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{| border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"
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|- BGCOLOR="#ffdead"
! Sealed Container || Effect on nation's [[Campaign]] || [[Splitting Heirs]] {{Verification}} Key item || Dropped From
! Sealed Container || Effect on nation's [[Campaign]] || Key item || Dropped From
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|- BGCOLOR="#ffd9d9"
|align="center"|[[Oak Strongbox]]
|align="center"|[[Oak Strongbox]]

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Sealed containers can be turned in to a representative in each of the three nations in the Shadowreign. Each container will aid the nation's war effort and the player who turned in the container will be provided with a Key Item. Eight such key items gained from one dungeon will be needed to enter a special BCNM. The NPCs a Sealed Container can be given to are:

Castle Oztroja (S)

Sealed Container Effect on Nation's Campaign Key item Dropped From
Bamboo Tea Basket Increases Morale Qmark Asterion
Bamboo Grass Basket Increases Funds Qmark Dee Zelko the Esoteric
Bamboo Snakecage Increases Prosperity Qmark Duu Nazo the Spryfooted
Bamboo Flower Basket Increases Reconnaissance Qmark Fleshgnasher
Bamboo Birdcage Increases Skill Hablo's Eclogue - Verse V Vee Ladu the Titterer
Bamboo Charcoal Basket Increases Production Qmark Maa Illmu the Bestower
Bamboo Medicine Basket Increases Resources Qmark Marquis Forneus
Bamboo Bugcage Increases Supplies Qmark Suu Xicu the Cantabile

Beadeaux (S)

Sealed Container Effect on nation's Campaign Key item Dropped From
Iron Letterbox Increases Production Qmark Blifnix Oilycheeks

Brass Letterbox Increases Resources Qmark Bres

Shakudo Letterbox Increases Supplies Qmark Di'Zho Spongeshell

Bronze Letterbox Increases Funds Qmark Ga'Lhu Nevermolt
Pig Iron Letterbox Increases Skill Qmark Mu'Nhi Thimbletail
Paktong Letterbox Increases Reconnaissance Qmark Observant Zekka
Wrought Iron Letterbox Increases Prosperity Qmark Ra'Dha Scarscute
Cast Iron Letterbox Increases Morale Qmark Va'Gho Bloodbasked

La Vaule (S)

Sealed Container Effect on nation's Campaign Key item Dropped From
Oak Strongbox Increases Production Qmark Agrios
Evergreen Strongbox Increases Reconnaissance Qmark All-Seeing Onyx Eye
Holly Strongbox Increases Skill Qmark Cogtooth Skagnogg
Maple Strongbox Increases Funds Qmark Coinbiter Cjaknokk
Magnolia Strongbox Increases Resources Qmark Draketrader Zlodgodd
Elm Strongbox Increases Morale Qmark Falsespinner Bhudbrodd
Beech Strongbox Increases Supplies Qmark Feeblescheme Bhogbigg
Willow Strongbox Increases Prosperity Qmark Rugaroo

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