Feral Skills are unique monster abilities, found listed on any Soul Plate. They are used to deepen a captured monster's range of skills, and are a necessary function of battling.

These skills can be added to a Soul Reflector or Official Reflector. When either a reflector or a Soul Plate is traded to the a Soul Reflector Manager, the skill will be transferred to a specific Pankration monster owned. This, of course, is assuming it has the Feral Points to equip it and the player can afford the fee of 1 Jetton.

Innate Skills

When turning Soul Plates into Soul Reflectors the resulting reflector sometimes has innate skill(s). These skills cost no Feral Points and cannot be removed from the Soul Reflector. The skill on a Soul Reflector is usually the same skill that was on the Soul Plate but sometimes different skills, more skills, or no skills are on the reflector.

The use of High Speed Soul Plates increases the chance that an innate skill will be present.

Hunting down skills

When you are looking for a specific skill, cross-reference it against the known traits and abilities of monsters.

For example:

Soul plates with killer traits and resistance to elements/status effects will be found on monsters that are known to have those traits, like Undead Killer and Fire Resistance on Fire Elementals.

Special abilities like Reactor Cool on Zdei will give the Ice Spikes status, hence their soul plates can have Instant Ice Spikes. HNMs tend to have nasty abilities like Auto Regen, Auto Refresh, Auto Regain and their soul plates reflect this.

Absolute Virtue has access to all 15 pre-TOAU jobs, so theoretically should have all soul plates related to these jobs and it's family (Aern).

List of Feral Skills

Accuracy Additional Darkness Damage Additional Earth Damage Additional Fire Damage Additional Ice Damage
Additional Light Damage Additional Lightning Damage Additional Water Damage Additional Wind Damage Agility
Amnesia Attack Amorph Killer Aquan Killer Arcana Killer Aspir Attack
Attack Attack Speed Auto Refresh Auto Regain Auto Regen
Bard Beast Killer Beastmaster Binding Attack Bio Attack
Bird Killer Black Mage Blinding Attack Breath Damage Resistance Charisma
Critical Hit Rate Curse Attack Damage Resistance Dark Knight Dark Magic Skill
Darkness Attack Bonus Darkness Resistance Defense Demon Killer Dexterity
Dia Attack Dispelling Attack Divine Magic Skill Double Attack Dragon Killer
Dragoon Draining Attack Earth Attack Earth Resistance Elemental Magic Skill
Enfeebling Magic Skill Enhancing Magic Bonus Evasion Fire Attack Fire Resistance
Gravity Attack Healing Magic Skill HP Ice Attack Ice Resistance
Instant Aquaveil Instant Baraero Instant Barblind Instant Barblizzard Instant Barfire
Instant Barparalyze Instant Barpoison Instant Barsilence Instant Barsleep Instant Barthunder
Instant Barwater Instant Blaze Spikes Instant Blink Instant Dread Spikes Instant Haste
Instant Ice Spikes Instant Phalanx Instant Protect Instant Shell Instant Shock Spikes
Instant Stoneskin Intelligence Interruption Rate Light Attack Light Resistance
Lightning Attack Lightning Resistance Lizard Killer Magic Accuracy Magic Attack
Magic Casting Speed Magic Damage Resistance Magic Defense Mind Monk
MP Neutral Attack Ninja Ninjutsu Skill Paladin
Paralyzing Attack Petrifying Attack Plantoid Killer Poisoning Attack Ranger
Red Mage Samurai Singing Skill Silencing Attack Sleep Attack
Slowing Attack Store TP Strength Stun Attack Subtle Blow
Terrorizing Attack Thief TP Drain Attack Triple Attack Undead Killer
Vermin Killer Viral Attack Vitality Warrior Water Attack
Water Resistance White Mage Wind Attack Wind Resistance


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