The maze-like Chocobo Circuit is workplace of several helpful members of the chocobo racing division of the VCS.

Chocobo Circuit Entry Associates

These friendly individuals provide very basic information regarding Chocobo Circuit services. They mainly just serve to direct the inquiring adventure to the main Chocobo Circuit complex.



San d'Oria


Aht Urhgan Whitegate

General Information Desk Attendants

These attendants are given the task of providing you with as much information about the Adventurer Races as an interested adventurer can manage to hold. Also, nearby you may notice free maps of the Circuit Complex available for the taking.

Promenade Assistants and Shop Clerks

The logistics of the Adventurer Races are handled right here. The assistants (male for the Eastern Promenade, female for the Western Promenade) are here to help adventures with registering one's chocobo, signing up for a race, transferring to a different racing team as well as several other useful services.

Eastern Promenade

Western Promenade

Chocobet Center Clerks

The real fun of the Adventurer Races are found in the good old fashion risks of gambling. These clerks are here to help with the issuing and redeeming of chocobet tickets.

Jeuno Area

Windurst Area

San d'Oria Area

Bastok Area

Al Zahbi Area

Grandstand Bouncers and Statistics Checker

To keep out the more rowdy of the spectators, to allow for the best Chocobo Racing experience, these attendents are stationed at each grandstand entrance. Possession of a “Chocobo Circuit grandstand pass” or a small admission fee of 50 gil will grant players entry to the grandstand, however. Those working on the outside of the main complex, subsequently allow players back in. Players can also check the stats on the current races' circumstances.

Inside Complex

Outside Complex



The Circuit Complex guides are stationed around the Chocobo Circuit to assist players in reaching any of the racetrack facilities. This service is provided at no cost (as most will probably end up losing it all at the chocobet center anyway).

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