor link with each other.

  • Haughty Bard x8
  • Haughty Beastmaster x7
  • Haughty Dark Knight x9
  • Haughty Dragoon x10
  • Haughty Ninja x9
  • Haughty Paladin x8
  • Haughty Ranger x9
  • Haughty Samurai x9
  • Midboss: Haughty Tulittia. Rewards 480 gallimaufry on kill.
  • Sector Boss: Aita. Rewards 10,000 gallimaufry on kill.

Objectives Cheat Sheet:

  1. Gate/Naakual Spawn: Defeat one Fomor of each job type (order doesn't matter): Paladin, Dark Knight, Beastmaster, Bard, Ranger, Samurai, Ninja, Dragoon. Clearing the first room in H will meet this requirement.[31]
  2. Brown Chest: (Ra'Kaznar Metal H): Deal more than 50% of the Haughty Tulittia's health by indirect AOE damage, then defeat it.
  3. Red Coffer: Defeat the Naakual in alphabetical order: Bztavian → Cehuetzi → Gabbrath → Rockfin → Watzka → Yggdreant [32]
  4. Blue Casket 1: Exit to D, then re-enter H.
  5. Blue Casket 2: Defeat all Haughty Paladins.

Final Boss: Aminon[]

Main Article: Aminon

Aminon rewards the following when defeated:

Each boss in sectors E~H drops a Fragment, and all four fragments are required to enter the final boss room via Diaphanous Bitzer #? in the far west of Sector E. To obtain the Ra'Kaznar Seal that prevents Bane of Tartarus from instantly killing your party, you must defeat all the basement roaming NMs, then interact with Diaphanous Bitzer #? in Sector E. This spawns a chest containing the Seal.

When entering Aminon's area, a party in possession of at least one Stage 4 Prime Weapon is given two options:

  • "Forward!" Aminon's behavior is as it always was, and Mesodiderite will not drop for players who emerge successful.
  • "To the deepest dark!" Aminon's behavior is set to 'hard mode' (see main article) and Mesosiderite has a chance to drop.

Only the first person who interacts with Diaphanous Bitzer #? is given this option.


Defeated monsters provide Experience/Limit Points, Capacity Points and Exemplar Points. Additionally, gallimaufry is awarded for each monster kill, completed sector objective, and opened chest.

There are no unique drops directly from monsters, although players will still get geodes and seals in their shared treasure pool. All Exclusive rewards (sapphires, starstones, and old cases) are granted as personal loot.

Entering Sortie on a job unlocks the ability to upgrade its corresponding Empyrean +1 gear to +2 with Ruspix. Reforging any piece to +2 costs 10,000 gallimaufry and one Ra'Kaznar Sapphire.

Entering any basement sector on a job grants a 'soul' Key Item that unlocks reforging that job's empyrean armor to +3. Players who entered a basement sector prior to the November 2022 Version Update may interact with the Diaphanous Transposer in Kamihr Drifts to get souls they qualify for.

Ruspix additionally sells the following for gallimaufry.

Old Cases obtained from Red/Aurum Chests, roaming NMs and Bosses can be opened for one unidentified earring for a random job.[33] Using the earring gives you a Job-Specific Earring with random augments.

Prime Weapon Upgrade Materials[]

As further personal spoils, players in possession of Prime Weapons may receive materials required to upgrade from the current stage of their weapon to the next.

Prime Weapon Upgrade Materials
Prime Weapon Held Material Confirmed Sources
Stage One Eikondrite 1st floor bosses
Basement bosses
Red, blue and aurum chests.
Stage Two Octahedrite 1st floor bosses
Basement bosses
Red, blue and aurum chests.
Stage Three Hexahedrite Basement bosses.
Stage Four Mesosiderite Hard Mode Aminon.


  • Doors to boss rooms can occasionally fail to open for individual party members. Get 50 yards away from it to force a client-side reload.

Version Update History[]

  • August 2022. Added to the game.
  • October 2022. Second floor added, 8th objective added to each first floor area. Timers to defeat bhoot in C for red coffer increased. Sector A chest objectives simplified.
  • February 2023. Third instance area added. Auto-Transport option restored.
  • May 24, 2023. Gallimaufry cap raised for players who complete all Voracious Resurgence Missions. New Prime Weapon upgrade materials added to personal spoils if players are holding the correct stage Prime Weapon. Unspecified boss behavioral changes if players are holding Stage 3 or higher Prime Weapons.
  • September 11, 2023. Stage 4 Prime Weapon effects changed. E, F, G, and H bosses no longer have hard modes. Parties with Stage 4 Prime Weapons now have the option to toggle Aminon's hard mode.


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