Relic Accessories are compliments to the Relic Armor sets, and were introduced to FFXI in the December 12-13, 2005 version update along with the new Dreamworld Dynamis areas. These Level 70 Waist and Back items offer rare bonuses to each job which are often unparalleled or incomparable to other items in the same item slot.

Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim

Obtaining Relic Accessories

Each of these items can be found in two of the three starter Dreamworld Dynamis areas: Dynamis - Buburimu, Dynamis - Valkurm, and Dynamis - Qufim. They are dropped by Nightmare Monsters, which have different spawn conditions depending on the particular monster or area. They are rare much like Relic Armor, but having ample knowledge and understanding of how to obtain them vastly increases the chances of discovering them, since it is widely accepted that certain accessories can be found only on certain Nightmare Monsters.

Dynamis - Valkurm Relic Accessories

These Nightmare Monsters appear at the very beginning of the zone and drop either one group of Relic Accessories or the other:

Monsters Drops
  • None

Dynamis - Buburimu Relic Accessories

These Nightmare Monsters, which appear after the Apocalyptic Beast is defeated, each drop two types of Relic Accessories and no others. For each monster type, one of the two drops is more common/rare; and the reverse for the other monster type with the same drops. The drop is listed across from the monster which drops it most commonly. Example: Dhalmels and Crawlers drop both the Warrior's Stone and the Abyss Cape, but the former drops most commonly from the Crawlers and the latter most commonly from the Dhalmels. Note that the items for the new jobs drop in their own slot, and follow the same pattern independently of the other item drops.

Monsters Drops

Dynamis - Qufim Relic Accessories

These Nightmare Monsters drop from one group of accessories or another, much like those in Dynamis - Valkurm. Nightmare Stirge, Nightmare Snoll, and Nightmare Roc are available at the start; the others spawn when Antaeus is defeated.

Monsters Drops

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