Although monipulators cannot use equipment, they do possess innate knowledge termed "instincts," which function in a similar manner. Instincts are obtained by leveling up or by exchanging Infamy, and are equipped like equipment, except that you can put any instinct in any slot, just as you can Attachments for Automatons. The amount of Instincts able to be equipped is determined by the number of Faculty Points the player has.

In addition to normal methods of acquisition, it is also sometimes possible to learn a job instinct by dying (see testimonials).

Race Instincts

Race Instincts grant stat bonuses based on the stats of the main 5 races of Vana'diel. The first tier of each instinct is unlocked by completing Monstrosity (Quest). The second-tier instincts can be purchased from Teyrnon for 500 Infamy each. There are no prerequisites to purchase race instincts.

Instinct NameStatsEffectsInfamy CostFaculty

Hume's Instinct ISTR+2 DEX+2 VIT+2 AGI+2 INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2-- Starter 3
Hume's Instinct IISTR+2 DEX+2 VIT+2 AGI+2 INT+2 MND+2 CHR+2 Physical Damage Taken-2% 500 4
Elvaan's Instinct ISTR+3 MND+3-- Starter 3
Elvaan's Instinct IISTR+3 MND+3 Magic Damage Taken-3% 500 4
Tarutaru's Instinct IINT+3 MP+2% Starter 3
Tarutaru's Instinct IIINT+3 MP+2%
500 4
Mithra's Instinct IDEX+3 AGI+3 -- Starter 3
Mithra's Instinct IIDEX+3 AGI+3 Physical Damage Taken-2% 500 4
Galka's Instinct IVIT+3 HP+2% Starter 3
Galka's Instinct IIVIT+3 HP+2%
500 4

Job Instincts

For the associated jobs of each of these instincts there is a way of reducing the cost of any job specific instinct by half. To do this you must complete the level 70 limit break (LB5) for each of the jobs you want to have reduced.
LB5: 5000 Infamy
No LB5: 10000 Infamy

Instinct NameEffectFaculty

Warrior's InstinctSTR+10 Attack+25 Double Attack+5% --15
Monk's InstinctHP+10% AGI+10 Subtle Blow+10--15
White Mage's InstinctMND+10 Magic Defense Bonus+10 Regen+1--15
Black Mage's InstinctINT+10 Magic Attack Bonus+10 Elemental Magic Casting Time-10%--15
Red Mage's InstinctMagic Accuracy+5 Magic Defense Bonus+5 Resist Petrify+30 Fast Cast+10 15
Thief's InstinctDEX+10 Resist Gravity+30 Triple Attack+3%--15
Paladin's InstinctVIT+10 Resist Sleep+30 Physical Damage Taken-3%--15
Dark Knight's InstinctSTR+10 Attack+50 Resist Sleep+30 --15
Beastmaster's InstinctCHR+10 Resist Slow+30 Resist Amnesia+30 --15
Bard's InstinctCHR+5 Resist Silence+30 Enemy Critical Hit Rate-5% --15
Ranger's InstinctAGI+10 Accuracy+25 Resist Poison+30 --15
Samurai's InstinctResist Blind+30 Store TP+10 Conserve TP+10 --15
Ninja's InstinctDEX+5 AGI+5 Resist Bind+30 Subtle Blow+1015
Dragoon's InstinctHP+5% Accuracy+40 Conserve TP+10 --15
Summoner's InstinctMP+10% Resist Slow+30 Refresh+1 --15
Blue Mage's InstinctAll Stats+3 Status Ailment Resistance+10% Regen+1 --15
Corsair's InstinctAGI+5 Resist Paralyze+30 Resist Amnesia+30 --15
Puppetmaster's InstinctDEX+5 Resist Slow+30 Resist Amnesia+30 --15
Dancer's InstinctAccuracy+15 Evasion+15 Resist Slow+30 Subtle Blow+715
Scholar's InstinctINT+5 Resist Silence+30 Occult Acumen+15 --15
Geomancer's InstinctHP+10% Conserve MP+10 Elemental Magic Casting Time-10% --15
Rune Fencer's InstinctAGI+5 Magic Defense Bonus+20 Regen+2 --15

Monster Instincts

Leveling up monipulators allows you to learn an instinct every 30 levels. The instincts can then be equipped by any monster.

Tier I Instinct Learned = Level 30 MON
Tier II Instinct Learned = Level 60 MON
Tier III Instinct Learned = Level 90 MON

Message received upon acquisition of a new MON instinct is: "You have learned a new sentience!"









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