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Moblin Maze Mongers is a system that allows players to create built-to-order dungeons ("mazes") with custom settings and rules, that can be enjoyed alone or together with friends. * This system requires the installation and registration of the Wings of the Goddess expansion.
==How to Get Started== # Talk to Goldagrik, located in Muckvix's Junkshop in Lower Jeuno (H-9). You will be given a Maze Tabula, Maze Voucher, and two Maze Runes, which are necessary to order mazes. You will also be given a key item, the Tattered Maze Monger Pouch, which will hold the vouchers and runes you acquire. # Use the Maze Vouchers and Maze Runes you obtain to place them in your Tattered Maze Monger Pouch. # Use your Maze Tabula to put together an order form for your maze. # Take your completed Maze Tabula to the Chocobo Stables in Lower Jeuno (G-11) and trade it to the Maze Mongers Shopfront located there. After confirming the settings and paying the construction fee, you will be transported to the maze entrance lobby. # Conduct any pre-entry preparations you see fit before entering your maze. Talking to Packapic will allow you to confirm your maze settings, obtain temporary items and even customize the music. When you are ready to enter the maze, you may do so by speaking to Rediroq. * You can Level Sync in your maze. To do so, it appears you have to unsync, create the maze, re-sync inside the "waiting area", and then talk to Rediroq. * You lose experience points for death in a maze. ==Difficulty== * The lowest level member of the party determines the level range of the monsters in the maze. The monsters will be scaled to their level and not the highest party members or the party leader's level (unless the party leader is the lowest). ** Example: Entering with a level 1 character and partying with a level 75(leader) character will result in too weak monsters for the level 75, but Even Match to Tough for the level 1 character. This is a good way to farm more Maze Runes if you have extra characters. It is still possible to obtain Maze Runes this way from the chest at the end of the objective, however experience points won't be rewarded due to the large gap in levels.

* The number of party members increases the difficulty range of the Party leaders monster set. **Too Weak +5 members is still Too Weak to level 75s if the there is a level 1 job in the party. ==Ordering a Maze==
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# Select your Maze Tabula after placing one or more Maze Vouchers and Maze Runes in your pouch. # Choose your completion objective by selecting the corresponding Maze Voucher. # (Optional) Use Maze Runes to configure more detailed settings for your maze. #* Your Maze Tabula may contain black squares. These squares cannot hold runes, so make sure to rotate them so they do not overlap these squares. #* Your Tabula may also hold elemental squares, which will increase the strength of aligned runes placed on them. Opposing elements and ascendancy do not apply to Maze Runes. #* Neutral runes cannot be enhanced and will not be affected by elemental squares.
==Maze Types== Kill all Enemies: There are two sets of monsters in the area. You can use your Maze Pearl to view how many monsters are left. A crate called Forcer is at the halfway point, any attack will destroy it and a ??? will appear on the ground giving whoever touches it a Temporary item. After the second set of monsters are killed the Hoardbox will appear and upon opening it you will get your reward of experience points and Moblin Marbles with a possible chance of a Maze Rune. After earning the reward you can use the temp escape item or head back to the starting area and there is a Moblin waiting there to take your party out back to Lower Jeuno Home Point area. Possible Families with just the 2 basic runes include: Bombs, Wyvires, Lizard, Elementals, Cockatrice, Clusters, Rocs, Taurus, Scorpions, Skeletons, Crawlers, Ghosts, Golems, ... Additionally, the family of monster determines how many of that type you will have to kill. For example, Wyvire required only 5-6, but Elementals required 9-11. ==Rewards== Upon successful completion of a maze, you will be rewarded with the appearance of a treasure chest. Opening the chest will grant you items, experience points, and Moblin Marbles. Moblin Marbles are points obtained exclusively through Moblin Mazes that can be exchanged for equipment, new Maze Runes and so forth. For details, speak with Chatnachoq in Muckvix's Junkshop in Lower Jeuno (H-9). *It seems drops aren't affected in the Chest at the end due to your level. A group with Level 75s and a Level 12 still got drops every so often in the chest, but not every time. ==Maze Runes== *Maze Runes

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