The 20 Myriad Arms

Mythic Weapons, also known as "The Myriad Arms of Balrahn" are twenty weapons (one for every job except Geomancer and Rune Fencer) obtained through the "Arms of Balrahn" series of quests available once you are promoted to Captain Mercenary Rank. In addition, there is a weapon skill associated with each weapon, but unlike the Relic Weapon weapon skills, you do not need the Mythic Weapon to use them.

To begin, you must salvage a "Vigil" weapon from any floor of the Nyzul Isle Investigation assault mission, one of which has a chance to drop from any Notorious Monster (and a guaranteed drop from the HNM on floor 100). With this and a Runic Key, you can have Abquhbah hold on to the weapon as you finish the tasks laid out by Naja Salaheem.

In addition, if you cannot yet begin the tasks to upgrade the weapons, they can be stored with Ghanraam (K-10) in exchange for 1 Imperial Bronze Piece per weapon, although this also erases any weapon skill point data associated with that weapon.

The "Arms of Balrahn" questline is composed of four parts:

These quests involve time-consuming tasks, requiring participation in many activities such as Assault, Salvage, and Einherjar. The last quest culminates in a battlefield event where the Mythic weapon will "awaken."

The base weapon, the "Vigil Weapon", can be used to unlock the relic weaponskill by accumulating 250 Weapon Skill Points after you talk to Zalsuhm with your Vigil Weapon equipped. See quest Unlocking a Myth. Using the weaponskill with the Mythic Weapon equipped will gain extra effects, referred to as Aftermath.

Job Vigil Weapon Mythic Weapon Weapon Skill
Warrior Sturdy Axe Conqueror King's Justice
Monk Burning Fists Glanzfaust Ascetic's Fury
White Mage Werebuster Yagrush Mystic Boon
Black Mage Mage's Staff Laevateinn Vidohunir
Red Mage Vorpal Sword Murgleis Death Blossom
Thief Swordbreaker Vajra Mandalic Stab
Paladin Brave Blade Burtgang Atonement
Dark Knight Death Sickle Liberator Insurgency
Beastmaster Double Axe Aymur Primal Rend
Bard Dancing Dagger Carnwenhan Mordant Rime
Ranger Killer Bow Gastraphetes Trueflight
Samurai Windslicer Kogarasumaru Tachi: Rana
Ninja Sasuke Katana Nagi Blade: Kamu
Dragoon Radiant Lance Ryunohige Drakesbane
Summoner Scepter Staff Nirvana Garland of Bliss
Blue Mage Wightslayer Tizona Expiacion
Corsair Quicksilver Death Penalty Leaden Salute
Puppetmaster Inferno Claws Kenkonken Stringing Pummel
Dancer Main Gauche Terpsichore Pyrrhic Kleos
Scholar Elder Staff Tupsimati Omniscience

Rune Fencers & Geomancers[]

Ergon Weapons, which serve the same function as mythic weaponry, exist for Rune Fencers and Geomancers. These weapons are obtained via a different method.

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