Pulse Cells are obtained from high-end Voidwatch operations as an alternate path towards obtaining certain pieces of Pulse Panoplia. Ardrick in Jugner Forest (I-8) requires 5 of the same Pulse Cell to reward the corresponding item. Pulse Cells drop from specific encounters that also drop the desired piece of Pulse Panoplia, and players wishing to exchange Cells for equipment must have already acquired the title from the corresponding NM.

Pulse Cells may be traded between players and sold at the Auction house under the Others >> Misc. category.

Cell Name Item NM
03840.png Pulse Cell: Mx 11855.png Mextli Harness RareExclusive Hahava
03841.png Pulse Cell: An 11856.png Anhur Robe RareExclusive Celaeno
03842.png Pulse Cell: Fa 11857.png Fazheluo Radiant Mail RareExclusive Voidwrought
03843.png Pulse Cell: To 11866.png Toci's Harness RareExclusive Pil
03844.png Pulse Cell: He 11867.png Heka's Kalasiris RareExclusive Akvan
03850.png Pulse Cell: Mk 11868.png Mekira Meikogai RareExclusive Kaggen
03846.png Pulse Cell: Bo 19174.png Borealis RareExclusive Ig-Alima
03847.png Pulse Cell: As 19145.png Asteria RareExclusive Botulus Rex
03848.png Pulse Cell: Ep 18904.png Ephemeron RareExclusive Aello
03849.png Pulse Cell: Mu 18457.png Murasamemaru RareExclusive Uptala
03850.png Pulse Cell: Co 19144.png Coruscanti RareExclusive Qilin
03851.png Pulse Cell: De 19794.png Delphinius RareExclusive Bismarck
03852.png Pulse Cell: Ay 18542.png Aytanri RareExclusive Morta

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