These diminutive beastmen reside together with the civilized races of Vana'diel. Most Qiqirn make their home in a city located in the heart of the Aht Urhgan Empire's western half. They tend to have an easygoing and cheerful personality, but have difficulty speaking the common language due to their unusual vocal cords. Even so, it is not uncommon to hire a Qiqirn as a shop or guild assistant, thanks to their reliability and surprisingly quick wits. Some Qiqirn have even made use of their sharp sense of smell to become extremely wealthy in the production of fragrances. According to their oral tradition, the ancestors of the Qiqirn lived a nomadic life in the northern lands. Even today, remnants of the Qiqirn's ancient lifestyle may be seen in their unique customs, such as their sheep-led wagon homes, their leather clothing, and their habit of carrying their valuables with them at all times.

The Qiqirn will exhibit a number of seeming strange behaviors depending on their job. Qiqirn rangers will fight as normal for a short period of time when engaged, and then run away and seek the assistance of its peers, who will then attack. Qiqirn thieves will run away when you engage them in combat, dropping Qiqirn bombs behind them which explode on contact and cause fire damage. The bombs can be destroyed by magic or ranged attack. Certain Qiqirn black mages will run around and cast high level black magic until, after a while, they cast Warp. It is currently unknown if this is exclusive to Qiqirn Astrologers (found in the Arrapago Remnants) or whether it is a behaviour that will be repeated for other Qiqirn black mages.

Family Information
Type: Beastmen
Common Behavior: S, Sc
Weak against: Trans Wind
Common Job(s): Ranger
Uncommon Job(s): Black Mage
Charmable: Eks
Pankration: Eks
Aspir: Check (Mage jobs only)
Drain: Check

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Aht Urhgan Areas
Faze: Single-target Terror CheckCheck
Kibosh: Single-target Amnesia CheckCheck
Sandspray: Cone Attack Blindness CheckCheck
Cutpurse: Randomly unequip a single piece of armor or weapon on a single target CheckCheck
Deadeye: Lowers the defense and magical defense of enemies within range. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters. CheckCheck
Strap Cutter: Removes and disables several random equipment slots for a period of time. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters. CheckCheck
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Bluestreak Gyugyuroon Lottery Spawn in the areas (I-9), (J-8), & (J-9) from Qiqirn Archaeologists 82 Aydeewa Subterrane Qiqirn Collar
Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon Forced spawn by trading a Rodent Cheese to the ??? at (F-8/9). Qmark Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Armadillo Cuisses
Beast Slayer
Gigiroon's Cape
Cookieduster Lipiroon Lottery SpawnExclamation from the Qiqirn in NW room Qmark Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Lyft Crossbow

Quest NMs: None

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: None

Salvage NMs: Qiqirn, Qiqirn Astrologer, Qiqirn Treasure Hunter, Seafarer Piliproon

Nyzul Isle NMs: Gem Heister Roorooroon, Quick Draw Sasaroon, Stealth Bomber Gagaroon

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Qiqirn Mireguide 67-69 Caedarva Mire
Qiqirn Rock Hound 67-69 Caedarva Mire
Qiqirn Enterpriser 68-70 Aydeewa Subterrane
Qiqirn Lieuter 68-70 Aydeewa Subterrane
Qiqirn Mercenary 71-73 Halvung
Qiqirn Diamantaire 72-73 Halvung
Qiqirn Archaeologist 73-75 Aydeewa Subterrane
Qiqirn Mosstrooper 73-75 Aydeewa Subterrane
Qiqirn Goldsmith 76-77 Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
77 Mamook
Qiqirn Poulterer 75-77 Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
77 Mamook
Qiqirn Trailer 77 Arrapago Reef
Qiqirn Treasure Hunter 77 Arrapago Reef
Qiqirn Ceramist varies Lebros Cavern - Excavation Duty
Qiqirn Eggler varies Lebros Cavern - Egg Conservation
Qiqirn Miner varies Leujaoam Sanctum - Orichalcum Survey
varies Periqia - Defuse the Threat
Qiqirn Pecheur varies Ilrusi Atoll - Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
Qiqirn Volcanist varies Lebros Cavern - Excavation Duty

Historical Background

In Native American mythology (specifically Inuit), the Qiqirn is a large, hairless dog spirit. It does have some hair, but only on its feet, ears, around its mouth, and on the tip of its tail. It is frightening, but it is also afraid of human beings. Merely mentioning its name would cause it to run away, thus, it is very flighty.

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