Final Fantasy XI's Missions form the backbone of how adventurers interact with the world of Vana'diel itself. Missions concern themselves with epic scope, introduce major story characters relevant to the history of Vana'diel and take adventurers around the world to explore new areas as they progress.

Missions may be tracked from the "Missions" menu in the main game interface. Current and completed quests are broken down by content expansions and provide brief summaries of their goals. Detailed walkthroughs for every mission can be found by following the links below.

Nation Missions[]

These missions are available upon installation of Final Fantasy XI.

In a nation mission, your character is temporarily hired to solve a problem that is troubling your nation, and you will be compensated accordingly. The specific content of missions ranges from odd jobs to top-secret operations. With higher levels come increased trust and the opportunity to undertake important missions with great rewards... and high stakes.

Upon completion of a set of missions you will gain rank, which will be posted next to your name when you are searched. Rank tends to give you respect from other online gamers so it is wise to do missions to make yourself known. Rank also affects how long signet will last.

The Flag of Bastok

The Republic of Bastok

Bastok Missions tell the story of technological miracles in a hostile landscape, against the backdrop of long simmering tension between the Humes who reaped most of the benefits and the Galka whose sacrifices made it all possible. Adventurers will follow the struggles of those who seek to bridge these gaps in the face of long-kept secrets. You will be tasked to delve into the hidden history of Bastok before facing against a living manifestation of ancestral rage.

Flag of San d'Oria

The Kingdom of San d'Oria

San d'Oria Missions center on the legacy of the royal Elvaan d'Oraguille dynasty and the court intrigue surrounding the upcoming generation of heirs to the throne. Adventurers will work their way into the trust of the innermost circles of San d'Orian royalty and help battle back threats from within and without.

Flag of Windurst

The Federation of Windurst

Windurst Missions thrust you immediately into a fragile detente between a nation of Tarutarus increasingly dependent on Mithra mercenaries and dwindling resources of once-powerful magic and an ever-present threat of the Yagudo. Your tasks will take you deep into hostile Beastmen territory and back to avoid a ruinous war with a nation losing confidence in its ability to defend itself.

Rise of the Zilart[]

The Rise of the Zilart (RotZ, or just Zilart) missions are accessible after attaining Rank 6 in your home nation and with the installation of the Rise of the Zilart expansion pack. The Chains of Promathia (CoP) missions are unlocked upon installation of the Chains of Promathia expansion pack.

The Tenshodo Flag

The Tenshodo

The Rise of the Zilart Missions continue after the climactic events of all National Rank 6 missions, and concern themselves with the first four mothercrystals and the arks (or crags) built around them. Progression in these missions provides access to Tu'Lia (aka Sky) and Divine Might.

When Zilart and Chains of Promathia mission chains are complete, access to the quest Apocalypse Nigh is granted.

Chains of Promathia[]

The Tavnazian Coat of Arms

The Tavnazian Marquisate

The Chains of Promathia Missions take players to the long-inaccessible Tavnazian Archipelago and introduce a fifth mothercrystal (Al'Taieu), which has lost its light, and the realm beyond it, Lumoria. Progression in these missions provides access to Al'Taieu (aka Sea), Tavnazian Archipelago and Dawn.

When Zilart and Chains of Promathia mission chains are complete, access to the quest Apocalypse Nigh is granted.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan[]

The Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions (ToAU) are unlocked upon installation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack. The Assault missions are unlocked upon completion of Treasures Aht Urhgan Mission 3.

The Tavnazian Coat of Arms

The Empire of Aht Urhgan

Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions involve The Empire of Aht Urhgan's control over the Aradjiah continent following its repeated denial of aid to the nations during the Crystal War. These actions led to the continuing diplomatic distance between the Western nations and the Near East. Adventurers are tasked to infiltrate and are immediately pressganged into mercenary life by the larger-than life Naja Salaheem.


Assault Gates

The Gates to Assault

Assault Missions are the only way for Adventurers to fulfill their lifetime contract to Naja Salaheem, who leads Salaheem's Sentinels, a group who have been hired by the Empire for a large scale deployment of mercenaries to aid the Imperial Armies. Assaults provide unique scenarios that test your patience, cunning, and raw firepower while rewarding Imperial Standing, equipment and become an essential stepping stone in the creation of Mythic Weapons.

Wings of the Goddess[]

The Wings of the Goddess Missions (WotG) are unlocked upon installation of the Wings of the Goddess expansion pack. The Campaign Operations are unlocked upon completion of the first quest required for your nation in Wings of the Goddess Mission 2.

The Crystal War Alliance Banners

The Crystal War Alliance

Wings of the Goddess Missions involve Cait Sith, the mysterious girl Lilisette, the enigmatic Spitewardens and the Crystal War. You will relive the explosive violence of the Crystal War firsthand, involving yourself for the first time in the history of modern Vana'delian nations in their first struggle against the organized Beastmen Hordes and the Shadow Lord leading them.

Campaign Operations[]

Crystal War Campaign Operations

Campaign Ops

Campaign Ops missions can be completed on behalf of the three main nations, and include a variety of actions related to the crystal war such as supply procurement, manufacture or transport, offensive or defensive operations, intel gathering, or military training.

Seekers of Adoulin[]

The Seekers of Adoulin Missions (SoA) are unlocked upon installation of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack. Coalition content is unlocked after speaking to coalition representatives.

Adoulinian Flag

The Sacred City of Adoulin

Seekers of Adoulin Missions cross your path with the mysterious Arciela and the colonization of the East Ulbuka Territory. Special coalition assignments can be completed on behalf of the great city, and include a variety of actions related to the colonization of the continent such as clearing away plant life, destroying monster lairs, and resource gathering in a looming, hostile wilderness.

Add-on Scenarios[]

Add-on scenarios expand on the game story vertically and focus on storytelling using existing areas in the game. At first intended to be smaller in scope than previous full-fledged expansion missions, recent Add-On Scenarios have grown to encompass the same far-flung tales of heroism and sacrifice seen in previous retail expansions.

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel[]

Iroha and the Mothercrystals

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions brings the story and characters of all of the missions together in an epic climax. Players will strengthen old bonds, forge new ones and utilize the strength of those bonds to push back an exisential threat to the very future of Vana'diel

The Voracious Resurgence[]

Iroha and the Mothercrystals

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel

The Voracious Resurgence Missions revisit many of the supporting characters from earlier missions, tying them together in a mysterious plot involving a long-dormant force of destruction.

A Crystalline Prophecy[]

The destruction of Tavnazia and its aftermath

A Crystalline Prophecy

A Crystalline Prophecy is described as the sequel to the opening CG video for Final Fantasy XI.

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat[]

The destruction of Tavnazia and its aftermath

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Missions

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat finally gives players the opportunity to delve into the annals of mooglekind with a storyline centered around them.

A Shantotto Ascension[]

Doctor Shantotto Ascendant

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Missions

A Shantotto Ascension is the story about the eccentric doctor and the quest about the truth behind her alarming shift in personality.

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