In Adoulin, six public enterprises called "coalitions" provide specialized support for the many individuals engaged in the colonization effort.

To take advantage of their unique services and participate in Coalition Assignments, one must first register with the Pioneers' Coalition.

The more each pioneer contributes to the colonization of Ulbuka, the more services each coalition offers--including a dazzling array of heretofore unseen equipment.

Coalition Maesters

The leaders of the various coalitions are known as "maesters," and each one oversees a different aspect of the colonization movement.

Every one of them also heads their own branch of the Twelve Orders. The talents they display in their respective fields are assuredly unparalleled.

Lhe Lhangavo

Maester of the Pioneers' Coalition. Extremely earnest and--some would say--a bit too eager to inundate her subordinates with assignments, this cheerful Mithra is known for her strong sense of obligation and the tough love she shows for those in her charge. She oversees the pioneering effort and the city's agricultural interests.


Maester of the Couriers' Coalition. Cool, calm, and collected, Reginald's habit of keeping quiet has only fueled rumors that he has developed some sort of secret technology. Though his past may be shrouded in mystery, the many feats he has performed while monitoring the inspection and distribution of goods throughout the continent are very much public knowledge.


Maester of the Scouts' Coalition. Not just one of the prettiest faces in all of Adoulin, her powers of deduction and analysis are also unrivaled. She is in charge of surveying Ulbuka's treacherous wilds as well as conducting sundry forms of research, which perfectly complements her logical nature and insatiable curiosity.


Maester of the Inventors' Coalition. A Tarutaru with a knack for developing new technology, her inexhaustible creativity attracts innovators from across the seas--including a certain young man from the Middle Lands who shows much promise of his own. Amchuchu officially presides over manufacturing and applied science in the Sacred City.


Maester of the Mummers' Coalition. Though her Elvaan upbringing may make some of her quips seem a tad on the wry side, Flaviria's sense of humor has come to be renowned throughout the continent. She may look like she is off in her own world at times, but do not let your guard down, lest you become the butt of her next joke. Recreation refining is her game, and she has yet to lose at it.


Maester of the Peacekeepers' Coalition. Not many Galka would spend their every waking moment in pursuit of criminals and fighting the constant threat of raids from the monstrosities that populate the jungle, but that just goes to show how deeply devoted Gratzigg is to protecting the continent he grew up on. He is the be-all end-all of security and defense in Adoulin.


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