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*[[West Ronfaure]]
*[[West Ronfaure]]
*[[Valkurm Dunes]]
*[[Valkurm Dunes]](H-7)
*[[Jugner Forest]]
*[[Jugner Forest]]
*[[North Gustaberg]]
*[[North Gustaberg]]

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"Fields of Valor" is a new system in which players can take on voluntary training regimes to slay a number of specified enemies in an assigned period of time. One training regime may be undertaken per Vana'dielian day. If successful, players will receive experience points, gil, and Fields of Valor points (called "tabs") redeemable for other benefits.

Beginning a Training Regime

Select the Field Manual in the area you wish to train in (or in some cases, an adjacent area). The book will show several options:

  • Nothing
  • Read about Individual Training
  • Read about Field Support

Select the Individual Training option, and select a page. The page will detail what monsters you should defeat in what quantities, the area to defeat them in, and what level you must be to earn the credit. Being a higher level than the recommended level results in no credit toward the kills.

  • There may be some key to this. I received no credit in kills as a RNG14 fighting a "Recommended: 1-6", but a LS member did get credit as a THF23 in a "Recommended: 16-22".

As you defeat the enemies, progress reports will result:

  • You defeated a training regime target. (Progress: 1/6)

When you have completed the regime, you receive the following message:

  • You have successfully completed the training regime.
  • <PC> gains XXX experience points.
  • <PC> obtains XXX gil.
  • <PC> obtains XXX tabs. (Total: XXX)

You do not have to return to the Field Manual to gain the reward. Once a reward is gained, you must wait until the next Vana'diel day to begin a new regime.

Field Manual Locations


Tabs may be spent on the following, accessed under the "Read about Field Support" option:

  • Repatriation: 50 tabs
    • Warps the player back to their home nation
  • White magic: Reraise: 10 tabs
  • White magic: Regen: 20 tabs
  • White magic: Refresh: 20 tabs
  • White magic: Protect: 15 tabs
  • White magic: Shell: 15 tabs
  • Field recipe: Dried Meat: 50 tabs
  • Field recipe: Salted Fish: 50 tabs
  • Field recipe: Hard Cookie: 50 tabs

Training Regimens

Training Regimens and the locations of the Field Manuals can be found at the Field Manual NPC page.

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