Enhancing Magic governs all magic that enhances the user and sometimes his party. Effects range from buffs such as Protect (physical defense up), Shell (magic defense up) and haste (speed up attacks and spell recasting time) to transportation spells such as Warp (return you to your home point) and the white mage teleport spells.

While no job has a very high rating in Enhancing Magic skill, Red Mage and Scholar (under the effect of Light Arts) have the highest. Although some Enhancing spells' potencies are not affected by the caster's skill, e.g. warp, haste (they transport you or give you the effect, there's no degree of success), others such as the various enspells and Stoneskin grow more powerful with increasing skill. Higher skill in Enhancing Magic also, as with skill in any magic discipline, helps to prevent spells governed by it from being interrupted while being cast.

The duration of some Enhancing Magic on a player is also governed to a degree by the receiving player's level. A player who is below the level that a spell is acquired will notice that the spell does not last the complete duration. For example, if a player casts Shell IV (a Level 68 spell) on a Level 62 character, the spell will wear off a little earlier than the expected 30 minute duration. The shortening of the duration of an Enhancing spell appears to have greater effect as the level difference increases, for instance, casting Protectra V on a Level 10 character will result in a buff which wears in a matter of minutes.

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 49 Cap at Level 99
Red Mage B+ 5 144 404
Rune Fencer B- 5 144 388
White Mage C+ 5 139 378
Paladin D 4 133 334
Scholar* D (B+)* 4 133(144)* 334(404)*
Black Mage E 4 124 300
  • Scholar's Enhancing Magic skill increases to B+ rating under Light Arts if capped at D.

See: Combat Skills for more Skill information.

Equipment that Enhances this Skill

By Amount Added

Name Skill Increase Other effects
+20 +18 +15 +12 +11 +10 +9 +8 +7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +1
Orison Duckbills +2 CheckCheck.gif
Duelist's Gloves +2 CheckCheck.gif (Augment) Enhances Phalanx II
Orison Duckbills +1 CheckCheck.gif
Beneficus CheckCheck.gif
Duelist's Gloves CheckCheck.gif
Duelist's Gloves +1 CheckCheck.gif
Scholar's Pants CheckCheck.gif
Scholar's Pants +1 CheckCheck.gif
Warlock's Tights CheckCheck.gif
Warlock's Tights +1 CheckCheck.gif
Portent Pants CheckCheck.gif
Estoqueur's Houseaux +2 CheckCheck.gif Duration +20%
Anhur Robe CheckCheck.gif
Hyksos Robe +1 CheckCheck.gif
Hyksos Robe CheckCheck.gif
Estoqueur's Houseaux +1 CheckCheck.gif Duration +10%
Cleric's Duckbills CheckCheck.gif
Cleric's Duckbills +1 CheckCheck.gif
Gallant Breeches +1 CheckCheck.gif
Savant's Bonnet +2 CheckCheck.gif
Rubeus Boots CheckCheck.gif
Genie Huaraches CheckCheck.gif
Igqira Huaraches CheckCheck.gif
Savant's Bonnet +1 CheckCheck.gif
Enhancing Torque CheckCheck.gif
Argute Gown CheckCheck.gif
Argute Gown +1 CheckCheck.gif
Colossus's Torque CheckCheck.gif
Estoqueur's Cape CheckCheck.gif Duration +10%
Augur's Gloves CheckCheck.gif
Merciful Cape CheckCheck.gif
Gallant Breeches CheckCheck.gif
Savant's Treatise CheckCheck.gif
Augmenting Earring CheckCheck.gif
Cascade Belt CheckCheck.gif
Glamor Jupon CheckCheck.gif
Stimulus Sabots CheckCheck.gif
Fulcio Grip CheckCheck.gif
Yinyang Lorgnette CheckCheck.gif
Siegel Sash Casting time -8%

By Equipment Slot


Level Name Jobs Bonus
75 Kirin's Pole MNK/WHM/BLM/PLD/DRG/SMN/SCH/GEO +1~12*
89 Beneficus WHM +15


Level Name Jobs Bonus
83 Fulcio Grip All +3


Level Name Jobs Bonus
85 Savant's Bonnet +1 SCH +8
85 Savant's Bonnet +2 SCH +10


Level Name Jobs Bonus
40 Yinyang Lorgnette WHM/BLM/SMN/PUP/SCH/GEO +1
65 Enhancing Torque All +7
75 Colossus's Torque All +7(10)


Level Name Jobs Bonus
50 Glamor Jupon RDM/SCH +3
74 Argute Gown SCH +7
75 Argute Gown +1 SCH +7
90 Hyksos Robe +1 WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/PUP/SCH/GEO +11
90 Duelist's Tabard +2 RDM +15


Level Name Jobs Bonus
72 Duelist's Gloves RDM +15
75 Duelist's Gloves +1 RDM +15
79 Augur's Gloves WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH/GEO +5
90 Duelist's Gloves +2 RDM +18


Level Name Jobs Bonus
56 Scholar's Pants SCH +15*
56 Warlock's Tights RDM +15
58 Gallant Breeches PLD +5
74 Gallant Breeches +1 PLD +10
74 Scholar's Pants +1 SCH +15*
74 Warlock's Tights +1 RDM +15
90 Cleric's Pantaloons +2 WHM +18
*Under the effects of Light Arts


Level Name Jobs Bonus
70 Stimulus Sabots WHM/BLM/SMN/PUP/SCH/GEO +3
71 Cleric's Duckbills WHM +10
73 Igqira Huaraches BLM +8
73 Genie Huaraches BLM +9
75 Cleric's Duckbills +1 WHM +10
81 Orison Duckbills +1 WHM +15
81 Orison Duckbills +2 WHM +20
81 Estoqueur's Houseaux +1 RDM +10
81 Estoqueur's Houseaux +2 RDM +15
87 Literae Sabots BLM/SCH +1~5*
90 Cleric's Duckbills +2 WHM +12
96 Rubeus Boots WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN/SCH/GEO +10


Level Name Jobs Bonus
73 Merciful Cape All +5
84 Estoqueur's Cape RDM +6


Level Name Jobs Bonus
93 Olympus Sash all +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
35 Augmenting Earring All +3
35 Aptus Earring All +2*

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See: Combat Skills for more Skill information.

Enhancing Magic is a key factor in many White Magic spells:
  • Resistance gained from Bar Elemental spells = ((Enhancing Magic Skill / 5) + 40), rounded down.
  • Above skill 310, at every interval of 20 starting at 310, increase the previous +40 in the equation by one. Example: Enhancing magic skill = 355, ((355/5)+43). Add 43 because 310 is +41, 330 is +42, 350 is +43
  • See also Phalanx and Phalanx II for effects of enhancing magic skill on these spells.
  • See also Red Mage: En-Spell Damage Calculations.
  • See also Stoneskin for formula and calculations.
  • The effect of opposing spells such as Haste and Slow can overwrite each other if the caster's skill is greater than the previous caster's skill. ie. Haste is cast by enhancing 200, slow must be cast by enfeebling >200 to take effect over slow and vice versa.

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