Its fangs glint in the light as if they were of pure platinum, its flesh like a plate of armor forged of the hardest steel. Yet with only scattered sightings having been reported, none are sure which of the stories are true and which are overblown hyperbole.

Its breath is said to call forth blizzards from still winds, sending out icicles like lances made of diamonds, piercing the earth and littering it with myriad shards of glass.

If you hear its roars, then it's already too late. It stalks its prey in the cold of night, allowing for no rest or hope of escape.

Family Information
Type: Beasts
Common Behavior: A, L, T(S), T(H)
Weak against: Fire Trans Fire
Strong against: Ice Trans Ice
Traits: Resist Damage (based on Colonization rate)
Charmable: Eks
Pankration: Eks
Aspir: Information
Drain: Information

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Seekers of Adoulin Areas
Polar Roar - Deals ice damage to enemies within range. Additional effect: Bind. CheckCheck
Biting Abrogation CheckCheck
Brain Freeze CheckCheck
Glassy Nova CheckCheck
Glacial Tomb CheckCheck
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Zone Notable Drop(s)
Kumhau Accessed using KeyItemAnti-glaciation gear (purchased from Dimmian in Eastern Adoulin (E-6) for 15,000 bayld) at (I-6) in Kamihr Drifts . Respawns 3 hours after last death. Kamihr Drifts Quiahuiz Leggings

Quiahuiz Helm
Toro Cape
Ajjub Bow
Baqil Staff
Dosis Tathlum
Zuuxowu Grip
Cetl Belt
KeyItemAged Flashfrost Naakual crest

Utkux Enter Yorcia Weald (U) from the veil at (H-11) in Kamihr Drifts and defeat all NMs within to spawn Utkux Yorcia Weald (U)

KeyItemFrosted incisor

Quest NMs: None

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: None

Other NMs: None

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