These missions are available only to those currently with allegiance to San d'Oria.

Note: Unlike expansion missions, most of these missions require rank points to undertake. All missions will award some rank points upon completion, but trading crystals is often helpful in unlocking additional missions.


Rank Title Type* Reward
Rank 1 1. Smash the Orcish Scouts Repeat/Fight None
2. Bat Hunt Repeat/Fight None
3. Save the Children Repeat/Battlefield Rank 2, 1,000 gil, access to Chateau d'Oraguille
Rank 2 1. The Rescue Drill Quest None
2. The Davoi Report Repeat/Quest None
3. Journey Abroad Battlefield Rank 3, Adventurer's Certificate, 3,000 gil
Rank 3 1. Infiltrate Davoi Repeat None
2. The Crystal Spring Repeat/Quest None
3. Appointment to Jeuno Fight Rank 4, 5,000 gil
Rank 4 1. Magicite (San d'Oria) Quest Rank 5, Airship pass (or 20,000 gil), 10,000 gil
Rank 5 1. The Ruins of Fei'Yin Battlefield None
2. The Shadow Lord Battlefield Rank 6, unlock Zilart missions & Dynamis, 20,000 gil
Rank 6 1. Leaute's Last Wishes Fight None
2. Ranperre's Final Rest Fight Rank 7, 40,000 gil
Rank 7 1. Prestige of the Papsque Fight None
2. The Secret Weapon Battlefield Rank 8, 60,000 gil
Rank 8 1. Coming of Age Fight None
2. Lightbringer Fight Rank 9, 80,000 gil
Rank 9 1. Breaking Barriers Fight None
2. The Heir to the Light Battlefield Rank 10, 100,000 gil, San d'Orian Flag, ability to purchase Key ItemAtma of the Heir


  • Quest is an assignment to go somewhere (possibly dangerous) for a cutscene or to retrieve/deliver an item, but no fighting required.
  • Fight requires you to fight a Notorious Monster. Usually open to outside help.
  • Battlefield requires qualified party members to fight Notorious Monster(s) within a battlefield instance.
  • JPM This mission has a wait till Japanese Midnight contained within.



The fortress city of San d'Oria lies to the north of the great continent of Quon. The beating heart of an ancient kingdom, it is home to a thousand legends past. But now, her reign of glory is but a memory, Heroese raise shining swords to the heavens no more.

The sun has set on the kingdom of knights. An old lion, never to rise again... Thus do some dismiss her now. Yet young Elvaan knights still venture proudly into the wilds of Vana'diel determined to triumph over any foe.

On this particular day there comes a new adventurer, ready to make a name for himself/herself in San d'Oria. The king wishes to bolster his ranks and <name> has journeyed far to answer the call. Should fortune favor him/her, bards across the land will sing of his/her exploits for generations to come.

Of course. he has only begun his rise to glory. No one can tell what his future holds. Never before has he/she set foot within the Elvaan capital, but he/she is resolved to let nothing stand in his/her way.

Arrival in San d'Oria #1
Avandale : I say! Watch where you're going!
Avandale : Oh, a new recruit, are you? That explains it!
Avandale : Well, far be it from me to chastise someone on his first day. Still, as a citizen of San d'Oria, you--
Trion : Ah, Avandale! What are you doing there?
Avandale : Prince Trion, I was explaining to this recuit here about what it means to be a proud citizen of San d'Oria!
Trion : A new recruit? Strengthen your sword arm and your stature as a knight. Thus will you best serve the glory of our great kingdom.
Pieuje : San d'Oria has more than enough soldiers already, brother. Speaking of which should you not be training them, instead of bothering new recruits with talk of war?
Trion : You are too bold!
Claidie: Really, Pieuje! Is that any way to speak to your brother?
Pieuje : I've said the truth, nothing more. The ranks of our armies could swell to bursting, and victory would still be far.
Trion : It is your head that is swollen, brother. With enough numbers, we could crush the beastmen! And without having to resort to your misguided tactics!
Pieuje : My tactics, misguided? Oh, that is rich! Tell me of the tactics that lost an entire company in Batallia Downs the other day?
Trion : It's good you're so fond of talking, as I've never seen you wield a sword! Better to shout orders from the rear than reveal your ineptitude in actual combat!
Claidie : Stop your quarreling, both of you!
Claidie : A divided leadership only creates unrest among the people, soldier and civilian alike. Surely you are both aware of this?
Trion : Oh, I suppose. I warn you, Pieuje, talk to me that way again and I won't be so forgiving.
Pieuje : Good old Trion. Threats of violence are his only recourse when a conversation does not go his way. Like a child, he is!
Claidie : They are both like children, quick to insult and quicker to take offense! Really...
Claidie : I must apologize for that. But ours is truly a great kingdom, and I expect you to further her glory.
Avandale : Those two are a handful, but they truly are the closest of brothers.
Avandale : Perhaps I could be of service. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?
Avandale : Here, take this. It's an Adventurer Coupon. Give it to Teilsa in front of the home point. She'll help you out.
Avandale : To give items to others, select "Trade" from the main menu. Don't you forget it!

Arrival in San d'Oria #2
Ceraule : I say! Watch where you’re going
Ceraule : Oh, a new recruit, are you? That explains it!
Ceraule : Well, far be it from me to chastise someone on his first day. Still, as a citizen of San d’Oria you—
Ceraule : Wait, the expedition has returned.
Ceraule : Halt! I must inspect your ranks for infiltrators.
Antreneau : Oh, let us through. We are exhausted!
Ceraule :: Still I must check for infiltrators. As a Temple Knight, I am responsible for the safety of the citadel. You Royal Knights must cooperate.
Maunadolace  : Is this how you thank us, treating us like criminals!
Aramaviont  : You Temple Knights have it easy, safe inside these walls. We have no time for your games!
Ceraule : How dare you!
Curilla : What is going on here?
Ceraule : Lady Curilla! These Royal Knights refuse to verify their identities.
Curilla : Welcome back, Royal Knights. You must be weary. After reporting to Prince Trion, shed your armor and see your families. Long have they waited for you.
Antreneau : Yes, Lady Curilla!
Antreneau : Royal Knights, forward!
Curilla : Those knights are back from a dangerous mission. Remember that sometimes rules can be bent.
Curilla : Take pride in your duties, and do not mind the trivial. Remember, we are the face of San d’Oria!
Ceraule : Yes, madam!
Curilla : And to the new recruit, I say this: The glory of San d’Oria depends upon each and every citizen! Good luck!
Rahal : General Curilla, bravo. You are gifted with much sympathy.
Rahal : Without your Temple Knights, we Royal Knights could not patrol the wilderness. Your order is a sturdy pillar upon which we rest.
Curilla : We are not your servants Rahal. But tell me how fared your patrol.
Rahal : You seem drawn to the world outside, Curilla. Perhaps you find this fortress too constraining?
Curilla : None of your business. But your troops did look weary. Did you make any progress against the enemy?
Rahal : No, it is ever the same. No one can tell what the Orcs may do next. And always must I struggle with two chains of command.
Rahal : You know, Prince Trion and Prince Pieuje. I see the wisdom in both their strategies, but--
Curilla : Rahal, we needn’t discuss this before the recruit. Shall we walk to the castle?
Rahal : It would be an honor! Let us enjoy a bottle of 812 Rolanberry in the warmth of my chamber.
Curilla : Well, I prefer the strategy council room. I shall make Batallia tea should you thirst.
Rahal : Hah! Ever the same, I see.
Ceraule : That was General Curilla of the Temple Knights. Her order watches over the city and protects Chateau d’Oraguille.
Ceraule : Rahal’s Royal Knights, on the other hand, spy on our enemies and battle fiends.
Ceraule : With such disparate duties, the two orders maintain a tense rivalry.
Ceraule : Perhaps I could be of service. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know?
Ceraule : Here, take this adventurer coupon. Give it to Ailevia in Victory Square. I’ll show you where she is on your map.
Ceraule : To give items to others, select “Trade” from the main menu. Don’t you forget it!

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