Limbus is a mysterious dimension accessible from the celestial realm of Al'Taieu. Similar to Dynamis, these areas are intended as a challenge for advanced players at the highest levels. Items can be obtained here that can be redeemed for upgraded Artifact Armor and Rare/Ex equipment.

Limbus is comprised of two zones: Temenos and Apollyon. Each zone has separate areas leading to a "central" area, eventually leading to a boss fight with a prototype Biotechnological Weapon. Items obtained from these bosses can be redeemed for pieces of two new, high-level sets of armor from the Near East.

How to Enter Limbus

To enter Limbus areas, you must currently be on Chapter 8-1 or higher of Chains of Promathia. This is needed in order to access Al'Taieu, from where Limbus may be entered.

Two Key Items are required for each party member's entry into an initial Limbus area. The first is Cosmo-Cleanse, purchased from Sagheera in Port Jeuno for 50,000 gil; the second is a Key Card for the corresponding Matter Diffusion Module that one wishes to use to enter Limbus. These Key Cards are "dropped" by Aw'euvhi NMs spawning in the area of each respective Matter Diffusion Module in Al'Taieu.

When both Key Items are obtained, check the Matter Diffusion Module and select the Limbus area you wish to enter from the list provided. You (and the rest of your Alliance) will then be able to enter (will be teleported to?) the area selected.

To access further areas of Limbus, particular colored chips (obtained from specific Limbus areas) need to be traded to the Matter Diffusion Module. When they are traded, the additional area will appear on the Module's list of areas as per the combination traded. Specifics are provided in the "Limbus Areas" section, below.

There are three Matter Diffusion Modules. Two of them are used to access areas of Apollyon; the remaining Module is used to access Temenos. Specific information is as follows:

Module Position Initially Available Areas Key Card Required
Apollyon (West) (D-6) Red Card
Temenos (H-4) White Card
Apollyon (East) (K-6) Black Card
  • Be advised that players will lose both of their Key Items upon entry into a Limbus area. Be sure that you are ready before entering.
  • The entrance is sealed when you start to fight, so be sure that everyone has entered before you pull.

Limbus Rules

Maximum Number of Players: 18 (one full Alliance)
Time: Your alliance will begin most areas with a time limit of thirty minutes (Earth time), save for areas in Central Temenos (45 minutes) and Central Apollyon and Central Temenos Layer 4 (60 minutes). These amounts may be increased through time extensions gained by opening certain chests throughout each route. (Maximum possible time currently unknown.) Entering: Apon entering, both key items will be used. This is like a BCNM area in that if you leave, you can not re-enter. In addition, if someone is still outside when the first mob is attacked, they will not be able to enter and receive a message saying the party is already engaged in battle.
Reentering: After completion of a Limbus run—through opening the final chest, through time running out, or through leaving with other means—72 hours (Earth time) must pass before you may obtain the Key Items again and enter another Limbus area.
Clearing: Upon opening the area's final treasure chest, the Limbus area will be cleared and you will automatically exit.
Death: As with Dynamis, Experience Points continue to be lost if you are defeated within Limbus. it is not possible to gain Experience or Limit Points through defeating enemies in these areas.


Armoury Crates are scattered throughout each Limbus area. The rules for their behavior vary between areas.

Not all contain items, either. Contents of chests can usually be determined by their color, as follows:

  • Blue and Gold Chests: Time Extension (5, 10 or 15 minutes)
  • Dark Brown and Gold Chests: Items (AF+1 materials, Ancient Beastcoins, area access chips, Synthesis Materials)
  • Light Brown and Metal Chests: HP/MP recovery, Job Ability refresh, (removal of negative status effects?)

Note that chests may be Mimics in some locations; others may contain enemy spawn triggers. In some areas, opening a chest causes other chests to disappear, so you have to choose one per level.

Limbus Areas

In each Limbus area, colored chips (similar in appearance to the colored chips obtained from enemies in Pso'Xja, or chips purchased to be used with Strange Apparatuses) may be found. Each type of chip is exclusive to that Limbus area. They are required for access to further, more advanced areas of Limbus. Different methods of progression are used for each of the two Limbus regions, Temenos and Apollyon.


Limbus offers a breadth of rewards, based largely on trade of items obtained.

Artifact Armor +1

You can upgrade your Artifact Armor by trading it along with various items and Ancient Beastcoins to Sagheera in Port Jeuno. She requires one item that drops in Apollyon and one from Temenos; these are the same for the whole set. She also requires a synthesis item and 15-40 Ancient Beastcoins, depending on the piece.

Trade her the Ancient Beastcoins first, then the rest of the items. Wait until the next Conquest update and then talk to her again to receive your AF+1.

The upgraded pieces are all Level 74. If you want to get the original AF back, you can restart the AF quests by talking to Vingijard.

For more information, see Artifact Armor +1.

Nashira and Homam Armor

Wilhelm in Mhaura works for the Brugaire Consortium, representing clients from the Near East. Trading him parts from Ultima and Omega (found in the chests that Proto-Ultima and Proto-Omega leave behind following their defeat) will cause his clients to reward you with parts of the Nashira and Homam armor sets.
Both sets of armor are Level 75. Rewards are as follows:

Nashira Set

Trade Items Obtained from Proto-Ultima

Ultima's Cerebrum: Nashira Turban
Ultima's Heart: Nashira Manteel
Ultima's Claw: Nashira Gages
Ultima's Leg: Nashira Seraweels
Ultima's Tail: Nashira Crackows
Homam Set

Trade Items Obtained from Proto-Omega

Omega's Eye: Homam Zucchetto
Omega's Heart: Homam Corazza
Omega's Foreleg: Homam Manopolas
Omega's Hind Leg: Homam Cosicales
Omega's Tail: Homam Gambieras

Other Equipment

The following equipment can be obtained in exchange for 75 Ancient Beastcoins:

Boxer's Mantle
Brutal Earring
Gunner's Mantle
Loquacious Earring
Metal Chip
Musical Earring
Stealth Earring

The following equipment can be obtained in exchange for 150 Ancient Beastcoins:

Flawless Ribbon
Charger Mantle
Jaeger Mantle

Historical Background

Limbus is the Latin word for Limbo. Limbo is a word used in general for being stuck with nowhere to go until something else happens, but it has its origins with Christian belief (Roman Catholic exclusively). In Catholic legend, Limbo is a realm where the virtuous humans who died before the resurrection of Jesus Christ reside and where unbaptised infants who die reside. This is the realm where souls exist which cannot go to Hell for they have committed no sins or lived virtuous lives, but they cannot go to Heaven because they are not a part of the Catholic faith. There are names for each of the 2 Limbos: Limbus Patrum (Limbo of the Fathers, where the virtuous pagans reside) and Limbus Infantium (Limbo of the Children, where unbaptised infants reside). It is not a part of official doctrine (unlike Purgatory). In Medieval literature, specifically Dante's Divine Comedy, Limbo is the First Circle of Hell. Limbo is derived from the Latin word limbus, meaning "edge" or "boundary".


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