Start NPC Aurix - Ru'Lude Gardens (G-8)
Requirements Have entered a Dynamis-Divergence on the job for the slot to reforge.
Items Needed Equipment shards
Delve Megaboss materials
high level Guild crafting materials
Repeatable Yes
Reward Item level 119 Reforged Relic Armor +2
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Reforged Relic Armor +1 Reforged Relic Armor +3

Aurix will offer to reforge armor in exchange for requested materials, not unlike Monisette. The key difference is that players may only reforge armor after having entered Dynamis - Divergence zones while on the job for the equipment, and each zone unlocks specific armor slots to reforge.

  • Dynamis San d'Oria (D) - Feet
  • Dynamis Bastok (D) - Hands
  • Dynamis Windurst (D) - Head
  • Dynamis Jeuno (D) - Legs
  • All four zones - Body

Similar to Monisette, Aurix will require slot-specific materials for the job.

Each reforged piece will require two Job and Slot specific Shards, which drop from regular and notorious monsters in the Wave 1 spawn of Dynamis - Divergence. These can be sold and traded at the Auction House.

Once the requirements are met and the materiasl are traded, Aurix will return your reforged +2 piece to you the next Vana'diel day.

Warrior: Agoge Lorica +2 Set

Monk: Hesychast's Cyclas +2 Set

White Mage: Piety Briault +2 Set

Black Mage: Archmage's Coat +2 Set

Red Mage: Vitiation Tabard +2 Set

Thief: Plunderer's Vest +2 Set

Paladin: Caballarius Surcoat +2 Set

Dark Knight: Fallen's Cuirass +2 Set

Beastmaster: Ankusa Jackcoat +2 Set

Bard: Bihu Justaucorps +2 Set

Ranger: Arcadian Jerkin +2 Set

Samurai: Sakonji Domaru +2 Set

Ninja: Mochizuki Chainmail +2 Set

Dragoon: Pteroslaver Mail +2 Set

Summoner: Glyphic Doublet +2 Set

Blue Mage: Luhlaza Jubbah +2 Set

Corsair: Lanun Frac +2 Set

Puppetmaster: Pitre Tobe +2 Set

Dancer: Horos Casaque +2 Set

Scholar: Pedagogy Gown +2 Set

Rune Fencer: Futhark Coat +2 Set

Geomancer: Bagua Tunic +2 Set

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