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A compendium of available events found throughout Final Fantasy 11.


Event Players Level Reward
Geas Fete 3-18 119+ Weapons, Armor
Geas Fete focuses on battling the notorious monsters that dwell in the new Escha - Zi'Tah area. Defeating these notorious monsters will grant the victors experience and capacity points, escha silt and beads—unique currencies specific to Escha—as well as powerful equipment specific to each monster.
Vagary 3-18 119+ Weapons, Armor, Upgrade Materials
Vagary pits Vana’diel’s bravest adventurers against the Xol Triumvirate, with victors receiving hitherto unforeseen spoils and rewards. Winding passage found in the depths of Outer Ra'Kaznar lead adventurers to confrontations with all three members of the triumvirate: Balamor the Deathborne, Dhokmak the Brash, and Ashrakk the Duskbrood.
High-Tier Mission Battlefields 1-18 113+ Weapons, Armor, Upgrade Materials
Revamped mission battlefields that offer players item level 119 weapons and armor, chapters and materials used to upgrade Artifact Armor and Relic Armor to 109/119, and materials used to upgrade Relic Weapons, Empyrean Weapons, and Mythic Weapons to 119.
Delve 1-18 120+ Plasm, Airlixirs, Weapons, Armor, Upgrade Items
Delve requires the defeat of 5 NMs and a boss within a time limit of 45 minutes. Success grants players with key items that allow for purchase of various weapons, armor, and accessories using Plasm currency, as well as Airlixirs used in upgrading said weapons and armor. The materials dropped from bosses are also used in upgrading Relic Armor to 119, and for creating new JSE 119 weapons.
Incursion 3-18 119 Weapons, Armor, JSE Capes
Incursion allows for players to battle the Velkk bosses of Adoulin. This unique event allows players to increase the level of difficulty to as high as 143. The main attraction from this event is the augmented JSE capes that can be randomly obtained from Velkk coffers.
Alluvion Skirmish 1-6 119 Weapons
Alluvion Skirmish pits players against various NMs with the goal of obtaining unique, augmentable 119 weapons.
Skirmish 1-6 106+ Weapons, Armor
Skirmish is an event designed for the casual player. Level difficulty starts at 106 and increases to 119, based on the area of the event. Rewards provide weapons and armor that can be augmented with various types of stones.

Money Farming[]

Event Players Level Reward
Salvage II 1-18 99+ Alexandrite, Armor, Upgrade Items
Revamped salvage zones that can now be soloed by most item level 109+ jobs. This event is considered one of the best sources of income due to the fact that Alexandrite is always in demand from players working towards obtaining a Mythic Weapon.
Dynamis 1-18 99+ Ancient Currency, Relic Armor
Dynamis is considered to be the easiest source of income simply because it can be soloed by almost any 99+ job. You can enter once per day, and there is no purchasing permits like there is for salvage. As long as a player defeats all the time extensions before they begin farming, a player can expect 100 to upwards of 400 pcs of currency from a run. All which sell very well due to the fact that this currency is used in the creation of Relic Weapons.
Voidwatch 1-18 99+ Empyrean Weapons and Relic Armor Upgrade Items
One of the most relevant events in the game, Voidwatch pits players against a variety of foes spread across Vanadiel. Like Abyssea, Voidwatch has its own questline that a player may complete if they choose, though this event shines for more than just its story. Voidwatch provides players a great alternative to obtaining high amounts of XP, as well as allows players to line their pockets with often sought after Empyrean Weapons upgrade items, and Relic Armor upgrade materials.
Walk of Echoes Battlefields 1-36 119 WS Unlock Items, Experience Points
Varied battlefields that offer an assortment of rewards; the most notable being the coins, Devious Dice, and Liminal Residue used in unlocking Empyrean Weaponskills. Surged walks offer a new challenge for players 119+.


Event Players Level Reward
Abyssea 1-18 75+ Experience Points, Weapons, Armor
Once one of the most active endgame contents, Abyssea is mainly used now for grinding massive amounts of XP in a short amount of time. There are a few select pieces of gear still useful from Abyssea; much of the Empyrean Amor still has use, as well as choice gear from Shinryu. Beyond this, Abyssea has a questline of its own, and it offers a player a setting that allows for characters to be supercharged with such enhancements as Atma. Want to have 9999HP/MP/etc.? You can do that in Abyssea!
Einherjar 6-36 60+ Therion Ichor, Weapons, Armor, Various Items
An event that has fallen to the wayside; players mainly do this event because they are working towards 100,000 Therion Ichor, which is one of several tasks necessary to obtain a Mythic Weapon. Though, having the chance to fight Odin in all his glory may be reason enough for some players to take up arms in Einherjar.
SKCNM 1-6 109+ Reforged Armor Upgrades, Weapons, Armor
Sacred Kindred's Crest Notorious Monster battlefields require the purchase of a specific orb to participate. SKCNM are revamped battlefields that are most notable for providing upgrade materials for artifact and relic armor. With the option to select difficulty levels, higher levels have the chance to drop materials that will allow for the upgrade of artifact armor to 119, while any difficulty provides chapters; used to upgrade artifact and relic armor to 109.
KCNM 1-6 99+ Weapons, Armor, Various Items
Kindred Crest Notorious Monster battlefields require the purchase of a specific orb to participate. While these battles are uncapped, they offer little in reward for players.
BCNM 1-18 20+ Weapons, Armor, Various Items
Officially called Orb Battles, Burning Circle Notorious Monster battlefields require the purchase of a specific orb to participate; BCNM have level caps that range from level 20-99+. With the exception of a few BCNMs, the majority do not offer much in worthwhile reward. The most notable BCNMs provide items for the Black Belt quest, a few items for materials used in upgrading Artifact Armor and Relic Armor to 109, and, of course, the ever elusive Kraken Club.
ANNM 1-18 60-99 Weapons, Armor, Various Items
Allied Note Notorious Monster battlefields require a specific key item that can be purchased with Allied Notes to participate. ANNMs have level caps that range from 60-99, and do not offer much in terms of worthwhile rewards.
ENM 1-18 30-75 Weapons, Armor, Various Items
Empty Notorious Monster battlefields require a specific key item to participate. Obtaining the key items vary based on the battlefield you wish to enter, with some being rather difficult to obtain. ENMs have level caps that range from 30-75, which is one of the reasons these battles are not worthwhile; the other being the fact that the rewards are lackluster.
ISNM 6 60-99 Weapons, Armor, Various Items
Imperial Standing Notorious Monster battlefields require a specific key item that can be purchased with Imperial Standing to participate. ISNMs have level caps that range from 60-99, and do not offer much in terms of worthwhile rewards.
SCNM Information Needed Information Needed Weapons, Armor, Various Items
Sealed Container Notorious Monster are a series of battles taking place in the three Beastman strongholds located in La Vaule (S), Beadeaux (S), and Castle Oztroja (S). They require the defeat of various NMs for specific drops, which in turn are used to obtain the key item for the battle. The lackluster rewards make this event unappealing to players.

Nation Offense/Defense[]

Event Players Level Reward
Besieged 1-18 75+ Imperial Standing, Experience Points
Defend Al Zahbi from hordes of trolls, mamool, and undead. Imperial Standing isn't often used, but when it is, this event is the best way to obtain it. It also provides a decent means of obtaining combat and magic skillups as well as a minor amount of experience points for a player.
Campaign Battle 1-18 75+ Allied Notes, Experience Points, Rank
Fight for a nation during the Shadowreign era! If you find a player doing this event, it is more than likely because they enjoy it, as it does not provide much in reward. Allied Notes aren't used for much of anything, and the experience points obtained from a battle is minor. Though, a player can actually see the difference that they are making for their nation after every battle! Campaign mobs also have high amounts of HP which makes them prime targets to obtain combat and magic skillups, as well as sparks from RoE objectives.
Campaign Operations 1-6 75+ Allied Notes, Experience Points
Complete various objectives to boost your nations strength during the Shadowreign era! These operations are merely side objectives that players can choose to do or not do; they have no bearing on anything beyond the players own enjoyment. They provide little in means of allied notes and experience, but combined with controlling zones via Campaign Battles, several rare battlefields can be unlocked that offer some items of relevance.
Bastion or Resistance Ops 1-18 30+ Resistance Credits, Experience Points
An event based in Abyssea zones that serve little purpose. The main reason for participating is to obtain resistance credits which are used to purchase base Empyrean leg armor. Beyond this, the Resistance Ops Bastion consists of are considered quests and may be worthwhile to complete for some players.
Dominion Ops 1-18 30+ Dominion Notes, Experience Points
An event based in Abyssea zones that has little purpose. The main reason for participating is to obtain dominion notes which are used to purchase base Empyrean body armor. Randomly augmented weapons can also be purchased with dominion notes and sold to NPCs for around 7000 gil each.
Expeditionary Force 4-6 20-65 Conquest Points
Very few players, if any, participate in this event. It offers little reward, and virtually no bearing on conquest results, as most often players pay little attention to what nation owns which area. The main reason to control areas is to gain access to the various Regional Vendors found throughout the game. Even then, most players can work around the lack of any specific ingredients or materials.
Garrison 1-18 20-75 Mannequin parts, Weapons, Armor
An early event created with little to offer for rewards. A solid source for Mannequin parts, but overall, not an event you will find many, if any, players participating in.


Event Players Level Reward
Fields of Valor 1-18 1+ Experience Points, Tabs
Less an event and more a bonus to XP when leveling a job in the Middle Lands. Fields of Valor should be utilized by all players choosing to level the old-fashioned way; slow and steady. Examine a Field Manual, find them using widescan on your map, select an individual training regiment, and let the XP flow!
Grounds of Valor 1-18 1+ Experience Points, Tabs
Very similar to Fields of Valor, with the differences being that Grounds of Valor take place in dungeons (FoV take place in... fields), GoV grants Prowess, and with GoV, the longer you stay in a zone, the higher your XP bonus raises with each page completion until it eventually caps. Find a Grounds Tome using widescan on your map, select an individual training regiment, and let the XP flow! Make note that many players make use of GoV to power level their friends; a solid alliance can earn 100,000 XP/hour.

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