These missions are accessible after attaining Rank 6 in your home nation and with the installation of the Rise of the Zilart expansion pack.

As of the July 2023 Version Update, adventurers are given a choice whether or not to begin The New Frontier. This will record the mission To Commence RotZ in their log. To advance, interact with the Tales' Beginning at Norg (H-9) to progress this mission line.

Zilart Mission No. Title Type* Reward
01 The New Frontier Cutscene Map of Norg
02 Welcome t'Norg Cutscene None
03 Kazham's Chieftainess Quest Sacrificial Chamber Key
04 The Temple of Uggalepih Battlefield Dark Fragment
05 Headstone Pilgrimage Fight None
06 Through the Quicksand Caves Battlefield None
07 The Chamber of Oracles Quest Prismatic Fragment
08 Return to Delkfutt's Tower Battlefield None
09 Ro'Maeve Quest None
10 The Temple of Desolation Quest None
11 The Hall of the Gods Cutscene None
12 The Mithra and the Crystal Fight Cerulean Crystal
13 The Gate of the Gods Cutscene Access to Tu'Lia
14 Ark Angels (or Divine Might[1]) Battlefield None
15 The Sealed Shrine Cutscene None
16 The Celestial Nexus Battlefield None
17 Awakening Cutscene Access to Shadows of the Departed[2]

Ability to purchase Key ItemAtma of Illusions

18 The Last Verse Conclusion


  • Cutscene is a single cutscene or multiple cutscenes in town.
  • Quest is an assignment to go somewhere (possibly dangerous) for a cutscene or to retrieve/deliver an item, but no fighting required.
  • Fight requires you to fight a Notorious Monster.
  • Battlefield requires you to fight a single or multiple Notorious Monsters within a Battlefield.


  1. This quest will also clear ZM14.
  2. Requires Chains of Promathia missions and Storms of Fate completed.

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