This branch of magic embodies the spiritual energy within white magic and utilizes it into several powerful forms. Although divine magic can be harnessed into devastating blasts of pure light energy, this power is often ineffective without spiritual or mental inspiration.

There are five types of Divine Magic spells:

  • Banish : Deals light-based damage to target, lowers Undead's damage resistance for a certain amount of time.
  • Holy : A fast-casting spell that deals Light damage to an enemy.
  • Flash : A fast-casting spell that temporarily blinds an enemy, greatly lowering its accuracy.
  • Repose : Puts an enemy to sleep.
  • Enlight : Adds light damage to your attacks.

Divine Magic Skill is the skill base from which Divine Magic derives. Divine Magic skill lowers the resistance rate of offensive divine spells, influencing whether a Divine Magic spell is resisted or not. Divine Magic Skill also helps defend against spell interruptions for divine spells.

All Divine Magic is Light based; thus, it is especially powerful against Undead monsters.

Note: Red Mages have no natural Divine Magic spells, despite having Divine Magic skill. This is because Dia, Diaga, and Dia II used to be Divine Magic, but were later changed to Enfeebling Magic. They also used to have Flash, but it was removed. Scholars also have Divine Magic skill with no native Divine Magic spells, though they are able to utilize such spells granted by a subjob at full effect as a result.

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 49 Cap at Level 99
White Mage A- 6 150 417
Paladin B+ 5 144 404
Rune Fencer B 5 144 398
Scholar* D (B+)* 4 133(144)* 334(404)*
Red Mage E 4 124 300
  • Scholar's Divine Magic skill increases to B+ rating under Light Arts if capped at D.

See: Combat Skills for more Skill information.

Equipment that enhances this Skill

By Amount Added

Name Skill Increase
+15 +13 +10 +8 +7 +5 +4 +3 +1
Healer's Pantaloons CheckCheck.gif
Healer's Pantaloons +1 CheckCheck.gif
Scholar's Pants CheckCheck.gif
Scholar's Pants +1 CheckCheck.gif
Mighty Pole CheckCheck.gif
Neptune's Staff CheckCheck.gif
Water Staff CheckCheck.gif
Gallant Surcoat +1 CheckCheck.gif
Hauteclaire CheckCheck.gif
Divine Torque CheckCheck.gif
Marduk's Tiara CheckCheck.gif
Honorbound CheckCheck.gif
Altruistic Cape CheckCheck.gif
Elite Beret +1 CheckCheck.gif
Gallant Surcoat CheckCheck.gif
Holy Wand +1 CheckCheck.gif
Knight's Earring CheckCheck.gif
Nashira Seraweels CheckCheck.gif
Templar Sabatons CheckCheck.gif
Elite Beret CheckCheck.gif
Holy Wand CheckCheck.gif
Sacred Wand CheckCheck.gif
Chi Necklace CheckCheck.gif
Divine Earring CheckCheck.gif
Divinus Grip CheckCheck.gif
Skirnir's Wand CheckCheck.gif
Sealed Mace CheckCheck.gif

By Equipment Slot


Level Name Jobs Bonus
39 Sealed Mace WHM +1
51 Water Staff All +10
51 Neptune's Staff All +10
67 Holy Wand +1 WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU/SCH/GEO +5
68 Skirnir's Wand WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU/SCH/GEO +3
71 Hauteclaire PLD/DRK/RUN +8
72 Mighty Pole WAR/MNK/WHM/BLM/PLD/BRD/DRG/SMN/SCH/GEO Windsdays:+13
83 Divinus Grip All +3


Level Name Jobs Bonus
74 Elite Beret +1 WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU/SCH/GEO +5
75 Marduk's Tiara WHM/BRD/SMN +7


Level Name Jobs Bonus
65 Divine Torque All +7
75 Chi Necklace All Salvage: +3


Level Name Jobs Bonus
60 Gallant Surcoat PLD +5
74 Gallant Surcoat +1 PLD +8


Level Name Jobs Bonus
56 Healer's Pantaloons WHM +15
56 Scholar's Pants SCH +15*
74 Healer's Pantaloons +1 WHM +15
74 Scholar's Pants +1 SCH +15*
75 Nashira Seraweels WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU +5
*Under the effects of Light Arts


Level Name Jobs Bonus
61 Templar Sabatons WHM/PLD +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
73 Altruistic Cape All +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
35 Divine Earring All +3
72 Knight's Earring All +5

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