Kindred Crest Notorious Monsters (KCNM) events are a special type of BCNM arena battle in where adventurers fight a specific mob or group of mobs. These events are accessed by trading a specific orb to the entrance of a Burning Circle. These orbs can be obtained by trading Kindred's Crests to Shami in Port Jeuno.

-Only one person needs an orb to enter the battle.
-In the event of a K.O., all TP accumulated is reset to zero within a BCNM.
-Additionally, in the event of a party wipe, the party has 3 minutes to reraise or all members get kicked out.
-These fights are have no level cap.






Time Limit

Phobos Orb
(30 Kindred's Crest)
Kindergarten Cap Horlais Peak 3 15 minutes
The V Formation Balga's Dais 3 15 minutes
The Palborough Project Waughroon Shrine 3 15 minutes
Deimos Orb
(50 Kindred's Crest)
Empty Aspirations Spire of Vahzl 6 15 minutes
Last Orc-Shunned Hero Horlais Peak 6 30 minutes
Avian Apostates Balga's Dais 6 30 minutes
Shell Shocked Waughroon Shrine 6 30 minutes
Whom Wilt Thou Call Sacrificial Chamber 6 30 minutes
Dragon Scales Chamber of Oracles 6 30 minutes

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