Campaign Ops is the collective term of missions able to be accessed via use of "Op Credits" in the Wings of the Goddess Home Cities.

What Are Campaign Operations?[]


According to the Bastok NPC Aurelius:

"Campaign operations, also known as Campaign Ops, is the term used for the long list of small-scale missions authorized by the Allied War Council in Jeuno. When an operation is successfully completed, the nation is rewarded with an increase in battle funding, paid for by the Repositorium--an international bank founded by the four nations of Mindartia and Quon, and located in Jeuno. To put it bluntly, the harder you work, the richer the Republic becomes. Now don't get the wrong idea. That money is for the Republican Legion, not for you to spend at the local pub. No, you'll be rewarded with Allied Notes, which can be used to purchase supplies and equipment. You'll also be allowed to participate in more sensitive operations."


  • In order to participate, you must first join the army of one of the three nations, accessed via the Wings of the Goddess expansion pack.
  • You need to complete the initial quest listed on this page for the nation of your choice. It is not necessary to join the same nation as your current allegiance in the present time.
  • In order to participate in Campaign Ops, you must possess Op Credits. You are issued 1 upon completion of the above quests, and the NPC states: "Every soldier receives one Op Credit every morning."
    • You can have up to seven Op Credits at one time, with one credit issued every 24 hours. A timer now informs you upon speaking to the NPC who assigns Op Credits of how many hours until the new one you receive.
    • It is important to talk to a NPC who can evaluate your performance, as Medals only last for 30 days. Better medals unlock better rewarding missions and your vote on the nation's course the next week will count more.

Signing Up[]

Campaign Ops are quest missions much in the same vein as the rank missions you did for your individual nation in the present. These special operations include resource procurement, supply transport, security, supply manufacture, offensive operations, defensive operations, intel gathering, and military training. Campaign Ops require items called Op Credits. Similar to Imperial I.D tags, they are necessary to apply for these missions.

Op Credits are items needed to perform various Campaign Ops in the Wings of the Goddess Expansion areas.

1 Op Credit is required to do the operations available in all 3 past nations. 1 credit is gained automatically every 24 Earth hours after completion of the first quest needed to sign on to a specific nation. The maximum number of Op Credits you may possess is 7. You may save your Op Credits for future missions. Some missions require more than one Op Credit to start.

Once an Op Credit is used it can't be refunded. If you fail a mission the Op Credit(s) you used will be lost and you will have to start the mission again provided you have enough Op Credits. Once a mission is accepted your Op Credit is used. If you abandon a mission, your Op Credit will not be refunded, so choose wisely when accepting a mission.

Campaign Ops are started from one of the following NPCs, depending on which nation you have signed on with:

Most of the Operations are similar for each nation, but typically at different locations. Plucking Wings, Cracking Shells, and Splitting Heirs are the only nation-specific operations.

Unlike Assault, it is not necessary for other party members to sign up for a Campaign Op to assist you. If they do not, they will still receive the Experience Points award, but they will not receive any Allied Notes. Unless otherwise noted, it is not necessary to repeat a Campaign Op multiple times to complete it for each party member who has signed up for it.

High Level Ops Access[]

There are several factors that contribute to the unlocking of higher tier operations:

  • Obtaining the appropriate medal for the specific operation.
  • For the majority of operations, repeating the previous tier op will unlock the next tier.
  • In addition to unlocking previous operations, many of the tier IV require that a specific nation be controlling one of the northland areas.
    • Depending on the operation, repeat requirements for unlocking the next tier ranges from as little as one run to beyond 10 runs.
    • Multiple people repeating the same operations should allow unlock of higher tier operations even quicker. Verification Needed


  • A successful Campaign Op will result in a number of Allied Notes and Experience Points being given. Experience Points for an Operation are rewarded only for adventurers level 10 and higher. If you do an operation at a lower level, you will get Allied Notes, but no Experience Points.
  • All Campaign Ops have a Star (★) rating to display how needed the Operation is by your nation. The less needed Operations will give fewer Experience Points and Allied Notes, while the more needed Operations reward more.
  • Hidden under the Star rating is a finer rating that will determine the actual Experience Points and Allied Notes given. This rating decreases with each completion of the OP by any player, thus if one keeps doing the same OP, the reward will be less on each subsequent completion of the OP.
  • The reward appears to be based on a Total XP = Base XP Reward + (Bonus Reward * Demand Value) formula. Please see Category talk:Campaign Operations for more information and discussion.

Campaign Ops[]

OutdatedThe picture and/or information in this article is currently out of date and needs to be updated based on a recent update.
Notes: The experience and Allied Note rewards have been greatly increased, and for the most part these charts are not accurate in those areas.
Category Operation Nation Medal Needed Members Notes XP
Resource procurement

Stock and Awe I BSW Ribbon∮ 1 480 90
Stock and Awe II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 680 196
Stock and Awe III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 880+ 290+
Stock and Awe IV BSW Wings∮ 1 1080 390
Materiel Storm I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 580 140
Materiel Storm II BSW Star∮∮ 1 780 240
Materiel Storm III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 980 340
Materiel Storm IV BSW Wings∮∮ 1 1180 440
Search and Seizure I BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 920 310
Supply transport

Vanguard-X I BSW Ribbon∮ 1-6 500 100
Vanguard-X II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1-6 700 200
Vanguard-X III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1-6 900 300
Vanguard-X IV BSW ??? 1-6 ??? ???
Crimson Domino I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 600 150
Crimson Domino II BSW Star∮∮ 1 800 250
Crimson Domino III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 1000 350
Crimson Domino IV BSW Wings∮∮ 1 ??? ???
Bridge Too Far I BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 varies varies

Streetsweeper I BSW Ribbon∮ 1 420 60
Streetsweeper II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 562 175
Streetsweeper III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 820 240+
Delta Strike I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 620 160
Delta Strike II BSW Star∮∮ 1 820 260
Delta Strike III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 1020 360
Steel Resolve I BSW Ribbon∮ 1 460 80
Steel Resolve II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 604 189
Steel Resolve III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 860 280
Steel Resolve IV BSW ??? 1 ??? ???
Magna Cache I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 ??? ???
Magna Cache II BSW Star∮∮ 1 ??? ???
Magna Cache III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 521+ 186+
Hazardous Materials BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 1175 452
Supply manufacture

Crystal Fist I BSW Ribbon∮ 1 480 120
Crystal Fist II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 643 201
Crystal Fist III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 880 290
Crystal Fist IV BSW Wings∮ 1 964 361
Iron Anvil I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 580 140
Iron Anvil II BSW Star∮∮ 1 750+ 240+
Iron Anvil III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 884 321
Iron Anvil IV BSW Wings∮∮ 1 1045 402
Offensive operations

Smokescreen I BSW Ribbon∮ 1 520 110
Smokescreen II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 720 210
Smokescreen III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 920 310
Smokescreen IV BSW Wings∮ 1 1120 410
Smokescreen V BSW Medal∮ 1 ??? ???
Cracking Shells (B)
Splitting Heirs (S)
Plucking Wings (W)
BSW Emblem∮∮ 1-6 0 0
Pit Spider I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1-6 640 170
Pit Spider II BSW Star∮∮ 1-6 840 270
Pit Spider III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1-6 1040 370
By Light of Fire I BSW ??? 1-6 ??? ???
Kinslayer: Baileys BSW Medal∮∮∮ 1-6 1809+ 723+
Kinslayer: Keep BSW Medal∮∮∮ 1-6 1809+ 723+
Fiat Lux BSW Medal∮∮∮∮ 1-6 0 0
Defensive operations

Aegis Scream I BSW Ribbon∮ 1 520 110
Aegis Scream II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 720 250
Aegis Scream III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 920 310
Aegis Scream IV BSW Wings∮ 1 1120 410
Aegis Scream V BSW Medal∮ 1 1407 552
Granite Rose I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1-6 640 170
Granite Rose II BSW Star∮∮ 1-6 840 270
Granite Rose III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1-6 1040 370
Intel gathering

Hawk Eye I BSW Ribbon∮ 1 480 90
Hawk Eye II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 680 190
Hawk Eye III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1 880 290
Hawk Eye IV BSW Medal∮ 1 1085 407
Slaughterhouse I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 633 180
Slaughterhouse II BSW Star∮∮ 1 814 271
Slaughterhouse III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 994 361
Slaughterhouse IV BSW Wings∮∮ 1 1175 452
Prying Eyes I BSW Wings∮ 1 1105 412
Prying Eyes II BSW Medal∮∮ 1 ??? ???
Deep Cover I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 600 150
Deep Cover II BSW Star∮∮ 1 800 250
Deep Cover III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1 1000 350
Bailey Borer BSW Medal∮ 1 1862 731
Frozen Flame BSW Medal∮∮ 1 648 259
Military training

Brave Dawn I BSW Ribbon∮ 1-6 620 110
Brave Dawn II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1-6 820 210
Brave Dawn III BSW Star∮∮∮∮ 1-6 1020 310
Cut and Cauterize I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1-6 1239 354
Cut and Cauterize II BSW Star∮∮ 1-6 ??? ???
Cut and Cauterize III BSW Emblem∮∮ 1-6 ??? ???
B = Bastok; S = San d'Oria; W = Windurst

Resource procurement[]

Supply transport[]

You must go to a Gate Sentry in any area that your nation owns. After speaking with the Gate Sentry, "Reinforcements" will appear (an NPC with the name "Reinforcements"). You must lead the NPC to the tower in your current area. You must stay within a short distance of the NPC or he/she will begin to return to the Gate Sentry saying they need to check on the people there, or that they are worried. If this happens, simply speak with the NPC and that will calm them down and they will again follow you.



Supply manufacture[]


Offensive operations[]


Defensive operations[]


Intel gathering[]


Military training[]



  • Availability of Campaign Operations appears to depend on a number of factors, the specifics of which are not yet known. See the talk page for a discussion of these details.
  • Notes and XP appear to be linked via the following formula: XP = (Notes - 300) / 2. For Military Training Ops: XP = (Notes - 400)/2.
  • You get about 1% less Exp. & Notes than is shown in the columns above if you do not have Allied Sigil on.

Medal Progression[]

Bronze Ribbon of Service ∮
Brass Ribbon of Service ∮∮
Allied Ribbon of Bravery ∮∮∮
Allied Ribbon of Glory ∮∮∮∮
Bronze Star ∮
Sterling Star ∮∮
Mythril Star ∮∮∮
Golden Star ∮∮∮∮
Copper Emblem of Service ∮
Iron Emblem of Service ∮∮
Steelknight Emblem ∮∮∮
Holyknight Emblem ∮∮∮∮
Brass Wings of Service ∮
Mythril Wings of Service ∮∮
Wings of Integrity ∮∮∮
Wings of Honor ∮∮∮∮
Starlight Medal ∮
Moonlight Medal ∮∮
Dawnlight Medal ∮∮∮
Medal Of Altana ∮∮∮∮

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