When eaten, food will temporarily modify a character's stats in some way. Choosing a food is an important part of any job, and depending on the needs of the character, many foods will work in a particular situation. Many players use food to make up for losses in their equipment, or so that they can increase one stat with equipment and another with their food (Devoting all of one's gear to accuracy and then eating a food that boosts strength and attack, for example).

Although there are some exceptions, generally speaking meat dishes will increase strength and attack, sweets will increase the mage stats (INT, MND, MP, and MP while healing), seafood will generally boost either tank stats (VIT, HP), or accuracy, ranged accuracy, and ranged attack. Juices will give a refresh effect, and milks will give a regen effect.

Food Categories[]

For a more comprehensive list of food items and the stats that go with them, see Food Effects.

Dish Types Effects Examples
Meat Dishes Mainly improve attributes such as STR, attack, and ranged attack Grilled Hare, Roast Mutton
Sushi Mainly improve DEX, Ranged Accuracy and accuracy Tuna Sushi, Urchin Sushi
Fish dishes Mainly improve DEX Salmon Sub Sandwich, Roast Pipira
Seafood dishes
(other than fish)
Mainly improve defense Steamed Crayfish, Tavnazian Salad
Pastas Mainly raise Store TP and maximum HP Carbonara, Pescatora, Arrabbiata
Cereals Mainly raise maximum HP Roasted Corn, Raisin Bread
Vegetable dishes Mainly raise AGI and ranged accuracy Vegetable Soup, Tomato Soup
Mushroom dishes Mainly raise MND, maximum MP, and lower enmity Roast Mushroom, Mushroom Soup
Pies Mainly raise INT and maximum MP Apple Pie, Melon Pie
Snack foods Mainly raise amount of HP and MP healed when resting Garlic Cracker, Bubble Chocolate
(other than pies and snacks)
Mainly raise maximum MP Snoll Gelato, Icecap Rolanberry
Drinks Mainly Refresh MP and Regen HP Pineapple Juice, Orange au Lait

Food Guides[]

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