Orcish Warmachines
These warmachines are built by the Orcs as mobile fortresses in their many battles. Based on magically propelled tanks built by the Kindred during the Crystal War, these imitations have to be manually moved through the rider's sheer strength. However, despite the crude design, the warmachines are truly a force to be reckoned with and remain one of the biggest threats to San d'Orian security.

While not known for providing successful adventurers much in the way of rewards, drops of guns and boomerangs have been reported.

Family Information
Type: Beastmen
Common Behavior: A, L, S, Sc
Weak against: Water Water
Common Job(s): Warrior
Charmable: Eks.gif
Pankration: Eks.gif
Aspir: Eks.gif
Drain: Susceptible to Drain
Notes: Links with Orcs and vice versa.

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Original and Zilart Areas Promathia Areas Wings of the Goddess Areas
Blastbomb - Radial AoE Fire damage centered on the target and Bind. Ignores shadows. CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Burst - Damage varies with TP CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Fire Arrow - Single target Fire damage CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Firebomb - Conal attack Fire damage. Ignores Shadows. CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Fountain - Conic Water damage. Ignores Shadows. CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif CheckCheck.gif
Scatter Shell - Radial AoE Fire(?) damage centered on the target. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters. XEks.gif XEks.gif CheckCheck.gif
Sticky Grenade - Deals damage and Weight. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters. XEks.gif XEks.gif CheckCheck.gif
Tear Grenade - Deals damage and causes Silence & Blind. Only used by certain Notorious Monsters. XEks.gif XEks.gif CheckCheck.gif
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Cogtooth Skagnogg Timed Spawn every 2 to 6 hours at (I-9). 83 La Vaule (S) Holly Strongbox
Llwyd's Clogs
Orcish Panzer Spawns around (G-8) to (H-8) on the upper level, approximately every 60-70 minutes. 20-21 Fort Ghelsba After this NM is defeated, there is a chance of Chariotbuster Byakzak spawning
Kegpaunch Doshgnosh Spawns around (H-9) to (H-10), approximately every hour. Unknown Fort Ghelsba Frugal Cape

Quest NMs: None

Mission NMs: Death Clan Destroyer, Reaper Clan Warmachine, Wolf Clan Warmachine

Battlefield NMs: Orcish Onager

Other NMs: Jagidbod's Warmachine (Campaign)

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Orcish Stonelauncher 8-10 Ghelsba Outpost
37-40 Lufaise Meadows
43-46 Misareaux Coast
Orcish Wallbreacher 15-16 Ghelsba Outpost
Orcish Barricader 17-18 Ghelsba Outpost
Orcish Flamethrower 16-18 Fort Ghelsba
Orcish Firebelcher 39-42 Davoi
83+ La Vaule (S)

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