The subterranean city of Movalpolos was dug and built by a tribe of Goblins referred to as the Moblins. Due to the nomadic nature of most Goblins, it is extremely rare for any of these beastmen to reside together in one place, making this community unique.

The Moblins are known for their exceptional smithing and alchemy skills. Their achievements include complex drilling apparatuses and floodlights as well as several advancements in exotic fields such as bionics. It is even rumored that their ability in these areas matches or exceeds that of the scientists in Bastok.

As the Moblins drill through Vana'diel's crust, they are constantly moving their homes, water tanks, and scaffolding. This continuous advancement of Movalpolos makes it difficult to locate the city at any one time.

While some Moblins venture to the surface to sell ores mined from the rock surrounding their city, most of the tribe's members have cut themselves off from the outside world. Because of this isolation, little is known about the city, even among other Goblins.

Why have the Moblins chosen this life underground, and why do they continue to move?


Movalpolos has an "Outpost" of sorts in Oldton Movalpolos, however, you cannot perform a supplies quest there. The "Outpost" NPC can take items from you like other outposts, but he will only "maybe" give you region points. Gaining control of this region enables the Moblin region vendors in all three cities as well as the one in Movalpolos.

Regional Vendor

Bastok Merchant San d'Oria Merchant Windurst Merchant Movalpolos Merchant Goods
Port Bastok I-6
Port San d'Oria H-9
Windurst Waters G-7
Oldton Movalpolos F-10

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