General Information

Pet commands are used to control the player's pet if he/she currently has one. The Pet Commands list can be found in the menu via Commands -> Abilities -> Pet commands; Summoners have an additional pet command sub menu when they select the pet command Blood Pact. Pet commands are only accessible when you currently have an active pet. They are gained when the pet is summoned and lost when it is dismissed or defeated. They also only appear if the pet summoned matches the job/subjob that uses that particular pet, e.g. A Summoner will not see his/her usual pet commands if the Summoner's support job is Beastmaster and is controlling a charmed monster (but will see the Beastmaster pet commands instead.)


The following jobs have pet commands: Beastmaster, Summoner, Puppetmaster, and Dragoon (Dismiss only).

Bards have the ability to aquire a pet with the song Maiden's Virelai, but will not have access to any pet commands unless Beastmaster is set as the Support Job.

Making Macros

/pet "Command Name" <t> (or <me>) e.g. /pet "Assault" <t> , /pet "Retreat" <me> ; use <me> for commands not used with an enemy target.

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