Meeble Burrows is dungeon content in which intrepid players sneak into underground caves and participate in various research expeditions, delving ever farther until they best the dreadful beasts in the far recesses of the caverns.


  • Wings of the Goddess registered and installed.
  • 1-6 party members.
  • Level restriction: None.
  • Time limit: 15 minutes.
  • Each member must possess a Key ItemMoblin pheromone sack.
  • Not all party members need to have the expedition available. Only the leader needs to have the desired expedition unlocked for all to participate.
  • Players must possess a Grimoire for recording pages.
    • Grimoires can be purchased from the Burrow Investigator or Burrow Researcher for 2,000 gil or 200 Research Marks.

Preparing for your trek[]


  • A grimoire is needed to select a research expedition in Meeble Burrows.
  • Your deeds of valor—as well as any special bonuses conferred upon you—will be inscribed on the grimoire’s dusty parchment.
  • Your grimoire may be used multiple times, but when you embark upon courses to battle the most lurid of fiends (Expedition 5), you will have to turn it in, rendering it unusable.
  • Grimoires may be purchased from the Burrow Investigator or Burrow Researcher with either gil or Research Marks, a special type of currency acquired in Meeble Burrows.

Currently there are 5 types of grimoires available to use for recording your Expedition progress.

Moblin pheromone sack[]

Commencing a Research Expedition[]

  • Trade your grimoire to the Burrow Researcher in Sauromugue Champaign (J-7) or Batallia Downs (I-8), and have the party leader select the desired research expedition.
  • Speak to Vrednev, a Meeble located outside the burrows, to enter. There are 5 tiers of research expeditions to choose from:
    • Adjunct (easiest)
    • Assistant
    • Instructor
    • Associate Researcher
    • Researcher (hardest)
  • In order to enter the 5th expedition of a tier, all participants must have completed the previous 4. Progress for all expeditions cleared with the specific Grimoire is erased afterwards, even if the expedition is a failure.

Sauromugue Expeditions[]

Meeble Burrows Expeditions (Sauromugue Champaign)
Course Expeditions Objective Goals Status Boon
1 2 3
Adjunct Expedition 1 Vanquish enemies. 10 20 All HP
Expedition 2 Vanquish enemies. Pugnacious Eft Pugnacious Eft + Feeble Efts All Accuracy
Expedition 3 Examine ??? targets. 2 3 4, no aggro DEX/AGI
Expedition 4 Extinguish enemy lanterns. 1 2 3 Magic Defense
Expedition 5 Squash Goldwing.
Assistant Expedition 1 Vanquish enemies. 2 5 All MP
Expedition 2 Arrive at goal with X party members. 1 All All, No aggro Evasion
Expedition 3 Vanquish enemies. 5 15 28, no meebles STR/VIT
Expedition 4 Feed worms to the meeble. 5 10 15 Treasure Hunter
Expedition 5 Detonate Silagilith.
Instructor Expedition 1 Ensure party members arrive at the goal in time. 1, <15 min. All, <10 min. All, <5 min. Movement Speed
Expedition 2 Alternately vanquish enemies. 8 16 24 Attack, R.Atk.
Expedition 3 Survive for a certain time. 5 min. 8 min. 12 min., no deaths INT/MND/CHR
Expedition 4 Vanquish enemies. 5 10 All MAB/M.Acc
Expedition 5 Smother Surtr.
Associate Researcher Expedition 1 Vanquish enemies. 8 12 All Auto-Reraise
Expedition 2 Survive to a certain point. Point 1, 1 member Point 2, all members Point 3, all members, no deaths Defense
Expedition 3 Vanquish enemies. 6 9 All Double Attack
Expedition 4 Open treasure chests. 10 20 All Treasure Hunter
Expedition 5 Predominate Dreyruk.
Researcher Expedition 1 Vanquish enemies. 10 15 18 Refresh
Expedition 2 Simultaneously vanquish pairs of enemies. 4 pairs 8 pairs 12 pairs Regain
Expedition 3 Vanquish enemies. 5 10 All R.Acc.
Expedition 4 Vanquish notorious monsters. 1 2 All Bonus to spoils
Expedition 5 Vitiate Samursk.
Researcher Emeritus Expedition Mangle Umagrhk's mane.

Batallia Expeditions[]

Meeble Burrows Expeditions (Batallia Downs)
Course Expeditions Objective Goals Status Boon
1 2 3
Adjunct Expedition 1 Vanquish Limber Lynxes. 1 2 3 HP
Expedition 2 Examine ??? targets and vanquish Mafic Maroliths. 2 ??? and 1 Marolith 3 ??? and 2 Maroliths 4 ??? and 4 Maroliths Auto-Reraise
Expedition 3 Vanquish enemies without detection. 5 10 15 DEX/AGI
Expedition 4 Vanquish enemies. 7 14 All Treasure Hunter
Expedition 5 Vex Izyx.
Assistant Expedition 1 Rescue Meebles under attack. 1 2 4 MP
Expedition 2 Extinguish Subterranean Leohtfaets 2 3 4 (Do not kill Meebles) Refresh
Expedition 3 Bring fulgent ore to Kobcha 3 6 9 (Do not get caught) STR/VIT
Expedition 4 Vanquish enemies. 7 14 All Treasure Hunter
Expedition 5 Garrote Grannus.
Instructor Expedition 1 Examine points in ascending numerical order. 3 6 10 Movement Speed
Expedition 2 Defend the Burrows Depthmarker. 5 min. 9 min. 13 min. Regain
Expedition 3 Cause enemies to self-destruct. 4 7 10, including 1 Djinn INT/MND/CHR
Expedition 4 Collect elaborate parts. 10 20 25 Bonus to spoils
Expedition 5 Strike Svaha.
Researcher Emeritus Expedition Domesticate Melisseus.

Achieving Goals[]

  • Exploring Meeble Burrows is not about wiping out everything in sight. Instead, each expedition contains a series of three goals to achieve.
  • Clearing an expedition involves achieving at least one of the preestablished goals.
    • More goals completed means better rewards.
  • Even if you have fulfilled the conditions for a particular goal, you will not be considered to have cleared it until you use the Terminus Whistle to leave the depths of the burrows. You receive no credit for completed tasks if time runs out.
  • The Speleological Handbook located within the burrows provides spelunkers with a wealth of information, including the research tasks at hand and boons given by grimoires.

Completing an expedition[]

  • After completing an expedition, players receive a Terminus Whistle: a temporary item that teleports the party to the entrance.
  • To exit (and fail the objective), use the Hiatus Whistle, a temporary item obtained at the start of each expedition.
  • After using the Terminus Whistle, talk to the Burrow Researcher to confirm that you have completed the assigned tasks and receive credit.
  • Completion of an expendition can unlock more difficult expeditions.
  • Successfully completing goals adds boons to the player’s grimoire.


  • Research Marks are obtained after successful completion of objectives. These research marks can be exchanged to purchase items or grimoires from the Burrow Investigator and Burrow Researcher.


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