The massive stone blade that adorns this shark-like creature's head is harder than any metal and does an ample job proving just how ghastly this beast is.

Tchakka trawls the waters of Foret de Hennetiel in constant search of prey while maintaining a tight grip upon the local aquan populace, which reveres the rockfin as their leader.

More than proficient at manipulating its underwater habitat, Tchakka can instantaneously envelop transgressors in a thousand flashes of blinding light and cleave their flesh clean off with one stroke of its aquatic cutlass, thus ensuring the safety of the forest.

Should adventurers endeavor to turn the tide of battle against this monolithic beast, they would most certainly have to tread carefully in this riverbed sabre dance.

Family Information
Type: Aquans
Common Behavior: A, L, T(H)
Weak against: Lightning
Strong against: Qmark
Immune to: Qmark
Charmable: Eks
Pankration: Eks
Aspir: Qmark
Drain: Qmark

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Seekers of Adoulin Areas
Qmark CheckCheck
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Zone Notable Drop(s)
Tchakka Spawned by KeyItemCompass of transference purchased from Dimmian in Eastern Adoulin (E-6) for 100,000 bayld. Foret de Hennetiel

Suijingiri Kanemitsu
Chocaliztli Mask
Chocaliztli Boots
KeyItemAged Riptide Naakual crest

Dakuwaqa Spawns when entering from (E-7) Foret de Hennetiel Veil. Must defeat all other tiers of NMs to spawn Dakuwaqa. Cirdas Caverns (U)

Whirlpool Mask
Whirlpool Greaves
Sangoma Ring
Eddy Necklace
Rockfin Fin
Rockfin Tooth
Airlixir +1
Airlixir +2
KeyItemCraggy fin

Quest NMs: None

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: None

Other NMs: None

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Qmark Qmark Qmark

All items (2)

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