Caturae (Mob Family)

No life form under the skies of Vana'diel nor the crimson moon of Abyssea is more mysterious than the enigmatic caturae. It is believed that these impenetrable beings once served the leisure events of a forsaken and equally arcane civilization. To date, nearly every piece of minutiae regarding their existence has managed to elude Vana'delian observation. While sightings have been rumored among the wayfarers of the Abyssean landscape, contact with the creatures has been stymied by their exceptional elusiveness. Perhaps no such accounts exist because those unfortunate enough to witness the blood-stained claws of these tortured creatures would either be unable to recount the terror or would have never returned to speak of it.

Family Information
Type: Arcana
Subfamilies: Tabbiyyat
Common Behavior: A, T(S)Exclamation
Weak against: Information
Strong against: Information
Common Job(s): Black Mage, Red Mage, Monk, Warrior
Traits: Enhanced Speed (+25%)
Charmable: XEks
Pankration: XEks
Aspir: Information
Drain: CheckCheck
Notes: You can check which caturae titles you have obtained by talking to Zuah Lepahnyu in Port Jeuno

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Vision Areas Scars Areas Heroes Areas
Afflicting Gaze: Gaze Attack Bind and Plague. CheckCheck Qmark CheckCheck
Dark Arrivisme: Moderate Area of Effect damage with Additional Effects: Knockback and Dispel (3 buffs). Gains a strong Intimidation effect after use. Qmark CheckCheck Qmark
Deathly Diminuendo: Area of Effect damage with Additional Effects: Bio and Curse. CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Diabolic Claw: Powerful, single-target threefold attack. Absorbed by Shadow Images. Additional Effect: Magic Defense Down. CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Draw In: Pulls target(s) to the user. Usually followed by a TP attack. XEks CheckCheck Qmark
Hellish Crescendo: Area of Effect damage with Additional Effect: Paralysis. CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Interference: High Area of Effect damage with Additional Effect: Dispel. Damage may be proportional to number of buffs removed. Exclamation CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Malign Invocation: Moderate-to-high Area of Effect damage with Additional Effect: Amnesia. CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Stygian Cyclone: Low Area of Effect damage with Additional Effect: Silence. Ignores Shadow Images. CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Stygian Sphere: Heals self for 1800-2000 HP. CheckCheck CheckCheck CheckCheck
Shadow Wreck: High Area of Effect Dark damage. (Only used by Iratham) CheckCheck XEks XEks
Banneret Charge: 25-30 yalm Area of Effect that reduces HP to critical levels and resets hate. (Only used by Kutharei below 25%) XEks CheckCheck XEks
Besieger's Bane: Area of Effect Bio, Zombie, and Terror (approx. 10 seconds). (Only used by Yaanei under 25%) XEks CheckCheck XEks
Enthrall: Area of Effect Charm and Caturae Costume. (Only used by Rani) XEks XEks CheckCheck
Royal Decree: High Area of Effect Damage and Obliviscence that lasts for up to 5 minutes. (Only used by Raja) XEks XEks CheckCheck

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Iratham Circles the mountain where Veridical Conflux #7 is located Information Abyssea - Tahrongi
Kutharei Appears at (G-12) behind the Southwestern Gate Information Abyssea - Misareaux
Sippoy Appears at (E-7) among the Speltercaps Information Abyssea - Vunkerl
Yaanei Appears from (J-8) to (K-9) atop the Parradamo Tor Information Abyssea - Attohwa
Rani Examining the ??? at (D-10) with KeyItemBroken Iron Giant Spike and KeyItemRusted Chariot Gear and Dominion requirements are met Information Abyssea - Altepa
Raja Examining the ??? at (J-5) with KeyItemShattered Iron Giant Chain and KeyItemWarped Chariot Plate and Dominion requirements are met Information Abyssea - Grauberg
Pil Examining the Planar Rift at (E-7), (H-8), or (J-10) in Behemoth's Dominion while in possession of a KeyItemWhite Stratum Abyssite III and a KeyItemVoidstone. Information Behemoth's Dominion

Quest NMs: Iratham, Kutharei, Sippoy, Yaanei, Rani, Raja

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: Asb, Pil, Rukh, Sarbaz, Shah, Wazir

Walk of Echoes NMs: Mingyi, Myin, Ne, Sin, Sitke, Yahhta

Omen NMs: Ou, Fu, Gin, Kei, Kin, Kyou

Historical Background

Catura (Sanskrit चतुर or चातुर) is a Sanskrit word with various meanings. It may mean "of 4," "coach" (an enclosed carriage) or "clever," as well as "skillful at assuming different forms."

Caturaṅga (चतुरङ्ग) is roughly translated as "Chess" and is the same name of the ancient game developed in Gupta India during the 6th century. The literal translation is "having 4 limbs or parts" and is used to denote "army" in epic poetry, in which battle formations were divided into 4 parts.

Iratham, Kutharei, Sippoy, Yaanei, Rani and Raja are all playing pieces of the caturaṅga game.

Caturae denotes the plural and taxonomic title of this monster family; it represents a construction using Latin grammar rules, converting "Catura," in this case assumed to be a 1st declension noun, to the theoretical plural "Caturae" by adding the suffix "-ae."

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