2020 March Odyssey

Odyssey is battle content for parties up to 6 players introduced in the March 2020 Version Update. Players will explore a multi-tiered area and fight monsters to earn materials used to upgrade equipment earned from Unity Concord wanted battles.

Odyssey Basics[]

Examine the ??? in Rabao (G-6) (near Home Point #2) to speak with a Pilgrim Moogle, who will offer various explanations about Odyssey and provide players with the required Key ItemMoglophone entry item. Players may obtain a moglophone once every 20 Earth hours. All players who wish to participate in Odyssey must have a moglphone. Sheol B may only be entered by players who have completed the Records of Eminence objective Sheol A. Sheol C may only be entered by players who complete the RoE objective for Sheol B.

While in possession of a moglophone, interact with the Veridical Conflux at Rabao (G-6) to select your battlefield and be assigned a number placed in a queue. A system message will inform the party leader when the battlefield is ready to enter. Interacting with the conflux again transports all party members into Odyssey. Party leaders may also enable auto-transport into Odyssey, much like with Ambuscade.

Leaving Odyssey[]

Upon entering, all players are provided with a 06596 Moglophone RareExclusiveTemporary that may be used to exit the area.

Players may also leave the area by locating the Otherworldy Vortex on the top floor of the Sheol and using it to exit.

Players are automatically removed from the area after time runs out.


Izzat is the internal currency of Odyssey and functions like Obsidian Shards in Skirmish. Defeating monsters in Odyssey gradually accrues Izzat, with system messages informing players of their running total. Notorious Monsters and Agon mobs provide more total Izzat over time than normal Nostos foes. Accumulated Izzat resets to zero upon leaving Odyssey. Izzat may be spent in the following ways:

  • Open chests that may contain Lustreless Scales and Scale Boxes that spawn throughout every floor.
  • Spawn NMs from Ethereal Junctions.


Moogle segments are a new currency earned in Odyssey, and may be exchanged for Lustreless items or a Moglophone II at the ??? in Rabao (G-6). The Odyssey Records of Eminence objectives completed determine which items are avaialble.

Segments are earned for defeating foes and opening chests. Higher floors yield higher segment rewards. Segment rewards are increased for Sheol B and C.

Sheol A[]

There are 7 total floors (named "Perditions" in-game) to explore in the first battlefield. There is a Veridical Conflux on each floor will transport individual players to the next floor. Each floor's entrance past the first has a corresponding conflux that will take players back to the preceding floor. Players may not use a Veridical Conflux while currently in combat with a monster. Each successive floor houses monsters of increasing power:[1]

  • Perdition A-1: Content Level 119
  • Perdition A-2: Content Level 121
  • Perdition A-3: Content Level 123
  • Perdition A-4: Content Level 125
  • Perdition A-5: Content Level 127
  • Perdition A-6: Content Level 129
  • Perdition A-7: Content Level 131

Sheol B[]

Upon completing the RoE objective for Sheol A, the Conflux in Rabao offers 6 more floors to explore in Sheol B, starting at a higher Content Level than in Sheol A

  • Perdition B-1: Content Level 124
  • Perdition B-2: Content Level 126
  • Perdition B-3: Content Level 128
  • Perdition B-4: Content Level 130
  • Perdition B-5: Content Level 132
  • Perdition B-6: Content Level 134

Sheol C[]

Upon completing the RoE objective for Sheol B, the Conflux in Rabao offers 4 more floors to explore in Sheol C, starting at a higher Content Level than either Sheol A or B.[2]

  • Perdition C-1: Content Level 129
  • Perdition C-2: Content Level 131
  • Perdition C-3: Content Level 133
  • Perdition C-4: Content Level 135


Translocators allow players to warp between floors. Players must first walk to and interact with each Translocator to be able to warp to it.

Sheol A[]

Translocators exist on A-1, A-3, and A-5

  1. A-1: In the same area as the start.
  1. A-3: North/northwest of the start.
  1. A-5: To the south of the starting area past a large pair of doors and down some stairs.

Sheol B[]

Translocators exist on B-1, B-3, and B-6.[3]

  1. B-1: In the same area as the start.
  1. B-3: From the start, head east then up two flights of stairs. The translocator is at the back of a large area atop the 2nd flight.
  1. B-6: Head west, then north, then east up a flight of stairs. The translocator is at the back ot a large area.

Sheol C[]

Translocators on C-1 and C-2.

  1. C-1: By the entrance.
  1. C-2: First left turn from the entrance.

Foes in Odyssey[]

There are four general types of enemies: Nostos, Halos, Agon and NMs.

In general enemies have high attack relative to their level. NM special attacks are particularly deadly as during their SP abilities they emit an aura that weakens players. Gloios's combination of Mighty Strikes, Defense Down and a Fluid Spread is notably lethal.

Nostos Monsters[]

Every floor houses packs of aggressive Nostos Monsters named after their shared family (e.g. Nostos Worm, Nostos Drake, Nostos Golem). Each pack has 10 members. These monsters obey the usual rules of their family with regards to detection, linking abilities and physical/magical resistances and weaknesses. Nostos mobs from charmable monster families may be charmed.[4] Nostos monsters may drop Lustreless Scales, Hides, and Wings (depending on the Battlefield) in the shared loot pool and contribute to the gradual accumulation of Izzat. Every 10 Nostos monsters defeated accumulates 1 Izzat.

Nostos Monsters are particularly resistant to AoE damage. All targets beyond the initial target take 90% reduced damage from Area of Effect spells.[5]

Halos and Agon Beastmen[]

Agon Halos are elemental circle/fetter type enemies that glow with a unique color indicating its innate element and is and guarded by aggresive, untargetable Agon beastmen.

  • Sheol A: Halos on floors A-1, A-3, A-5 and A-7 and are guarded by Quadav, Orc, and Yagudo Beastmen.[6]
  • Sheol B: Halos on floors B-1, B-3, B-5 and B-6 and are guarded by Antica, Sahagin and Tonberry Beastmen.[7]
  • Sheol C: Halos on every floor, guarded by Lamia, Troll, and Mamool Ja Beastmen.
  • Unlike Confluxes, Halos do not spawn in fixed positions on the map.
  • An engaged halo pulses elemental magic damage corresponding to its element, much like the circles in wave 3 Dynamis-Divergence. The range of this pulse isn't nearly what it is in Dynamis - Divergence, perhaps 15'[8]
  • Halos take 50% additional damage from the element strong to them, and 5% damage from the same element.
  • Agon Beastmen can detect through sneak and invisible based on their species, but will not link with the Halo. It is possible to shed aggro from an Agon Beastman.
  • Destroying the Halo makes the Agon Beastmen targetable. Agon Beastmen use abilities and casts spells that correspond to their jobs. Higher level Agon Beastmen will furthermore use the SP abilities associated with their job.
  • Clearing a Halo and its beastmen guards will spawn an Ethereal Junction from which an NM may be spawned.

Notorious Monsters[]

Ethereal Junctions may be found on each floor. For some, players may spawn Notorious Monsters simply by spending Izzat. Others require an item to be traded. If an item is required, trading 1~3 pieces of UWNM materials will spawn a notorious monster of the corresponding family.

Ethereal Junctions also spawn by clearing Agon Halos and their guardian beastmen.

All NMs are somewhat powered-up versions of an existing Unity Wanted Notorious Monster. When they use their SP Ability, they will emit an enfeebling aura that lasts until the monster is defeated.

Notorious Monsters in Odyssey are particularly resistant to debuffing Geomancy:[9]

  • Sheol A: Debuffing Geomancy at -75% potency.
  • Sheol B: Debuffing Geomancy at -85% potency.
  • Sheol C: Debuffing Geomancy at -95% potency.

Sheol A NMs[]

NMs in Sheol A emit debilitating auras upon using their SP ability. Players are rewarded with Scales and Scale Boxes upon defeating them.

  • Aegypius (Abyssdiver's Feather, Carrion Bird) - Uses Broadside Barrage, Damnation Dive, Perfect Dodge (+Encumbrance Aura).
  • Ailuros (Voso's Hide, Coeurl) - Uses Charged Whisker, Pounce, Frenzied Rage, Perfect Dodge (+Magic Accuracy Down Aura).
  • Brachys (Arthro's Shell, Crab) - Uses Bubble Curtain, Big Scissors, Invincible (+Attack Down Aura)
  • Cynara (Veloz's Needle, Sabotender) - Uses Hundred Fists (+Avoidance Down Aura)
  • Damysus (Joyous's Moss, Goobbue) - Uses Antiphase, Blood Weapon (+Defense Down Aura)
  • Dione (Orcfeltrap's Leaf, Flyrap) - Uses Blood Weapon (+Magic Evasion Down Aura)
  • Eurytus (Heiligtum's Moss, Goobbue) - Uses Blow, Blank Gaze, Uppercut, Antiphase, Beatdown, Mighty Strikes (+Evasion Down Aura).
  • Gloios (Garbage Gel's Mucus, Slime) - Uses Fluid Spread, Digest, Fluid Toss, Mighty Strikes (+Defense Down Aura).
  • Harpe (Malatrix's Shard, Evil Weapon) - Uses Chainspell (+Magic Defense Down Aura)
  • Kusarikku (Immanibugard's Hide, Bugard) - Uses Bone Crunch, Tail Roll, Blood Weapon (+Avoidance Down Aura)
  • Leucippe (Tiyanak's Fang, Giant Bat) - Uses Perfect Dodge (+Attack Down Aura)
  • Megaera (Warblade's Hide, Cockatrice) - Uses Sound Vacuum, Sound Blast, Hammer Beak, Poison Pick, Baleful Gaze, Blood Weapon (+Magic Attack Down Aura).
  • Physis (Samantha's Vine, Red Morbol) - Uses Bad Breath, Sweet Breath, Impale, Vampiric Lash, Blood Weapon (+Magic Evasion Down Aura).
  • Ptelea (Mender's Log, Treant) - Uses Leafstorm, Mighty Strikes (+Slow Aura)
  • Salamandra (Intuila's Hide, Eft) - Uses Perfect Dodge (+Paralyze Aura)
  • Tipuli (Imperator's Wing, Fly) - Somersault, Venom, Mighty Strikes (+Magic Defense Down Aura).

Sheol B NMs[]

NMs in Sheol B spawn 2 copies (with lower HP) of themselves upon activating their SP ability. Players are rewarded with Hides and Hide Boxes upon defeating them.

Sheol C NMs[]

NMs in Sheol C reset enmity upon activating their SP ability. Players are rewarded with Wings and Wing Boxes upon defeating them.

Once a notorious monster has been spawned, the same NM may not be spawned again in the same battlefield.


Chests containing scales are randomly scattered throughout the area. So far two chest types have been observed (Chest, Coffer), with a third found via data mining (Aurum Strongbox). Each chest requires a base cost 10 Izzat to open. This is lowered for players who have opened enough chests.[10] A THF may open them with their tools, with the usual warning that a Mimic may spawn[11]

Mimics drop gil and may drop Scale/Hide/Feather Boxes when defeated, depending on the battlefield.[12]

Moogle Mastery[]

The Pilgrim Moogle will keep track of statistics accumulated in Odyssey Battlefields from actions in Odyssey across all visits, including NMs defeated, total Nostos foes defeated, tallies of each unique NM defeated, and chests and coffers opened. These statistics all contibute to your "Moogle Mastery" described by the Pilgrim Moogle as the "strength of your alter egos."[13] Moogle Mastery appears to level up fastest from defeating NMs.[14] So far up to Moogle Mastery XV has been observed, but its effects have not been measured in any detailed way.

Moogle Mastery is tracked separately for Sheol A and Sheol B, but is combined for a player's total Moogle Mastery.[15]

Additional Rewards[]

Players may exit Odyssey by finding the Otherworldly Vortex. In Sheol A, it can be found on A-7. In Sheol B, it can be found on B-5. In Sheol C, it can be found on C-4. Interacting with it grants rewards based on the monsters the party has defeated. Timing out or otherwise leaving Odyssey without interacting with the Vortex will not grant you any additional rewards.

  • Gil. The amount depends on vanquished foes. More gil is earned for defeating NMs and Mimics.

Sheol A Rewards[]

Sheol B Rewards[]

Sheol C Rewards[]

Selecting Exit removes you from Odyssey

The Otherworldly Vortex is the goal of the Records of Eminence Content quests for Odyssey. Upon clearing the quests, they may begin the process of augmenting Unity Concord Wanted Battles spoils corresponding to the NMs represented by each Sheol.


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