Abbreviation for Non-Player Character.

NPCs are the characters that are created by Square-Enix and are controlled by a computer, not a real person. This generally includes monsters (i.e. the beasts that one fights), and Town/city residents and nomads (i.e. those NPCs with green names).

This page lists all the NPCs that fall under the latter and their role in Final Fantasy XI.

For information on specific types of NPCs, see:

Full List of the NPC categories by affiliation:

Wings of the Goddess (Shadowreign)

See also Player Character and Adventuring Fellow for further information, as well as Characters for background stories and Vanadiel history.

Useful Tips[]

For keyboard users, you may hit F8 to select the nearest NPC. Repeated uses of F8 will not change the targeted NPC unless another NPC becomes closer.

A useful macro command for selecting only NPCs is <stnpc>, used in place of <t>. It allows you to tab between targetable NPCs before finishing the execution of the macro.

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