At level 50, and every five levels thereafter, there are hard caps that prevent players from rising in level even if earned experience points would put them over the remaining required to advance. These quests remove those caps. Each quest has a level requirement to activate, players need not be at the level cap to accept and complete them. Some quests have additional requirements, see the quest articles for details.

The Japanese community refer to these quests as 限界突破クエスト ('genkai toppa quests'), or genkai for short, a term adopted by the international community and that still shows up from time to time on the wiki.

Quest New Cap
50 In Defiant Challenge 55
56 Atop the Highest Mountains 60
61 Whence Blows the Wind 65
66 Riding on the Clouds 70
71 Shattering Stars 75
76 New Worlds Await 80
81 Expanding Horizons 85
86 Beyond the Stars 90
91 Dormant Powers Dislodged 95
96 Beyond Infinity 99

Prelude to Puissance is included in this category for gating progress between the level 95 and 99 quests.

Expansion Job Level 75 Limit Breaks

Newer jobs, starting with those from Treasures of Aht Urhgan have unique level 75 limit break quests

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