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San d'Orian Architecture ~ SouthernNorthernPortChateau d'Oraguille

Home to the proud Elvaan warriors, the City of San d'Oria shows its heritage in the royal bloodlines and military ranks that have shaped and formed it. Sharply defined structures, rigid lines and contours, cleanliness of aspect, these all lend themselves to the castellations, towers and spires that form the San d'Orian skyline. The city is divided into 4 areas:

Beginning with Southern San d'Oria which is in effect the outer courtyard of the castle. Here we find the Auction House which sits between the East and West gates. There are several houses and shops and this is also the home to the circus when San d'Oria is in first place.

The inner courtyard of the 'castle' is Northern San d'Oria which is where we find the striking Cathedral, the imposing Chateau d'Oraguille, as well as the Consulates of Jeuno, Bastok and Windurst.

Travelling through the quasi-industrial area to the north, which houses both guilds and shops, we find the entrance to Port San d'Oria. This is the main docks for the Airships as well as warehouses, shops and restaurants.

The main center of Government, the San d'Orian Royal Family, are housed in Chateau d'Oraguille. This impressive palace boasts gardens, large spacious rooms, well appointed furnishings, a spooky dungeon and more!

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