A charged item (also referred to as an Enchanted or Dispensing item) is an item that can be activated to trigger a variety of effects. These effects can come in the form of providing items, casting spells, stat adjustments and such, the nature of which are listed in the item description.

Format of a Charged Item


  1. Number of charges remaining.
  2. Initial number of charges.
  3. Timer countdown before the next usage. After equipping the item, it will count down #5. After using a charge, it will count down #4.
  4. Recast time; the amount of time required between uses of the item.
  5. Wait time; the amount of time required after the item has been equipped before it can be used.
All time values are in Earth-time.
When the number of charges is 1/1, the item has unlimited uses.

Depending on the number of charges remaining, the color of the charge display for enchanted and dispensing items will change in the following manner:

  • Blue: fully charged (only items in this state may be sold on the Auction House).
  • White: partially used.
  • Red: no charges remain.


  • After all charges have been used, the vast majority of enchanted items cannot have their charges refilled, but those items which are crafted can usually be desynthed to recover some materials in order to make a new one (or the discharged item can be sold to a vendor).
  • Equipment enchantments which increases a stat will grant an Enchanted status effect and must stay equipped or the effect will be removed.
  • Equipment with enchantments which grant a status effect, such as Stoneskin or Blink, can be removed without the status effect being canceled.
    • However, some items give a status effect but still must remain equipped to retain that status.
  • Items that have less than full charges (e.g., 99/100) cannot be sold at an auction house. However, they can be sold through a bazaar.

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