These missions are unlocked upon registration of the Chains of Promathia registration code, and require the installation of the Chains of Promathia expansion pack.

As of the July 2023 Version Update, adventurers are given a choice whether or not to begin Ancient Flames Beckon. This will record the mission To Begin CoP... in their log. To advance, interact with the Tales' Beginning at Lower Delkfutt's Tower, First Floor (H-10) to progress this mission line.

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Chains of Promathia also has several quest chains that mirror the main mission line and give extra detail to the storyline. See Side Quests for the list.

Chapter Title Type Reward
1. Ancient Flames Beckon 1. The Rites of Life Cutscene Mysterious Amulet (Key Item)
2. Below the Arks Quest Access to Promyvion - Mea, Promyvion - Holla, and Promyvion - Dem.
3. The Mothercrystals Battlefield Access and transportation to Lufaise Meadows and the Tavnazian Archipelago, 1500 Experience Points (per Promyvion), Light of Dem (Key Item), Light of Holla (Key Item), Light of Mea (Key Item)
2. The Isle of Forgotten Saints 1. An Invitation West Cutscene None
2. The Lost City Cutscene Access to Phomiuna Aqueducts
3. Distant Beliefs Fight None
4. An Eternal Melody Quest

Access to Riverne - Site A01

5. Ancient Vows Battlefield 1000 Experience Points
3. A Transient Dream 1. The Call of the Wyrmking Cutscene None
2. A Vessel Without a Captain Cutscene None
3. The Road Forks Fight None
4. Tending Aged Wounds Cutscene None
5. Darkness Named Battlefield 1000 Experience Points, access to Waking Dreams, access to Dreamworld Dynamis
4. The Cradles of Children Lost 1. Sheltering Doubt Quest Able to use the AH at the Tavnazian Safehold, able to do Lufaise Meadows Supply Run Quest, access to Riverne - Site B01
2. The Savage Battlefield 1500 Experience Points
3. The Secrets of Worship Fight Access to Sacrarium (given at the start of the mission)
4. Slanderous Utterings Cutscene None
5. The Return Home 1. The Enduring Tumult of War Fight Light of Vahzl (Key Item), Access to Promyvion - Vahzl
2. Desires of Emptiness Battlefield 1500 Experience Points
3. Three Paths Battlefield 1000 Experience Points per BC Fight (3), Trust: Shikaree Z
6. Echoes of Time 1. For Whom the Verse is Sung Cutscene None
2. A Place to Return Fight None
3. More Questions Than Answers Cutscene None
4. One to be Feared Battlefield Ducal Guard's Ring, 1500 Experience Points
7. In the Light of the Crystal 1. Chains and Bonds Cutscene Trust: Cherukiki
2. Flames in the Darkness Quest None
3. Fire in the Eyes of Men Quest None
4. Calm Before the Storm Fight None
5. The Warrior's Path Battlefield 1000 Experience Points, Access to Al'Taieu
8. Emptiness Bleeds 1. The Garden of Antiquity Fight Tavnazian Ring, Ability to Reforge Artifact and Empyrean Armor
2. A Fate Decided Fight None
3. When Angels Fall Battlefield 1000 Experience Points
4. Dawn Battlefield Rajas Ring, or Sattva Ring, or Tamas Ring; 2000 Experience Points, ability to purchase Key ItemAtma of the Banisher, Trust: Ulmia and Trust: Prishe
5. The Last Verse Conclusion None


  • Cutscene is a single cutscene or multiple cutscenes in town.
  • Quest is an assignment to go somewhere (possibly dangerous) for a cutscene or to retrieve/deliver an item, but no fighting required.
  • Fight requires you to fight a Notorious Monster.
  • Battlefield requires you to fight a single or multiple Notorious Monsters within a Battlefield.

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