Adventurers may aid the Resistance by undertaking special quests to increase Bastion defenses, which in turn, serves to make Bastion a more lucrative experience for its participants. Speak to the Resistance Sapper NPC (located near Conflux #00 in each zone) to register for these operations, for which you will be rewarded in Cruor, Resistance Credits of varying amounts, and possibly Empyrean Armor Seals upon successful completion.

  • Ward Warden: This series of quests increase the defense of the Pulse Martello and create or increase the defenses of the Clone Wards that protect it.
  • Desert Rain: These operations provide a defensive and offensive boost to the Bastion NPCs who aid in battle.
  • Crimson Carpet: These operations boost the Fore and Rear Traps that serve to hinder the enemy attack in various ways, such as slowing their approach or causing a status ailment.

After reporting successful completion of an operation to the Resistance Sapper, you will have to wait until the next Vana'diel day before being allowed to undertake another.

  • Please be warned that changing areas, logging out, or disconnecting while an operation is in progress will result in the mission being abandoned and all related key items being lost.
  • Resistance Operations may not be undertaken or completed while you have the Pennant status in effect.
    • However, it is possible to undertake an operation, then receive Pennant, proceed with the objectives and report after the Pennant status is removed.
    • This is not possible for operations that require interaction with NPCs (possibly other ones too, like the crates, only tested Crimson Carpet I for now).
  • Resistance Operations DO increase fame within the specific Abyssea area.
  • You may undertake another resistance op the same Vana'diel day only if the previous resistance operation failed, or did not generate any Cruor or Resistance Credit.

Resistance Ops

Abyssea - Misareaux Abyssea - Vunkerl Abyssea - Attohwa
Ward Warden I (Misareaux) Ward Warden I (Vunkerl) Ward Warden I (Attohwa)
Ward Warden II (Misareaux) Ward Warden II (Vunkerl) Ward Warden II (Attohwa)
Desert Rain I (Misareaux) Desert Rain I (Vunkerl) Desert Rain I (Attohwa)
Desert Rain II (Misareaux) Desert Rain II (Vunkerl) Desert Rain II (Attohwa)
Crimson Carpet I (Misareaux) Crimson Carpet I (Vunkerl) Crimson Carpet I (Attohwa)
Crimson Carpet II (Misareaux) Crimson Carpet II (Vunkerl) Crimson Carpet II (Attohwa)

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