Empyrean weapons

Empyrean Weapons

Empyrean Weapons, also known as "Full Magian Weapons" are fourteen weapons (one for each weapon type except throwing) obtained through the "Trial of the Magians" series of quests.

How to Obtain[]

To begin, you must obtain a base weapon from the Splintery Chest in Ru'Lude Gardens. Then you must complete the specific weapon trials to eventually reach the fully formed Empyrean Weapon.

Hand-to-Hand: Verethragna[]

Verethragna (90)

Starting Weapon: Pugilists

Trial 68: Tumbling Truffle x3
Trial 69: Helldiver x3
Trial 70: Orctrap x3

Trial 71: Intulo x4
Trial 72: Ramponneau x4
Trial 73: Keeper of Halidom x4
Trial 74: Shoggoth x6
Trial 75: Farruca Fly x6
Trial 1138: Chesma x8

Trial 1139: TradeTwo-leaf Chloris Bud x50
Trial 1909: TradeUlhuadshi's Fang x50
Trial 2307: TradeDragua's Scale x75

Dagger: Twashtar[]


Starting Weapon: Peeler

Trial 2: Nocuous Weapon x3
Trial 3: Black Triple Stars x3
Trial 4: Serra x3

Trial 5: Bugbear Strongman x4
Trial 6: La Velue x4
Trial 7: Hovering Hotpot x4
Trial 8: Yacumama x6
Trial 9: Feuerunke x6
Trial 1092: Tammuz x8

Trial 1093: TradeGlavoid Shells x50
Trial 1886: TradeItzpapalotl's Scale x50
Trial 2283: TradeOrthrus's Claws x75

Sword: Almace[]

Almace (99-2)

Starting Weapon: Side-sword

Trial 150: Serpopard Ishtar x3
Trial 151: Tottering Toby x3
Trial 152: Drooling Daisy x3

Trial 153: Gargantua x4
Trial 154: Megalobugard x4
Trial 155: Ratatoskr x4
Trial 156: Jyeshtha x6
Trial 157: Capricornus x6
Trial 1200: Tammuz x8

Trial 1201: TradeHelm of Briareus x50
Trial 1940: TradeSobek's Skin x50
Trial 2339: TradeApademak's Horns x75

Great Sword: Caladbolg[]


Starting Weapon: Break blade

Trial 216: Bloodpool Vorax x3
Trial 217: Golden Bat x3
Trial 218: Slippery Sucker x3

Trial 219: Seww the Squidlimbed x4
Trial 220: Ankabut x4
Trial 221: Okyupete x4
Trial 222: Urd x6
Trial 223: Lamprey Lord x6
Trial 1246: Chesma x8

Trial 1247: TradeCarabosse's Gem x50
Trial 1963: TradeCirein-croin's Lantern x50
Trial 2363: TradeIsgebind's Heart x75

Axe: Farsha[]


Starting Weapon: Chopper

Trial 282: Panzer Percival x3
Trial 283: Ge'Dha Evileye x3
Trial 284: Bashe x3

Trial 285: Intulo x4
Trial 286: Ramponneau x4
Trial 287: Keeper of Halidom x4
Trial 288: Shoggoth x6
Trial 289: Farruca Fly x6
Trial 1292: Tammuz x8

Trial 1293: TradeFistule Discharge x50
Trial 1986: TradeBukhis's Wing x50
Trial 2387: TradeAlfard's Fang x75

Great Axe: Ukonvasara[]


Starting Weapon: Lumberjack

Trial 364: Hoo Mjuu the Torrent x3
Trial 365: Daggerclaw Dracos x3
Trial 366: Namtar x3

Trial 367: Gargantua x4
Trial 368: Megalobugard x4
Trial 369: Ratatoskr x4
Trial 370: Jyeshtha x6
Trial 371: Capricornus x6
Trial 1354: Chesma x8

Trial 1355: TradeGlavoid Shells x50
Trial 2017: TradeItzpapalotl's Scales x50
Trial 2419: TradeOrthrus's Claws x75

Scythe: Redemption[]


Starting Weapon: Farmhand

Trial 512: Barbastelle x3
Trial 513: Ah Puch x3
Trial 514: Donggu x3

Trial 515: Bugbear Strongman x4
Trial 516: La Velue x4
Trial 517: Hovering Hotpot x4
Trial 518: Yacumama x6
Trial 519: Feuerunke x6
Trial 1462: Tammuz x8

Trial 1463: TradeTwo-leaf Chloris Bud x50
Trial 2040: TradeUlhuadshi's Fang x50
Trial 2443: TradeDragua's Scale x75

Polearm: Rhongomiant[]

Rhongomiant (90)

Starting Weapon: Ranseur

Trial 430: Slendlix Spindlethumb x3
Trial 431: Herbage Hunter x3
Trial 432: Kirata x3

Trial 433: Intulo x4
Trial 434: Ramponneau x4
Trial 435: Keeper of Halidom x4
Trial 436: Shoggoth x6
Trial 437: Farruca Fly x6
Trial 1400: Chesma x8

Trial 1401: TradeTwo-leaf Chloris Bud x50
Trial 2063: TradeUlhuadshi's Fang x50
Trial 2467: TradeDragua's Scale x75

Katana: Kannagi[]


Starting Weapon: Kibashiri

Trial 578: Zi'Ghi Boneeater x3
Trial 579: Lumbering Lambert x3
Trial 580: Deadly Dodo x3

Trial 581: Gargantua x4
Trial 582: Megalobugard x4
Trial 583: Ratatoskr x4
Trial 584: Jyeshtha x6
Trial 585: Capricornus x6
Trial 1508: Tammuz x8

Trial 1509: TradeHelm of Briareus x50
Trial 2094: TradeSobek's Skin x50
Trial 2499: TradeApademak's Horn x75

Great Katana: Masamune[]


Starting Weapon: Donto
Trial 644: Vuu Puqu the Beguiler x3
Trial 645: Buburimboo x3
Trial 646: Zo'Khu Blackcloud x3

Trial 647: Seww the Squidlimbed x4
Trial 648: Ankabut x4
Trial 649: Okyupete x4
Trial 650: Urd x6
Trial 651: Lamprey Lord x6
Trial 1554: Chesma x8

Trial 1555: TradeCarabosse's gem x50
Trial 2117: TradeCirein-croin's Lantern x50
Trial 2523: TradeIsgebind's Hearts x75
Trial 2956: TradeHeavy Metal Plate x1500
Trial 3419: TradeRiftcinder x60
Trial 3601: TradeRiftcinder x3000

Club: Gambanteinn[]


Starting Weapon: Stenz

Trial 710: Stray Mary x3
Trial 711: Hawkeyed Dnatbat x3
Trial 712: Dune Widow x3

Trial 713: Seww the Squidlimbed x4
Trial 714: Ankabut x4
Trial 715: Okyupete x4
Trial 716: Urd x6
Trial 717: Lamprey Lord x6
Trial 1600: Tammuz x8

Trial 1601: TradeFistule Discharge x50
Trial 2140: TradeBukhis's Wing x50
Trial 2547: TradeAlfard's Fang x75

Staff: Hvergelmir[]

Hvergelmir (90)

Starting Weapon: Crook

Trial 776: Teporingo x3
Trial 777: Valkurm Emperor x3
Trial 778: Hyakume x3

Trial 779: Gloomanita x4
Trial 780: Mischievous Micholas x4
Trial 781: Cactuar Cantautor x4
Trial 782: Erebus x6
Trial 783: Skuld x6
Trial 1646: Chesma x8

Trial 1647: TradeKukulkan's Fang x50
Trial 2163: TradeSedna's Tusk x50
Trial 2571: TradeAzdaja's Horn x75

Gun: Armageddon[]

Armageddon (90)

Starting Weapon: Thunderstick

Trial 891: Desmodont x3
Trial 892: Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade x3
Trial 893: Ni'Zho Bladebender x3

Trial 894: Bugbear Strongman x4
Trial 895: La Velue x4
Trial 896: Hovering Hotpot x4
Trial 897: Yacumama x6
Trial 898: Feuerunke x6
Trial 1758: Tammuz x8

Trial 1759: TradeCarabosse's Gem x50
Trial 2234: TradeCirein-croin's Lantern x50
Trial 2644: TradeIsgebind's Heart x75

Archery: Gandiva[]


Starting Weapon: Sparrow

Trial 941: Be'Hya Hundredwall x3

Trial 942: Jolly Green x3
Trial 943: Trembler Tabitha x3
Trial 944: Seww the Squidlimbed x4

Trial 945: Ankabut x4
Trial 946: Okyupete x4
Trial 947: Urdx6
Trial 948: Lamprey Lord x6
Trial 1788: Chesma x8

Trial 1789: TradeFistule Discharge x50
Trial 2219: TradeBukhis's Wing x50
Trial 2628: TradeAlfard's Fang x75

Harp: Daurdabla[]

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Starting Weapon: Pyf Harp

Trial 2709: TradeIron Plate x50

Trial 2710: TradeColorless Soul x75

Trial 2711: TradeApademak's Horn x75

Shield: Ochain[]


Starting Weapon: Utilis Shield

Trial 4397: TradeIron Plate x50

Trial 4398: TradeColorless Soul x75

Trial 4399: TradeAzdaja's Horn x75

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