Vana'diel contains a number of crafting guilds which players can join in order to craft (or fish) various items. There are also a number of Hobbies which players can utilize to obtain materials to aid in these crafts.


Craft often used to create enhancing and enfeebling potions, healing medicines, enfeebling weapons, and Ninjutsu tools.


Craft which works with bones to create moderately heavy armor and a wide variety of ammunition and jewelry.


Craft which works with natural threads to craft lightweight armor and capes often used by magicians.


Craft which combines ingredients to make a wide variety of tasty and enhancing meals.


Craft which seeks to catch the fish from the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds of Vana'diel.


Craft which works with precious gems and metals to create beautiful jewelry and glittering armor.


Craft which works with animal hides to craft medium-weight and versatile armor.


Craft which reformulates raw ores into usable ingredients for making heavy armor and weapons.


Craft which uses lumber found around Vana'diel to craft a variety of weapons, shields, ammunition and Mog House furniture.


Craft used in combination with other craft skills in a group effort, originally to inscribe special effects on weapons and armor with Evolith stones.



To become an experienced crafter, every multiple-of-ten skill levels (10, 20, 30, etc.), you are required to prove to the guild that you "have what it takes" to acquire the next rank by crafting (or buying) an item of the guild's choosing. This item can be turned in as early as upon reaching each "8" (8, 18, 28, etc.) in skill.

Level Rank Acquired
8-10  Recruit
18-20  Initiate
28-30  Novice
38-40  Apprentice
48-50  Journeyman
58-60  Craftsman
68-70  Artisan
78-80  Adept
88-90  Veteran
98-100  Expert

Relations Between Crafts Above Skill Level 70[]

After you hit level 70, you get 40 levels to distribute among the other crafts you also have above level 70. Meaning, you can get every single craft up to 70 without any issues, but post-70 you have 40 levels to distribute. The decimal portion of your level is also counted and rounded up, as in, if your Woodworking was at 73.4, you would have 40 - 4 (3.4 rounded up), or 36 levels left to distribute.

If you raise a craft skill past 70, after already having 40 levels distributed to other crafts above 70, the level of the crafts already above 70 will decrease, starting with the highest craft skill not gaining a level.

As Fishing and Synergy are not synthesis crafts (which use crystals), they are not subject to any of these limitations. You can level Fishing to 110, Synergy to 80, all the rest of the crafts to 70, and still have the 40 points left to distribute as you want.

Also, once you have more than one craft above 70.0 and have less than 10Verification Needed craft skill level points of the 40 left, you will not be able to change guilds until you "renounce" your rank in one of those guilds, which drops that craft to Craftsman level 70.0. To do this, or delevel one of those crafts in general, talk to one of your current guildmasters and he/she will give you the choice to renounce your rank in one of your crafts over 70.0. You will not be able to choose how many skill points you wish to drop.

Crafting Tips and Guides[]

If you are below a recipe's cap, you can start attempting synthesis at 15 levels below it (this includes sub-crafts). Any gear or synthesis support counts toward this figure. You can now gain synthesis skillups up to 11 levels over the recipe cap (previously only up to the cap).

The level range in the table below represents your skill level in relation to the recipe skill level. "0" represents your skill level equaling the recipe skill level. It is generally believed that the following results are accurate. These are, however, assumptions only.

Level Range (-10) - (-1) 0 - 10 11 - 30 31 - 50 51 - 70 71 - 90 91 - 110
Success Rate 50% 95% (w/o crafting ring)
HQ Rate <1% 1.5% (1/64) 6.25% (1/16) 25% 50% 50% 50%
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