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Maze Tabula are items that allow you to design mazes for Moblin Maze Mongers. By selecting a Maze Voucher, and placing Maze Runes on the tabula, you can define the rules and contents of your custom maze. Each tabula is described as a grid, with grey, black and elemental squares. Tetris-block shaped Maze Runes can be rotated and positioned on grey or elemental squares, but may not overlap black squares. Once you have placed all your desired runes, or run out of space to place more, you can order your maze from the Maze Mongers Shopfront in Lower Jeuno.

After ordering your maze, you and your party of up to six people will be teleported into the maze you just created. You are allowed to order a maze per real life day, but may participate in any number of mazes created by other people. If you possess multiple types of tabula, you must choose which tabula to use, as you still may only trade a tabula once per day (not once per tabula).

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