Start NPC Coelestrox - Reisenjima (?-?
Requirements Key ItemPhoenix's blessing,
Key ItemScintillating Rhapsody
Items Needed Reforged Artifact Armor +2
Omen Boss Scales
High Level Synthesis Materials
Job-specific Paragon Cards
(See below for details)
Repeatable Yes
Reward Item level 119 Reforged Artifact Armor +3
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Reforged Artifact Armor +2 None

Requirements for Reforging to +3

  • Defeat any Omen midboss
  • Defeat a specific number of Sweetwater and Transcended foes within Omen.

Cleaing either requirement grants the Key ItemDistorted fragment.

Reforging Artifact Armor to +3 is a two-step process:

  1. Coelestrox will request that you trade your +2 armor, a requisite amount of Paragon Cards, and an Omen boss scale depending on the Job. They will also charge a fee of 200 Escha Beads. The next step will be available the next game day. You can choose to rush the order for a cost of 10,000 Escha Beads, making the next step available immediately.
  2. Coelestrox will further require a handful of crafted materials that use the 1 million gil raw materials available at guild shops, as well as another fee of 300 Escha Beads. Your completed piece will be ready the next game day. You can choose to rush the order for a cost of 15,000 Escha Beads, making your armor available immediately.

All Reforged Artifact Armor +3 can be stored with a Porter Moogle using Storage Slip 25.

Required Materials

Step 1 Step 2
Slot Job Cards Omen Endboss Scales Escha Beads Fee (Normal/Rush) Crafted Materials Escha Beads Fee (Normal/Rush)
Head 40 1 200 (Normal)
10,000 (Rush)
300 (Normal)
15,000 (Rush)
Body 50 300 (Normal)
15,000 (Rush)
Hands 35 300 (Normal)
15,000 (Rush)
Legs 45 300 (Normal)
15,000 (Rush)
Feet 30 300 (Normal)
15,000 (Rush)
Totals 200 5 1,000 (Normal)
50,000 (Rush)
1,500 (Normal)
75,000 (Rush)

Set Bonuses

Reforged Artifact Armor +3 confers Set Bonuses that increase Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy and Magic Accuracy. These bonuses activate while wearing a combination of two or more pieces of Reforged Artifact Armor +2, pieces of Reforged Artifact Armor +3 or specific pieces of Regal accessory equipment obtained from Ou, the final boss of Omen. A maximum of 6 pieces can contribute to the bonuses as listed below:

Job-Specific Requirements

Job +2 Reforged Set +3 Reforged Set Job Cards Scale
Warrior Pummeler's Armor +2 Set Pummeler's Armor +3 Set Paragon WAR Card Kin's Scale
Monk Anchorite's Attire +2 Set Anchorite's Attire +3 Set Paragon MNK Card Kin's Scale
White Mage Theophany Attire +2 Set Theophany Attire +3 Set Paragon WHM Card Kei's Scale
Black Mage Spaekona's Attire +2 Set Spaekona's Attire +3 Set Paragon BLM Card Kei's Scale
Red Mage Atrophy Attire +2 Set Atrophy Attire +3 Set Paragon RDM Card Kei's Scale
Thief Pillager's Attire +2 Set Pillager's Attire +3 Set Paragon THF Card Gin's Scale
Paladin Reverence Armor +2 Set Reverence Armor +3 Set Paragon PLD Card Kin's Scale
Dark Knight Ignominy Armor +2 Set Ignominy Armor +3 Set Paragon DRK Card Kin's Scale
Beastmaster Totemic Attire +2 Set Totemic Attire +3 Set Paragon BST Card Fu's Scale
Bard Brioso Attire +2 Set Brioso Attire +3 Set Paragon BRD Card Kyou's Scale
Ranger Orion Attire +2 Set Orion Attire +3 Set Paragon RNG Card Kyou's Scale
Samurai Wakido Armor +2 Set Wakido Armor +3 Set Paragon SAM Card Kin's Scale
Ninja Hachiya Garb +2 Set Hachiya Garb +3 Set Paragon NIN Card Gin's Scale
Dragoon Vishap Armor +2 Set Vishap Armor +3 Set Paragon DRG Card Fu's Scale
Summoner Convoker's Attire +2 Set Convoker's Attire +3 Set Paragon SMN Card Fu's Scale
Blue Mage Assimilator's Attire +2 Set Assimilator's Attire +3 Set Paragon BLU Card Kei's Scale
Corsair Laksamana's Attire +2 Set Laksamana's Attire +3 Set Paragon COR Card Kyou's Scale
Puppetmaster Foire Attire +2 Set Foire Attire +3 Set Paragon PUP Card Fu's Scale
Dancer Maxixi Attire +2 Set Maxixi Attire +3 Set Paragon DNC Card Gin's Scale
Scholar Academic's Attire +2 Set Academic's Attire +3 Set Paragon SCH Card Kei's Scale
Geomancer Geomancy Attire +2 Set Geomancy Attire +3 Set Paragon GEO Card Kyou's Scale
Rune Fencer Runeist's Attire +2 Set Runeist's Attire +3 Set Paragon RUN Card Gin's Scale

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